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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting sponsored by Publishers Clearing House. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating. Special thanks to Publishers Clearing House for sponsoring today’s discussion.

Forever Contest PCH

As a child, one of the best commercials on TV was the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes where people would win giant checks delivered to their front door with a large bouquet of balloons. I always dreamed that one day people would knock on our door with a life changing check! How fun would that be to be able to buy yourself something nice, use some to help others, and save for college or something you need. What a dream come true for those that receive this great prize! I remember my parents entering this sweepstakes when I was younger. They love any kind of contest!

Well, now I am going to tell you about an amazing Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes opportunity called “Win $5,000 A Week Forever!” It is super exciting because you can possibly win $5,000 a week for life and then after that choose someone to receive $5,000 a week for their life! WOW, right? This is an amazing sweepstakes and it will be awarded this August 2013! There was a winner last year when they had this same sweepstakes; John Wyllie of White City, Oregon won and now you have the chance to be next by entering at the Publishers Clearing House website!

John Wyilley

I think if I won this I would name my inheritor as my daughter. She is amazing and deserving of $5,000 a week for life and would use the money for good. I know she would use it for college, helping others, and for things she really needs (as well as sharing with her brother). It would be such a great feeling to know your children would be taken care of for life. Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to enter! I am entering today! Share this post with your family and friends so they don’t miss out on this opportunity to enter as well! What would YOU do with the money if you won? 

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  1. If I won, I would pay off all bills, put back money for the future – then we would travel! It is fun to dream!

  2. Wow, I could pay off my student loans in a months time!

  3. $5,000 a week for life?! Oh my goodness, that would be so amazing! I would first off may off debt, then set up separate accounts were at least 2 x’s a month it would go into a college savings for the kids and they portion would go into savings for us! I am entering!

  4. melissaq says:

    This is amazing! I entered it! I would love to win $5,000 a week forever!

  5. i would so be moving out of this state! LOL

  6. It would be amazing! The trips, the house, the help around the house, education – so many amazing things could happen!

  7. what a great giveaway. it would be amazing to win!

  8. We dream about winning. Our dream is buying a bed and breakfast in the Pacific Northwest!

  9. I would buy a new house, take family trips and put it away for college.

  10. If I won I would pay off my mortgage and buy a bigger house pronto!

  11. Pay off Addie’s medical bills and make sure that she would always be able to get the best medical care- even with disability rejection crap! What an amazing dream!

  12. After paying the bills and mortgage, I would set up a non-profit foundation to help people. I’ve always wanted to run a non-profit.

  13. oh the things i could do with that money! i would pay off any debt, pay tithing money, give to charity, help my family out with financial needs, put some in savings for the kiddos future, etc.

  14. Michele Lundberg says:

    the things I would do, the wonderful things. I could help my family, and friends. Gosh I would help people that I don’t even know yet. I have MS so my regular life is rather limited. I spend all the time inside my old house with my Pug dog Sid. I had a great life before I developed my MS. I call it that because it has made me who I am today so I’m stuck with it and it is stuck with me. I have met people that can keep the best attitude. I try but find myself trying to stay on the upper side and be happy with my Kids, and Grandkids. I wish I could do more with them while the are all young. taking them all on a trip to Disneyland or world would be so great. Who knows if that will ever come to pass. I was SO strong and active, I could so Bow hunting with my family and I could Hike and travel, know I live like my husband’s hunting dog getting out when he allows but most of the time just living in one basic room. I’ve made my Room into all of my favorite things. Will it ever change? I don’t know, but I always hope it will.
    it is always in the Dream

  15. Lisa Brown says:

    i would buy a new car

  16. nancy jo walker says:

    if i won the money i would pay off my medical bills and pay all of my house hold bills that im behind and pay off all my mothers bills who is in a fixed income and my neice who is bearly getting by on what the little bit she recd

  17. If I win I would pay off my bills and pay of my children student lone ,buy my daughter a house and pay off my house and donate some to my favorite charity.

  18. First bless The Lord with my Tithes and extra for the church for a new building. Then I would help all the homeless shelters and soup kitchens and Food banks help others. Then I would help out the world debit for my families share, then I would be a secret Santa and help brighten people’s days by helping with fixing up their houses. Then help out those who need homes with heat or cooling. Then help out people who need dependable cars for work, help kids stay warm and safe and help their parents get help to keep the family together. Then help all the volunteer firefighters, paramedics, life flight people and police departments that need all the important things to keep them safe and help do their jobs. Also have a women’s and children’s safe house we don’t have in our county, where 6 senseless murders happened in two months that had no place to go. So they stayed and payed with their lives to have a roof over there heads. Whatever God gives my heart to do!

  19. I would truely love to win the 5,000 a week forever sweepstakes i could improve my family member for life

  20. Hi i like the money pch like it

  21. I love money

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