My Favorite Item I Used Over The Holidays! #PinTheHalls

I Never Knew I Could Use My Laptop This Way…
~ The HP Portable Bluetooth Speaker ~
Most of you have read my previous posts about the HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4t-1100 and the ENVY 120 e-All-in-One printer. These HP products have far exceeded my expectations, and now yet another HP product has won me over! I have never had speakers for my computer before. I never thought I really needed them, but boy was I wrong. The HP Portable Bluetooth Speaker is AWESOME! It is so easy to use, and I love the Bluetooth capability. It literally took minutes to set-up, and it works so well. I never thought I would listen to music from my computer and really be able to hear it so loud and clear.

The HP products have really made a difference over the holidays for my family. First of all, the fabulous laptop enabled us to set-up and Skype with our family over the holidays. All of our family members live in DC and we were not able to go home for the holidays. This helped bring a little bit of extended family into our home. We could see them, hear them, and show them around our house just as if they were with us! Nothing like showing the kids open presents to the grandparents in “real time!” And now with the wonderful HP Portable Bluetooth Speaker we can even hear them better!

HP MamaLuvsBooks
We LOVE this Laptop!!!

I am also a Girl Scout leader and having the HP Portable Bluetooth Speaker really comes in handy! We love to sing songs, and in fact we went to a retirement home over the holidays to sing to people that needed some cheer over the holidays. I usually just play music straight from my laptop at Girl Scout meetings and it’s very hard to hear it even on the highest volume level. Well, now we can hear it loud and clear with the HP Portable Bluetooth Speaker ~ Truly Amazing!!! Easy to carry around with you and easy to use! You really need to try it yourself to see!

HP MamaLuvsBooks
Here are some features of the speaker (from HP):

  • Power-packed audio performance: Don’t let the compact size fool you. An amazing amount of attitude comes out of this HP Bluetooth ® Portable Speaker. Feature-rich and technically optimized, your music, movies and games come to life and fill the room.
  • Universal Bluetooth ® compatibility: PC, Android™ or Apple®? It works. This wireless HP speaker easily connects to any Bluetooth ®-enabled device so you get the best of all worlds. Laptop. Smartphone. iPad®. iPod Touch®. iPhone®. Imagine the possibilities!
  • Carefree wireless convenience: Cut the cables. Set yourself loose. Experience the tangle-free thrill of going wireless with the HP Bluetooth ® Portable Speaker. Generous 33ft (10m) range gives your independence to roam around your home, garage or patio.
  • Small, sleek & portable: Upscale design and impeccable details heighten the likability of the HP Bluetooth ® Portable Speaker. Elite touchpad controls replace buttons to maintain an smooth surface. Metal mesh cover adds distinguished sophistication.
    HP MamaLuvsBooks
    Perfect Size, Great Quality, Easy to Use

    Also, make sure to visit the Snapfish site as well for some great deals! I am in the process of creating a photo book online from our holiday break! The site is very easy to use! I can’t wait to get the book finished and have it shipped to my house! I love being able to create something nice to keep my memories in. You should check out the site and see what it has to offer. You may end up creating a photo book from your holiday too!


    Lastly, check out the Pinboards I created on Pinterest for Holiday Party Inspirations and Holiday Products You’ll Love! I hope everyone had a great holiday and you’re ready for this New Year! What resolutions do you have this year? How about finding some great products this new year or finding things that help keep your family close. We did that with the HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4t-1100, because not only did it help us over the holidays but it will greatly help us this year with the kids and their learning! I love having tools to help my kids with their education ~ what better resolution for the New Year but helping your family the best you can! Happy New Year!!!

    Disclaimer: I received products from HP and Snapfish as compensation for this post; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone. 




    1. I’ve been wanting to create a photobook for a while now, never seemed to have the time before but now I’m working on my new year resolutions making more time for the important things in life, this is one that I will definitely be doing.

    2. My husband wanted a bluetooth speaker for Christmas. Sadly we did not get one. Glad you found something you love!

    3. I do not even have speakers hooked up to my computer yet!! I have them-just never connected them-one less thing for Baby (my cat) to knock over!! The HP one you described sounds really great–I wonder if my PC is bluetooth ready?

