What Does the Fox Say? Could this be Educational?

So, my kids come home every single day singing, “What Does the Fox Say?” I decided I better do some research for myself. Were they singing a song with bad words? Is there a sexual meaning behind this song? I don’t want them singing anything inappropriate in school. After some digging, I found that the video/song was truly very innocent from what I could tell. It is really just asking about what noises foxes make. 

What Does the Fox Say? Could this be Educational? via Mama Luvs Books

Credit: Free Image (www.animal-wallpaper.org)

In fact, I think the video is pretty entertaining and maybe educational as well. It starts with talking about noises other animals make (appropriately as well), and then makes up “funny” sounds for what they think the fox might say. The sounds are actually pretty good sounds too, and in the video with the writing out of the text the kids can practice their digraphs (ch, sh, th, etc.) sounds. Here are the full lyrics to the song. I see some teacher lesson plans coming from this song! And the kids can practice their reading skills as well. The words are displayed across the bottom of the screen.

Who knows, maybe we will do an at-home project researching what noises foxes make? And maybe this will be a song little kids can sing to learn their animals sounds? The possibilities could be endless? Tell me what you think about the song, “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) by Ylvis, (two Norwegian brothers). Check out the video below! You might just be singing this catchy tune in your head today! Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!

*Note: I have since watched some other videos from this group and many are NOT kid-friendly, so be warned! This one below is, so ENJOY!

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)



  1. I am seeing this video for the first time after seeing many people on Facebook randomly saying, “What does the fox say?” I can’t decide if I think it’s brilliant or weird. Going to have to show the kids and see what they say. :)

  2. I have heard my kids sing this–didn’t know it was a real song! LOL!

  3. I’m back. You sent me down a hilarious rabbit hole. These guys have some seriously funny videos that have a LOT of effort put into them. DEFINITELY don’t let your kids see the rest!! :)

  4. I saw that video the other day. It was quite interesting! I’m not sure I really care what a fox says?! LOL! ;)

  5. I have to show this to my son, he is nuts for that song right now! It’s a cute song, and you’re right, it can actually be educational! That being said, oh my goodness, I’ve heard it so many times from my son I hear it in my sleep! LOL!!

  6. Love hearing that other parents check the lyrics for content and appropriate themes! Nice to know that other parents care too!

  7. I don’t have school-age children yet but I am looking forward to the days when I do and can have mommy moments like this :)

  8. I still haven’t googled it or watched it….but my girls haven’t said anything about it, so I think I’m going to hold off!

  9. I just wrote about this too, my son has been loving this video! He has been wanting me to look up videos for what a fox really says, so I say it’s educational!

  10. I had never heard of this. Thanks for sharing it – I will ask my daughter if she has seen it tomorrow.

  11. lol…this is strangely addicting…lol, but also weird!

  12. How funny! I’ve seen a lot of people posting something about a fox on Facebook. We have the same problem with giraffes. What does the giraffe say? Come to find out, baby giraffes sometimes moo.

  13. I love that you checked it out to make sure it was okay. I love the video, will wait for my little one to wake up so he too can see it.

  14. I think this song is hilarious. And my son loves it too. We just carved pumpkins last night and when I asked him what he wanted to carve, he said “A FOX!!”.

  15. Haha! Seriously? What in the world.. LOL! That is hilarious… and I totally was not expecting that! Okay… this must be shared!

  16. I have never seen this before!! Much show this to my son tonight ;)

  17. I saw a random mention of this yesterday and had no idea what it was about. Thanks for educating me!

  18. My kids LOVE this song. At first I wanted to strangle whoever introduced them to it because they wanted to listen to it over and over all the time. Then I watched the video and What Does the Fox Say? grew on me. It’s so funny that kids from everywhere have gone crazy over this song. It’s a cute song. I’m glad you found out it was innocent. :)

  19. I have to say that my day has now been MADE. That was truly fantastic! LMAO. I had never heard of that so thank you for introducing me!!

  20. Strangely wonderful! Not at all what I expected.

  21. Someone just sent me another hilarious video from them, Massachusetts. DEFINITELY not kid friendly this time! http://gawker.com/ylvis-releases-long-awaited-follow-up-to-the-fox-ma-1450300228

  22. LOL! My kids loved it, I didn’t quite get it :)

  23. My son showed me this a few weeks ago & I cannot tell you how many times I hear it sung every day :)

  24. LOL!! That’s just too funny. I don’t get it either but my kids came running to hear it and LOVE it!

  25. OMG – I have no idea how to react on that? Half fun and half weird? Am I the only one who also hears some possible cursing there?

  26. I can not stop watching that video. It completely cracks me up because it’s so nonsensical. Love!

  27. Love this! This song and video crack me up! And if you can find a way to make it educational! Perfect! :)

  28. DO NOT let your kids see their Stonehenge video! NOT OKAY for kids.

  29. I had to ask the small fry about this… he TOTALLY knew what it was LOL. Then, I had to go and Google for my own curious mind. Some, totally not for kids but very cool!!

  30. I had never seen this before. I don’t even think I have heard the kids singing it! Obviously, I am behind the times. lol

  31. Soo.. this was my first time seeing this… really?? OMG… hilarious.. thanks for sharing… totally cool

  32. My kids were watching it the other day and I was just shaking my head…LOL! “And they’re making a lot of money off ads”, my son said. He’s right.

  33. Me and my sister-in-law laugh because the song gets stuck in your head.
    Check this out. (family friendly)

  34. Haha thank god you had this post – I have felt so uncool because I haven’t seen it, but have heard about this “fox song”

  35. This song is going to be the death of me haha – it gets stuck in my head all the time – because of the kids singing it.

  36. This video is so apropo now- lol! I was just showing Greg this because he heard all about this the last few days lol!

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