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I Miss Ireland!!!! So Gorgeous THERE!!!
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Question to answer: 
Where would you want to go on a DREAM VACATION? 

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  1. Thanks for a chance!!

  2. Italy I have wanted to go there for years. hubby wants to go because the pasta portions are bigger there lol email

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  4. I want to go to Ireland… a good friend is there as missionary- I want to see them and the country

  5. Ireland

  6. East Texas to a little cabin in the woods.

  7. I would go to the US Virgin Islands!

  8. Heather Pfingsten says:
  9. An olllllld European castle – maybe Austrian, or Irish?

  10. …Heaven… I need a Mommy hug ♥

  11. Lashelle Lee says:

    i would really love to visit any place out of the states!! and just explore

  12. Billie Jo Phillips says:

    I would love to go somewhere tropical :) I don’t even care where, as long as it’s WARM! lol, thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I’ve always wanted to visit Spain. :) Fun Giveaway!

  14. Ireland!

  15. New Zealand!!! Always been on my dream list!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Australia!
    Thank you! Mary Collins

  17. Heather Noel Hardin says:

    Hmm Walt Disney world or the beach. I am 25 and have honestly never been to either! But I’ve always wanted to ride in the huge cups!!! :)

  18. my dream vacation would be England!

  19. A cruise to Alaska!

  20. Would love to go to England but not London lol.

  21. A warm beach!!!

  22. Hawaii would be great

  23. Madrid, Barcelona, or Fiji!

    TweetyB99 at aol dot com

  24. Krystal Fellows says:

    My grandparents are from Germany. I would love to go there. Thanks for the chance! –

  25. My grandparents were from Scotland and I would love to go meet some of my relatives there !!

  26. I would love to go to Australia
    Thank you for the giveaway

  27. I would love to visit Hawaii!

  28. Disney with my whole family :)
    lmclockedile at gmail dot com

  29. I would love to go to Hawaii

  30. I’d love to see Scotland and traipse across the moors. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. I have 2 little ones, so mine is easy Disney World! =-)

  32. disneyworld with my hubs and 11 children :) and 4 or 5 babysitters!

  33. In the states..The California RedWoods… Overseas, India

  34. In the states, Hawaii! Overseas..England

  35. I’d want to go to Hawaii

  36. Sorry – my email is

  37. Anonymous says:

    I would go to Ireland.

  38. Scottland

  39. I would love to go to Greece on my dream vacation :)

  40. I would love to go to Japan!

  41. I’d love to go to Bermuda with my husband

  42. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful gesture, thank you

  43. My DREAM vacation would be to Australia… I’ve wanted to go since I was a little girl :)

  44. I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland or on an Alaskan cruise
    shannonsweep at gmail dot com

  45. sounds very good! thanks for the opportunity! I would love to go to bora bora or Fiji! aurorawishcat (at) gmail (dot) com

  46. dream…. Hawaii with him <3

  47. One off my sisters is moving to Equador and I would love to go visit her next year.

  48. my dream vacation would be Ireland!! I have always wanted to go there!!!

  49. My kids want to go to London, England and stay for “weeks & weeks” lol so I guess that is our dream vacation!

  50. I’d want to to go europe! That is truly a dream though.

    cunninghamfamily at gmail dot com

  51. Italy.

  52. My dream vacation would have to be Ireland too, with a continuation on to the United Kingdom! All those castles and abbeys…<3

  53. An African safari trip is on my bucket list. I have such a passion for animals and being able to see some really exotic ones in their natural habitual would be amazing.

  54. Cindy vonHentschel says:

    That’s hard! Scotland, Ireland, or England. Oh, and Paris and Rome!!

    Okay, England first… I’m a huge Jane Austen fan!

  55. i’d love to visit spain and portugal

  56. I would love to visit the Seychelles Islands.

  57. Anonymous says:


  58. i want to go to Scotland

  59. I would Love to go to Venice, Italy with my wonderful husband!!! My E-mail is Thank you for all the awesome prizes you give everyone to win!!!

