There’s a New Pet in the Family: A Shark….Vacuum

Disclaimer: I was given the product for review; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

We have a rabbit, two kittens, and until recently a dog too. We are a family of pets. This means a lot of love, fun, snuggling, but also a lot of hair a pet dander in the carpets and on the floors. With a rabbit that sheds and two long haired kittens, we need to keep the carpets and floors clean. That’s why we have a new pet in the family; a SHARK! This shark does not require water or fish to survive; just the power of an outlet to make it alive! The Shark® Rocket® Powerhead cleans like a ferocious animal too. Even with it being lightweight, the power is amazing! 


My 11-year old daughter has been tasked to help me keep the house clean, and vacuuming is on her list. She has complained about other vacuums we’ve owned because they have been heavy and hard to push. She was actually giggling when she found out she could lift the Shark® Rocket® Powerhead vacuum with one hand, and that it almost took off on its own with all the power it holds. There are many things we love about our new Shark® Rocket® Powerhead. Here are the main things we love:

AFFORDABLE – Under $200

MANEUVERABILITY – Takes turns easily 

EASY TO USE – Lightweight and power makes it easy enough for kids to use

HEAVY DUYT POWER – So powerful it almost takes off on its own

LIGHTWEIGHT – Under 9 pounds; can be lifted by one hand

VERSATILE BRUSHES – Two brushes; one gentle for hard floors (and includes a storage holder)

GREAT ON ALL SURFACES - Works awesome on our hardwood floors, tile floors and carpets alike!

Shark® Rocket® Powerhead

As a pet owning family, we need to vacuum even more often than most. We love our pets, but we are also allergic to our pets. We take medicine, but also keep the chances of severe attacks occurring by keeping the house clean. Some months out of the year are even worse than others, as the rabbit sheds a few times a year. We almost have to vacuum daily with him, so it’s great to have an easy-to-grab powerful vacuum that anyone in the family can use. We definitely love our newest pet to the family, our Shark® Rocket® Powerhead vacuum. It has some bite, but doesn’t hurt us. It attacks the dust, dirt, and hair instead in our house. A perfect addition to the Wheeler household. Rabbits, Kittens, and Sharks OH MY!

Shark® Rocket® Powerhead

Shark® Rocket® Powerhead


An added bonus – It weighs less than one pound in hand while vacuuming!




  1. That looks like a really cool vacuum. I love that this is lightweight. I want one of these!

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I Have a Shark and I love that thing! It is so lightweight and works awesome :)

  3. Shark vacuums are just as good as advertised. I have one and I love it.

  4. We have a Shark Steam Mop and love it! The affordability and features are what make it attractive to us!

  5. Great review! I like how light it is and how much fur it can pick up. We used to have a golden retriever and he has some FUR. Or vacuum didn’t get the job done. Maybe when we get a new pet this will work better!

  6. I have heard really great things about the shark. I’ll admit your title scared me haha, but this is so cool. I’ve always wanted to get one of these!

  7. This Shark vacuum would be perfect for my house. We have 2 cats and a mixture of flooring.

  8. Ok this sounds awesome. My daughter’s cat moved in and I’m seriously surprised at the amount of fur that accumulates on the edges of the hardwood floors. A powerful vacuum is a must-have!

  9. I have never tried a shark or a dyson but my friend tried both and she tells me the shark is her favorite. She said her housekeeper just loves it too.

  10. I have two long haired cats and i am always sweeping up hair. The Shark Rocket Powerhead vacuum would be great for our house. I love how light it looks. I will have to pick one up to try.

  11. That sounds like a great product! I wonder if it could conquer my black lab’s fur!

  12. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert says:

    A great vacuum can make a world of difference! You have to keep your place clean!

  13. I have tile floors that need a LOT of help. This would be such an awesome addition to my cleaning regime!

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