Back-to-School Shopping at Kohl’s: Your One Stop Shop!

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Back-to-School Shopping at Kohl's

I told you about a week ago that I needed to get the kids ready for school. We start back on August 28th, and the kids definitely needed some new clothes for the school year. Where can I go to get everything I need for the kids for back-to-school? That would be Kohl’s, my one stop shop! We needed first day of school outfits, which is a tradition in our family. Getting a new outfit that will be worn the first time on the first day of school! It gives the kids something to be excited about and feel confident in on a day when the nerves are kicking in. My kids get nervous meeting their teachers for the first time and seeing who is in their class. Our first day of school outfits gives them something else to think about on that dreaded first day of school.

As I told you in my previous post about Kohl’s, there are many reasons why I love shopping there! I always find things I love, they have great brands and quality of clothes, I get to use my coupons I get in the mail and my Kohl’s Cash, and they have everything from clothes to accessories to toys to home products! This store truly has everything I need with great prices and fabulous deals.


While we were at Kohl’s shopping for back-to-school, we found clothes for school, shoes, backpacks, and even something for Mom! Yes, I am hoping to get back into the gym in the mornings now that the kids will be in school full-time. I needed some new active wear. Hopefully back to school for the kids will mean back to the gym for me! Our favorite finds were my son’s backpack which he is so excited about and proud of (it’s a Skylanders backpack and on sale for $14.99), my daughter’s sneakers for school which she wore out the door, her adorable purple shirt for the first day of school, and the Minecraft t-shirt my son found to impress his friends at school. My personal favorite finds were the “Power Hour” deals, the great sales, using my Kohl’s Cash, and the savings that was shown to me at checkout! Shopping at Kohl’s is always a great experience for us, because we have fun, the people that work there are helpful and kind, and we find everything we need and more! Mama doesn’t just love books; Mama Luvs Kohl’s! Thanks to Kohl’s we are ready for back-to-school! Are you ready yet for back-to-school?





  1. Dang, I should have gone to Kohls yesterday when we went school clothes shopping! I could have found some really awesome clothes for the kids!! I may have to go back this week and pick up what we weren’t able to find.

  2. Love their big bags! We adore shopping at Kohl’s year round. We can always find great quality clothes at prices I love!

  3. Wow… what a great shopping trip. Looks like you were able to get everything you needed. BTW – we love those little size rugs, makes sizing the kids so easy! Thanks for the post, we will be heading to Kohl’s soon!

  4. I love shopping Kohl’s. Looks like your two are ready to go back to school in style. I have to ask, in the last photo is your little guy wearing some sort of Batman shoes? Did they come from Kohls? My youngest would like those very much.

  5. Kohls is my fav place for bargains. I have $30 in kohls cash to spend right now!!

  6. What cute finds! I used to love back-to-school shopping. Love Kohl’s, too!

  7. They look like they have so many great things if I ever happen to be near one I’m definitely popping in :) x

  8. I love Kohl’s and they really have great prices and awesome products. We will be heading there next week for our back to school shopping. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Kohl’s definitely comes through! I’ll be stopping there for some fun stuff with my grandkids. Thanks for sharing…

  10. Such great finds! Truth? As a Canadian, I’ve never been to Kohl’s!!!

  11. Alaina Bullock says:

    They look thrilled with those big bags! I love Kohl’s for Back to School shopping! You can really find some great deals!

  12. I love shopping at Kohl’s! I find everything the kids need at great prices plus discounts. Your kids look happy with what they got….best of luck to them in school

  13. Love the pic’s and the big smiles on their faces, school shopping makes going back to school exciting and they looked excited!

  14. What nice clothes! I love your little girl’s shoes. :)

  15. They look so happy with their purchases. It looks like you found great deals.

  16. I like getting kids stuff there, but last time we went they didn’t have any shoes in their sizes! Can you believe it… nothing that my kids could wear (for gym shoes).

  17. Great pics of the kids! We love to shop at Kohls! We just discovered their kiosk and that is super helpful too!

  18. I love Kohl’s! It’s been far too long since I’ve been there. I’m going to have to check out the deals for Labor Day.

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