  60. I would love to go to Hawaii or Ireland!

  61. i would love to go to walt disney, i have never been there, would love to take my kids and grandkids (rae ramos)

  62. i’ve always wanted to take a cruise so I would like to take a cruise to the carribbean

  63. I would like to go to Australia. Thanks for the cool giveaway.

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  65. If its just hubby and I then I would love to go to where my late grandfather grew up. La Coruña, Spain … If the kids are coming along Disney World to see the new Princess area :-)

  66. I want to go to Italy and Sicily, where my grandparents were from, thanks!

  67. I would love to go to Italy!! :)

  68. Hawaii!
    This comments email.

  69. Paris!

  70. Dee Cindee says:

    I would really like to go to Hawaii some day. Haven’t left the State of Michigan :)

  71. New Zealand!

  72. Definitely Greece!

  73. I would go to Greece.

  74. Anonymous says:
  75. i would love to go to Hawaii.

  76. A cruise ship to The Bahamas & stay for a month in The Bahamas.

  77. found my adopted family…roots in Ireland…would love to visit.

  78. disneyworld would b awesome!

  79. I would want to go to Valencia, Spain again. I studied there in college and I loved the city.

  80. czech republic my homeland where i wasnt for 18 y now..that would be dream come true

  81. Australia! I’ve always wanted to visit there.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Robin Bouza

  82. Italy, that is where my family is from…thank you for this giveaway!

  83. I’d love to visit Australia !

  84. I would love to go to the Netherlands to visit my twin great uncles!!

  85. Australia, for sure!

  86. I would just want to go to florida! I like to vacation there!

  87. Scotland and Northern England emvark at gmail dot com

  88. I’d love to see the Northern Lights.

  89. I would love to go to Turks & Caicos, Hawaii or even Australia. Any of those would be my dream vacation for sure!

  90. I would love to go to Hawaii!!

  91. I would love to go to Vietnam to see my husband’s family temple.

  92. I would have to say Belize. I have read that it is one of the best places to retire to. Very inexpensive to buy property and live there. AND it is BEAUTIFUL!

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  94. I want to go to Tokyo or New Zealand! I can’t choose!

    iluvyou_77 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  95. thanks for the opportunity

  96. I would love to go to Hawaii, thanks!

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  97. Ireland and Scotland

  98. I would go to Hawaii.

  99. Ireland and Scotland

  100. Stephanie Saunders says:

    Paris or Italy. <3

  101. I would like to go anywhere tropical. I have never seen a real tropical flower and I have always wanted too! Something bright and pretty that I can put in my hair!!

  102. I would love to go to Vietnam!
    mindomatter76 at gmail dot com

  103. 20 day Mediterreanean Cruise bmstout at

  104. New York City.

  105. a 2 week cruise!

  106. Would love to go to Ireland! winsome…dot…jm….@…gmail…dot…com

  107. Hawaii or Fiji

    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  108. I want to visit Ireland and the British Isles. And I will some day.

  109. Anonymous says:

    Belize! Thank you!

  110. Any place tropical with white sandy beaches!

  111. I would go to Ireland
    s_edel1027 at hotmail dot com

  112. Italy :-)

  113. Horseback riding through the UK.

  114. I have always dreamed of going to Ireland. The country side. Green fields.

  115. Newport Oregon spent a weekend there once and loved it.

  116. New Zealand.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  117. I would want to do a backpack tour through Europe….email

  118. I’d love to go to Jamaica!

  119. Would love to go the Alaska.

  120. I would love to go to Disneyland with my family but Bali with the hubby!

  121. I have always wanted to go to Australia so that would be my dream vacation.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  122. Penny Delgado says:

    I would love to go to England or Italy with my hunny and my two beautiful little angels. My email address is

  123. Ireland has long been on my list of places I would love to visit. My mom always wanted to go, but she died before she was able so I’ve always wanted to go in her stead. It looks beautiful, plus we have ancestors who came from there. Thanks for the giveaway! foreignquang [at] gmail [dot] com

  124. I’m really not sure. Haven’t dreamt about going somewhere in a long time.

  125. Anonymous says:

    Pittsburgh PA…..(Last time I went out of country 9/11 happen)

  126. Egypt, I want to see the pyramids.


  127. Nice, France – for the people, the food and the living history

  128. Hawaii would be nice but in all honesty I would like to go on a vacation to see my dad in Ohio since he is not well and spending time with him while the visit would be fun would be the best way to spend the vacation.

  129. Austria.. Please pick me :)

  130. im simple, I want to go to Disney World or Disney Land I have never gone and have 5 kids that would love to go. Its to expensive though. harrisfamilyof7(AT)gmail(DOT)com

  131. I would love to make it to Australia! I’ve done the Middle East and Europe. It would be nice to visit the Southern Hemisphere next :)

  132. Carmellia says:
  133. Anonymous says:

    I would love to see Jerusalem, walked where Jesus walked, incredible!!

