HEXBUG Havoc Now Available in the App Store!

Disclaimer: This post is written as part of my Hexbug Ambassadorship; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone. No compensation was given.


What could be better for my kids, but a new app and one about Hexbugs? That’s combining two of their favorite things. My kids were so excited when I told them they could download Hexbug Havoc from the App Store on their iPad and iPod for FREE. It’s nice for them to mix things up and try new fun apps. You can play this game just as you are the new Hexbug Nano V2 (which my kids have in real life and love)!

More About the App (from iTunes):

You can race, battle and switch as you navigate your way through this game. Just like the real Hexbugs you can choose your track, battle other bugs in your way, and race past obstacles.

Features (from iTunes):

A fun and original game experience featuring:
•Fun, fast paced combat racing action
•Intuitive swipe and tap controls
•Unique race track interaction with surprises at every turn
•Rewarding missions to level up and explore new tracks
•Unlock new track pieces, power-ups and Nanos
•Swarming robotic critters: build your ultimate HEXBUG collection 
•Challenge your Game Center friends and post to Facebook

This game can be downloaded and played on: iPhone (4 or later), iPad (2 or later) and iPad Mini, and iPod Touch (4 or later).

My kids give this app their stamp of approval and said, “It’s fun and we keep trying to get better at it to go further!” Download it HERE!

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Check out Drew in action:



  1. This is incredible, I am sure my daughter will love this.

  2. I’ll have to tell my sister about this – my nephew loves hexbugs so im sure he’ll be excited to try the app too.

  3. My daughter just loves Hexbugs, she has a ball with them and loves to collect them, I am sure this app will be a hit in our household.

  4. my son LOVES hexbugs!

  5. we just got a hexbug-didn’t know they had an app too–I will have to check it out for my son-I’m sure he’ll love it-thanks for the heads up

  6. My kids are always looking for new apps. This look like a super fun new app!

  7. Amy Desrosiers says:

    My kids have not gotten into the Hexbug craze yet, but I think this is such a super cool app myself!!

  8. My daughter hasn’t really tried Hexbugs, yet, but she loves apps. Since this is free, I’ll have to check it out!

  9. My girls love the toys, I had no idea there was an app too! Thanks for passing on the news, I’m off to check it out!

  10. My kids are yet to jump onto the hexbug craze. We have friends’ kids who’re crazy about them

  11. I wonder if it is also available on Android? My son would probably like it, although we haven’t delved into the world of hexbugs yet.

  12. We have a ton of Hexbug stuff, but didn’t realize they made the crossover to the app world. Will have to check it out.

  13. This likes such a fun game. I bet my boys would love it!

  14. On no! Another app I have to get! lol. But seriously this is such a cool app and my kids would love it if I ever let them know about it. lol. We are waiting until testing at school is over before they get to play on my iPad again. I need them focused this week on not forgetting their reading and outside play; since they spend most of school doing tests. Yuck.

  15. I don’t have any electronics to play this on…but it looks like fun!

  16. This looks like a fun app! Your son looks like he’s having a blast!

  17. My kids have had lots of Hexbugs over the years. I like watching them race around the track. What fun to be able to play Hexbug Havoc too.

  18. I love that companies make these super fun apps for kids! My nephew is all about Hexbugs, I’ll have to tell my sis about this app!

  19. My sons LOVES his Hexbugs – I’m sure he will want to play this all the time!

  20. I just love those crazy Hexbugs, so having them in an app sounds like a blast!

  21. My daughter made a homemade hexbug in science class. I have no doubt she would love this.

  22. I will have to pass this info on to my best friend. Her boys love Hexbugs! It’s been a guaranteed hit for the last several birthdays.

  23. My kids love the Hexbugs, and they will flip when I show them this! Thanks for sharing it!

  24. Now that looks like so much fun! I know some kiddos that would love to play that app!

    Your kids are so cute!

  25. We are Hexbug fans so I am going to have to download the app.

  26. I am not really fan of any game app. But hey, I think my phone is getting boring so I might want to download this app tonight. :)

  27. Ohhhhh, I can’t wait to tell my DD. She’s the one that loves Hex Bugs!!! Thanks for letting us know.

  28. My son loved playing with Hexbugs when he was younger. The app looks like fun too.

  29. This looks like a lot of fun! My daughter isn’t old enough for it yet, but I’m sure when she is, she will love it.

  30. I will have to show this to my son. He loves his Hexbugs.

  31. I so will have to check this out, my boys love hexbugs! Thank you for sharing! Do they have it for Apple and Android?

  32. Thanks for sharing! I love finding new apps for my little ones. They have a short attention span lol.

  33. My nieces, nephews and godkids are always looking for new apps, so I’ll tell them about this one. They haven’t gotten into the Hexbug craze yet, but it seems like one they might enjoy.

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