New Year’s Resolution Series 2013

The Resolutions Start Now…..
As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I am starting a series this month for my New Year’s Resolutions. I know many people do not believe in setting resolutions, so maybe I will call them my “Exciting Goals for the New Year!” Sometimes resolutions are talking about things you need to “fix” but I am just going to talk about things I want to continue doing, do better, or explore new adventures. 
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Reading More Is Always A Great Goal!
Here are a few goals for the year:
  • Time Management: I want to focus on how to spend my time in the most useful way, so I can have more time to focus on myself, have more quality time with my kids and husband, and have the time I spend online be as productive as possible.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: I want to make sure I start getting in more fruits and veggies, take vitamins on a daily basis, exercise, and try Yoga again for stress relief and overall health.
  • Read More: I love reading, but I have not spent enough time on that lately. I want to get back into reading more.
  • Career Goals: I actually was blessed in 2012 by getting a “dream job” for myself in the social media world. I have a Community Relations Support position at Collective Bias, and I absolutely love my job. I love working with everyone in the company and all the members of the Social Fabric community (the community of bloggers that work with #cbias). My goal is to continue to work with Collective Bias and learn new things this year about the business and to do whatever I can to help the company to prosper and grow. 
  • My Personal Site: I am working this year to improve on the look of my site. I have definitely enjoyed using Blogger as my hosting site, but I think I will be looking into WordPress and trying something new for the New Year! I hope it will enable me to grow as a blogger and that I will be prouder of the content I am putting out there. As for content, I will be working on more creative ideas for great posts to bring to my readers.
  • Reorganize the House: I need to work on organizing things in the house and getting rid of junk. We have TOO many papers and toys in the house. WAY too many!!! We had to downsize when we moved (if you remember that post) and now we just have too many things here. I need to work on the “less is more” mantra. 

If I can do these things I will be happy!!! Most of them seem to come back to the time management piece, because if I can work on that then I will have time to accomplish everything I need to!!!

What are your “Exciting Goals for the New Year?” 



  1. Time management is definitely one of my goals too! Trying to find a balance of being a mom, work, social life, blogging, etc… it’s getting harder. Hopefully I can focus on a good schedule for 2013 :)

  2. I don’t know how I missed your awesome job with CB but congrats! I always love your posts for them but didn’t realize they were lucky enough to have you on their team =) Best of luck to you in achieving your 2013 goals!

  3. I like the way you explain your goals for 2013. . . very logical and reachable. Good luck with #1 though…as a working mom myself I know that there is just never enough time for any of the things we need and want to do. I hope you find some balance. :) My goal is to try new things such as reading genres that I have never tried before, like anything not historical fiction or non-fiction.

  4. you’ve got some great ideas for goals for the new year–good for you. there’s always room for enhance / improve–so good for you–keep focused and just do your best!

  5. Great goals! I wish you the best for 2013!

  6. I love it! You are amazing with collective bias. I love that company! My goal is to balance between mom, wife, Me time, blog and all other responsibilities.

  7. Hey Kristin… at Collective Bias we are incredibly happy to have you on the team. Hearing you call it a “dream job” brings a smile to my face. Looking forward to 2013 :-)

  8. I know all about the need for time balance. If I had three extra hours a day, I’d be set! Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen any time soon, so weeding out the time-consuming fluff is what I’m working on in my life!
    Reading is never fluff, though, and I’m in the middle of To Kill A Mockingbird, again, for the upteenth time.

  9. I could almost copy and paste everything you just wrote! As far as the reading goes, I would have to add that I need to read to my children more. I definitely do not do it enough. I know that the more I do it the better off they will be.

  10. Time Management is way up high on my list too. I hope you’re able to stick to your list…mine is getting longer by the day!

  11. CB is lucky to have you !!!

  12. Kristin – You’ve been a great addition to the CB team. Looking forward to a great 2013 with you.

  13. I totally need to work on time management. So much to do, so little time. :)
    Great goal, I hope you stick with it!

  14. Kristin, I knew the second I met you that you would be a great fit for CB! We are SO lucky to have you, the community team sings your praises constantly! I look forward to getting to work with you more this year. Happy New Year!!!!

  15. Love it! Great list! I think its such a great thing to do with family. Our lists are similar to yours- not so much things we want to fix, but what we want to get better at and new adventures. I think kids benefit from these fun exciting goal lists at such a fun age. Good for you! :) xo

  16. Great goals! I want to actually read 12 classics this year (the abridged versions I think will be a great start). I love to read but have somehow missed some of the classics. Glad we’ll be on the 2013 adventure together!

  17. Happy New Year, Kristin! One of my resolutions is to read more too. After moving back to Arkansas from Chicago, I don’t get that commute time to read anymore…and I sure don’t make time for it. I hope to this year. Good luck!

    P.S. Love having you on the team. Hope to get to meet you during SoFabCon!

  18. I love your goals for 2013. I hope you are able to achieve them and it brings you and your family much happiness!

  19. Great goals Kristin! I am working on a Day Zero Project that I started last year instead of a “resolution”. I’ve enjoyed it so far, have learned a lot about myself and what my real interests are.

    Good luck to you!

  20. Sorry! Don’t think my Comment saved. I also need to improve my Time Management skills! It is so easy to get lost in the world of work and then want to tune everyone out at the end of the day!

  21. Hey Kristin, so glad you joined the CB team, you are an awesome addition. You have some great goals and I think you are going to LOVE WordPress!

  22. Your goals are very similar to mine. I want to read more, work on my site {more content} and work on my new site and work on better time management. I would like to work better on the blog so that I can work less and have more time with my family. Good luck in your goals for the New Year!


  23. Read more is definitely on my list! Of course that goes hand in hand with time management. I need to manage my time so I can read more!

  24. We definitely enjoy having you on the team, Kristin! Don’t know what I’d do without you; you’re always so willing to help. You’ve become not just a co-worker but a friend.:) You’re going to have a great 2013!

  25. Great goals! My big blog goal is a complete re-design and makeover which has already started, and to just focus on slowing down a little more to really enjoy my kids and family. :)

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