    4. That looks great!

    5. Love how small the speakers are, being on-line on the go is awesome!

    6. That’s awesome! I also have an HP laptop! Would love the speakers to go with it!

    7. Very cool! We’re mainly a Mac family, but we are in the market for a second laptop and this one looks great!! Very cool speakers!

    8. That looks wonderful. I love the speakers.

    9. I absolutely need this speaker because as you mentioned, my laptop speaker is hard to hear and we use it for listening to music, skype and watching movies. Thanks so much for the review. I want the speaker because it looks so cool aesthetically! I will use snapfish to make a memory book about my upcoming trip to visit family – I am meeting two new babies in the family and lots of nephews AND visiting my daughter who I have not seen in 4 months!!! I will appreciate having all my pics from this trip bound in a book.

    10. Wow these look awesome!

    11. I love HP and Snapfish!! I didn’t realize how small and easily portable the speaker was. That’s great!

    12. WHat a great idea to use the portable speakers when you visit the retirement home!

    13. Oooo I really like the compact size! My lap top’s speaker is never loud enough :( I’ll have to check this out, thanks!

    14. I am not sure if I need speakers, but I do need a new laptop, lol.

    15. Well that sounds awesome! I love HP products I have one of their photo and paper printers, loves!

    16. I also have the wireless printer and adore it! Now I have added the speaker to my wish list.

    17. I’m happy you’re loving this entire system from HP. Your kids are too cute. Skype is the best, isn’t it? And about those speakers… I want them!!!

    18. That’s neat! My husband uses his in ways I never thought possible. LOL, just last night we watched the Notre Dame game on the projector through the laptop, very neat.

    19. That’s pretty sweet!!! I think it would be my favorite too! :)

    20. That’s just an awesome feature!

    21. Wow! I had no idea! Very cool! We have Macs, but this is great to know if we ever get HPs in the future! Love all the ways you are using yours- awesome!

    22. That speaker looks cool! Isn’t skype great to keep in touch with family? We use it all the time so my husband’s family can be part of the kids’ lives :)

    23. You know, I have only tried Skype a time or two. I need to get more into it. :) I had no idea that bluetooth was a computer thing, too. I thought that was just for phones. I am such a tech illiterate.


    24. AND a bluetooth Speaker!? Seriously? Dang, you got awesome gadgets this Christmas season! I love those speakers. That would be awesome! Less wires, probably much better sound than my laptop puts out too!

    25. Those speakers sound awesome (no pun intended)!

    26. I love how small and compact this is. Would be so great for traveling. Also, like that I could use it with my ipod!

    27. Those speakers look awesome!

    28. I have been wanting one of these speakers! I have heard that they are great. Too bad I did not get one for Christmas! Maybe I can get one when I get my tax refund!

    29. Great looking bluetooth speaker! My Mom is across the country and we rarely get to see her at the holidays. A product like this would come in very handy for staying in touch.

    30. That speaker really does look handy. Would love to use this during our Missionette classes in church

    31. I don’t know what I would do without my blue tooth speaker. I love it!

    32. SO perfect for on the go! I’ll have the hubs look into the speaker! Thanks for sharing :)

    33. I think I may have to try out this speaker! I’ve had a similar HP speaker, but it was wired… and in our house, wired speakers don’t last long. We use our laptop for everything, pretty much all day long (we love N*flix around here) and since the computer really doesn’t project sound all that well (read: not loud enough) we’ve been using speakers… but the wires get moved, bumped and accidentally pulled on, and eventually, they stop working… So having a wireless speaker seems like the way to go!

      Thanks for the great info!

    34. How neat! The most annoying thing about having to have speakers for my laptop is the cord. A blue tooth speaker is such a great idea!

    35. I didn’t know HP made speakers like that. It looks super convenient for using. Love that it connects via bluetooth so you don’t need to deal with wires or cables.

    36. This is neat, I am way behind on the times but I love that it’s wireless!

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