Skylanders SuperChargers Are Super Amazing!

Disclosure: A product was received for this review; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

My son has been a Skylanders fan since Skylanders Giants came out. We have bins FULL of Skylanders characters in our house, and he never gets tired of playing these games. There are always new characters to use to beat the game even after he has already beaten it. He loves the Swap Force Team characters where he can essentially create his own custom character by swapping out the tops and bottoms of the figures. He really loved the Trap Team as well. Hearing the “bad guys” get trapped and then using them for good was so fun! It truly sounded like they were going into the traps on the portal. Kaos trap was his favorite, and he has been able to beat that game many times as well.


The newest installment of the Skylanders family is Skylanders SuperChargers. How is this game different? Now the characters can ride in vehicles, which of course my son is now obsessed with getting all different vehicles and characters. You can get ones for land, sky and sea. So far his has the starter pack for the XBOX 360, which came with two figures and one characters, and then bought Dive-Clops and the Dive Bomber with his own money. And he’s going to have to save up more money because he’s already talking about needing a sky vehicle and character. Sky Slicer or Jet Stream both look cool. He also puts the poster of figures on his wall and keeps track of when new ones come out and which ones he has. We pretty much end up getting almost every character per game. Yeah, it’s an obsession of ours for sure. We have too many to count now. The one thing I will say about the investment, is that he does play this over and over.



What is different about Skylanders SuperChargers, and why should you check out this new game? There are 20 new Skylanders and 20 vehicles to collect, and vehicle play is mixed with classic Skylanders game experiences so you get to play with on-foot exploration, combat, puzzles and mini-games. You get to explore Skylands like never before by using powerful vehicles to drive, sail or fly across Land, Sea and Sky. You can also upgrade your vehicles by customizing them with awesome new mods, which is very cool. Each vehicle type has its own powers. You’ll want to collect all three types to experience the different types of gameplay. You can also use your old Skylanders character from the other games in this game, so that money spent has not gone to waste!



Skylanders SuperChargers is sure to be a TOP gift requested by kids this holiday. Pick up yours before they are SOLD OUT! There is even a dark edition available. My son wants this too! Maybe for Christmas! In any case, have fun and explore the world of aerial dogfights, wicked land combat, exploring deep seas, riding surf and waves, and more!






  1. Our family is loving Superchargers too! These new Skylanders additions keep the game interesting and give us something look forward to for family game night!

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    My two boys are HUGE Skylanders fans. We have this set, too, and they would play it all day if I would let them.

  3. My niece and nephew would love this. They’re big Skylanders fans. I think I see a Christmas gift!

  4. I am just learning about Skylanders. My son is just starting to get in to them. I might get him one for christmas this year once I know what in the world they are LOL. Thanks for the review this helps!

  5. I’ve been trying to think of things to get my son for Christmas. I think he would love these super chargers!

  6. How cool. I don’t think any of my kiddos are into Skylanders. My 6yo talks about it sometimes after school, so if he is I’ll have to check this out! Sounds great.

  7. This looks like so much fun! We just got an Xbox One, so I need to get the disc for that system.

  8. Skylanders is so fun to play. When i go over to visit my friend her Son always wants to play it with me. This is going to be a great Christmas gift.

  9. This looks like a game my kids would like. It is great that you can keep changing things up with new characters.

  10. Skylanders SuperChargers looks like a fun addition to the Skylanders game. I am sure it is going to be a popular gift this Christmas.My kids are just starting to play.

  11. Oh what total fun. My Little Man loves Skylanders and worked hard to collect all the Skylanders. He spent so much time playing that game. It was awesome

  12. This looks like a lot of fun, I wonder if my daughter would like something like this. Makes for a great gift!

  13. My kids are really into Skylander’s and games. We have some of the figures but not these as of yet. I am sure they will make an appearance at Christmas time.

  14. Oh these sound like so much fun. I know my nieces would love to start collecting and racing.

  15. I have heard so much excitement about Skylanders. They look so cool!

  16. My son has gotten into Skylanders yet. But I am thinking it will be pretty soon!

  17. Your kids definitely love Skylanders new SuperChargers! My kids are just starting college and they are so busy studying but just the same I think they’d enjoy these too.

  18. How fun! My little guy is getting his first xbox 360 for Christmas, I will have to check this out.

  19. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert says:

    They’re making games so much more interactive for kids these days! This looks like a lot of fun!

  20. My nephews and nieces are huge fans of Skylanders. I will check this out.

  21. My son is just now getting into Skylanders. They will be perfect holiday gifts!

  22. this would be a great xmas gift for my friends kiddies. Both the girls and the boys. Her girls like these types of things more than they do i think . LOL

  23. We were into Skylanders around 2012. Had such a blast instagramming fun photos

  24. Oh cool. I have not even heard of these until now. Will have tonput this on his christmas list.

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