Preparing for Our School Project ~ #GELighting #cbias {Video}

What’s Your Lighting Style?
~ We Researched That Question and More ~
As you might remember in our first post, the kids and I completed a GE lighting project to compare light bulbs. It was very fun to work together to find out which of the different style energy-efficient light bulbs were best for our family and fit our style. Since I am a former teacher, so I decided this was a great opportunity to teach my kids about the scientific method. That was always one of my favorite things to teach! My kids have not learned about it yet in school (they are only in kindergarten and 3rd grade), so they were super excited to learn something new. I was also able to get my little “teaching fix” in too! 

As stated in my earlier post, here were our findings and what we did with using the scientific method:

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Formulate a Question:

Which GE bulbs will fit our family’s lighting style?


My daughter believes we will like the brighter EESW bulbs.

  • We predict that the 75 watt bulb will be too dim for our liking and that we may not be able to see in the room as well.
  • We predict that some rooms may require different bulb types.
  • We predict that the bulbs will look different in different fixtures.

To try out the bulbs, we decided to put them in different fixtures to see how they looked in the room. We tested the 75 vs. 100 watts and the CFL vs. EESW. Here’s a chart from the GE site to show you some comparisons for the bulbs. Here you can see the energy-efficiency of the bulbs too. And check out the savings!

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After testing out the different bulbs in our house, here are our results:

1. The 75 watt bulbs were a lot brighter than we thought. We also noticed that we were previously using 60 watt bulbs. The 100 watts were super bright. We liked the 75 watts better, as the 100 watts was too bright for us in most rooms.

2. We did like different rooms with different lighting styles. Brighter in the kitchen and bathroom, and dimmer in our living room and bedrooms.

3. Having the different bulbs in the same fixture did make the lighting look a bit different. 

4. We also threw in the GE Hybrid Technology 60 watt bulb and really liked that one too. It was a bit dimmer, but it was cool that it looked both like the CFL spiral and the EESW bulbs we tried. A nice compromise, and it’s a $39 Energy Savings per bulb. 

5. The BEST buy for your money and for the environment seems to be the CFL spiral bulbs we bought. The 100 watts had a $97 Energy Savings per bulb. Those were the kind we were already using (but at a different watt level).

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My daughter and I asked her teacher at school if she could present our little “side project” to her classmates. My daughter thought it would be fun to share with them what we learned, and how you can save money with using GE light bulbs in your house. Her teacher said she could when they do something related in science class, so she’s excited about that. In the meantime, she wanted to practice her presentation. You can see it below! She’s cute!


There is actually a quiz you can take on the GE site where you answer a few questions and it helps you figure out your “lighting style.” Make sure to check it out! It’s fun!
Also, check out GE on Facebook and Twitter

The GE Energy Savings Calculator on the GE Site is awesome too!

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and GE Lighting #CBias #SocialFabric. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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