  134. Danielle Davis/Grady says:

    Bahamas! Thank you!
    Suchaproudmama @

  135. It’s hard to choose a single place! I’ll try, though… Probably Ireland! :D
    bryandtodd |at| gmail |dot| com :)

  136. Anonymous says:

    I would love to take my kids to Disney.

  137. I’d like to go to Hollywood and Beverly Hills and live like a celebrity on my dream vacation.

  138. Tiffany Moore says:

    I want to go to Hawaii

  139. If it ever gets safe enough: the holy land.

  140. My dream vacation would be a cabin in the mountains with my sweet hubby!

  141. would love to go on a cruise – anywhere!!! thanks!

  142. charlston south carolina

  143. Ireland!

  144. I’d love to go to Fiji or Thailand!


  145. I would love to go to Hawaii..Always wanted to go there.

  146. Lorna Patrick says:

    I have always wanted to go to Hawaii.

  147. Australia

  148. I’d love to visit Australia. Looks like a beautiful place.

    Diane Sabatini

  149. Jessica Powers says:

    I have always dreamed of traveling and would love to go to Germany. It looks so beautiful there and I have heard so many wonderful things from family members that have been stationed there with the military. One day I hope that I am given the opportunity and until then, I will keep dreaming. :-)

  150. My dream getaway would be to Italy. Ever aince I was a little girl, Ive dreamed of going there. It just seems like a really romantic place to go.

  151. My dream vacation woukd be going to spend 10 in Dayton Florida for speedweek, bud shot out & Dayton 500. What would make it the best thing that ever happen to me would be to meet Dale Jr. JrNation all the way lol.

  152. One of those under the sea hotel rooms I keep seeing pictures of. I know ones in Fiji.

  153. I’d love to go to Italy but a dream vacation would be taking all my kids to Disneyland. :)

  154. Bahamas please.

  155. Great Britain!


    thefamilymail (at) aol (dot) com

  156. i would love to go to disney world with my lil guys im tired of going to a.c. and my husband calling it a vacation lol becuse we go swimming in the pool in the hotels…

  157. One of those under the sea hotel rooms I keep seeing pictures of. I know ones in Fiji.

  158. Dream vacation…definitely Brittany, France. I have been to France twice before, but have never made it over there. I would love to take my to-be husband there after we’re married!

  159. pamela mooty hopper says:

    I would like to go to England, Scotland and Ireland.

  160. Hawaii

  161. I would like to go to spain. ….

  162. jessica s. says:

    I really want to go to Canada.

  163. I have always wanted to go to Jamaica, private villa, beach at my doorstep, room service…ahhhhh, oh and a good read on my Kindle!

  164. This comment has been removed by the author.

  165. Jennifer Slagle says:

    On a cruise to Hawaii!

  166. California

  167. Anonymous says:

    We haven’t been to Ireland yet :)

    Lori P

  168. Adrienne H says:

    Not much of a traveler but I would like to go to San Francisco. I’ve lived there and I love it there but since I moved away it would be a dream vacation as of now.

  169. Forgot email and I said California.

  170. Japan! Cause I love Sushi! Lol

  171. I want to go on a cruise around the world.

  172. I dream about going to Hawaii for vacation!

  173. Hawaii…Juliette

  174. Carribean :-) Or France :-)

  175. Janel Letosky says:

    I would love to go to England!


  176. Donna Walker says:

    Disney World, I never got to go when I was a kid :-( My parents were going to take me when I 8 years old but I had to have back surgery, I have Muscular Dystrophy and I’m confined to a wheelchair. It was a package vacation and we lost half the money :-) 35 years latter I still want to see Mickey Mouse :-)

  177. samantha trivett says:


  178. Lori greene says:

    European tour!

  179. Ireland would be awesome, or Disney for the kids

  180. Stacy Bauer says:

    Hawaii!!! My husband and I could really use a vacation after discussing college costs for our son next year!!, Liked & Shared!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  181. Latisha Johnson says:

    I would love to go to Jerusalem! latjohn07 at gmail dot com

  182. Derelys P. says:

    I would love to take my children to Disney. My 10 year old was supposed to spend her 10th birthday there but I ended up pregnant and she got a little brother instead. I really want her to go.

  183. Lisa DiRaimo says:

    We would love to take our one and only child on a family vacation.

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