Bookboard Puts Reading Right at Your Child’s Fingertips! {iPad Mini Giveaway Too}

I have mentioned many times on my site the importance of reading with your kids and how that correlates to success later in life. I am a former teacher of eight years, and I am very passionate about getting kids to read and to be interested in books at an early age. I’ve posted about great ways to engage kids in text and how to get them interested in books! Lead by example! Show them you love to read! Whether it be books, magazines, newspapers, on the Internet, your Kindle, etc. Kids love to do what their parents are doing. Surround them with resources as well. Keep books in the house, read signs together, find interesting ways to get them involved with text. Lately my son wants to use my iPad! He wants apps and games to play, but it doesn’t really matter what he has on there because he just loves technology and using it as a tool. I feel like the iPad can be a curse and a blessing for kids. Some of the non-educational games seem just addicting to play and worthless, but then there are those great places you find where kids can actually interact and learn.

One new place I found is Bookboard. This awesome app for your iPad lets you find books to read with your child, with levels all the way through kids age 12. It’s fun for kids and they are learning! As a teacher that was always my number one goal! If kids are having fun, then I know learning is taking place because they are engaged. My son loves being on the iPad, and now he can learn to read, find new books, and unlock levels to move him along with his reading. 




About Bookboard

Bookboard is a children’s book service that encourages and supports a new generation of readers with a different approach to reading on digital devices. Rather than providing a digital marketplace where families buy and download books, Bookboard offers an affordable subscription service that allows instant exploration of a vast, curated library. ~ Bookboard

Bookboard aims to inspire young readers by helping them discover new titles and earn fun achievements. As they read, families discover, unlock, and collect great stories to foster a sense of accomplishment that keeps kids coming back for more. At the same time, parents can track reading progress, and use our fun metrics to motivate kids to read even more. ~ Bookboard


Why Choose Bookboard?

  • You can engage with your child and spend time with them while learning
  • They can unlock new levels as they go and read harder books
  • You can track their progress and see how they are doing (I know my 8-year old loves reading on her own)
  • You can share their achievements on Facebook and Twitter
  • They already have 300 books available (and growing daily)




Signing Up

Signing up was super easy! Just three simple steps. I first put in my email, and then they sent me a code. I followed the link to sign-up and I just had to answer a few questions. I entered both my kids names and birth year to get them the appropriate level books, made a password to get in, and that was pretty much it! Now all you need to do is download the app onto your iPad!


WIN an iPad Mini

Now here’s an awesome perk! When you sign up for Bookboard and read a book by February 11th, you are automatically entered in a chance to win a free iPad mini. Rules and details can be found on the Bookboard site. How cool is that though? Just sign-up, read a book, and you’re entered! The first month is free to check it out! Good luck to all!


See Bookboard in Action

Make sure to check out Bookboard on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

* This post is sponsored by Bookboard. All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.



  1. The first blog post I wrote was on the charity First Book–I definitely think every child should learn or be taught to love reading! A subscription to a book service almost sounds like getting your child their very own library card! i like this idea, especially since, like you say, children seem to be gravitating towards “tech” these days. I say–whatever works!!

  2. What a cool idea! My daughter loves to read! This is something to check out!

  3. Looks like a great service especially with Hayley reading now!

  4. That would be so perfect for our girls who LOVE reading

  5. This app sounds really awesome! We only let B use the ipad for learning games, so this would be a great addition!

  6. I love the idea of books you can read together like that.!!! what a great app!

  7. we don’t own a device to use this on, but it sounds really great!

  8. What a fun app! I’m definitely downloading for my son!

  9. This looks like a fun app.

  10. I really enjoyed reading this post. It is very important to get your kids to read and I do spend time reading with them. I am also a teacher and would definitely check out this app to help encourage reading even with the electronics they think is only for games :)
    thanks for sharing.

  11. this sounds great I will be showing to my DH who has a tablet that he lets our son play on–thanks for the review

  12. What a great app! This would be great for my son who is a beginning reader. He can’t read enough and I keep scrambling to find more for him to do. He isn’t quite as excited about reading on our Kindle and getting an iPad (do I need a reason?) is the next logical step. Thanks for sharing.

  13. This is great especially for my son who is just learning to read …

  14. This sounds like a great app! My son is learning to read and struggling a bit. I’m trying to find new books that he hasn’t memorized.

  15. Sounds great, wish I had an ipad! Lol

  16. I agree. Reading is SO important! Both of my kids love to read and we make “reading time” a part of our nightly ritual before they go to bed. This sounds like a great app – thanks for sharing.

  17. What a fabulous service! Going to share this with my siblings and friends with little ones!

  18. I have perpetual iPad envy when I see stuff like this! My kids both have regular Kindles and love them, but my 6 year old also loves to read some of her picture books on my Kindle Fire. We love our books!

  19. Oh my heck, that is SO COOL!! I love that idea! Now I need an iPad!

  20. Wow! Sounds awesome! As does your giveaway! Very cool!

  21. I LOVE that they unlock new levels as they read.

  22. What a cool site!! Anything that makes it fun for them to read!!

  23. I used to get picked on for reading to my kids before they were born. My oldest loves books and does very well in his honors classes. Maybe it would not have made a difference, but I think reading to your kids when they are young is important for learning and bonding with them. Love this idea and can not wait to try it out.

  24. What a great app! I’m seriously hoping all 3 of my kids have the same love of reading that I did/do. I’ve surrounded them with books from the start. Now another way to enjoy reading together and appeal to their love of technology. Thanks for sharing!

  25. This is so cool! Addie is too young to read on her own, but she loves tapping on the colors on our tablet!

  26. Anything that encourages a child to want to read is awesome!

  27. Really enjoy the concept. Love the review!

  28. This is such a cool app, I love that it ‘unlocks’ new books. What a great way to appeal to kids!

  29. My kids love to read. They get upset if we need to skip going to the library.

  30. I hope they make an app for Android devices! Of course, I could just win that iPad and that would work too! :)

  31. Dawn Sterner says:

    This is so cool! My daughter loves reading & it’s great that they have so many books to choose from.

  32. It’s interesting to watch my daughter grow up with physical books and ebooks without her knowing how different that really is. She loves both kinds. We don’t have an iPad or I’d totally get this app!

  33. I love everything that this app has to offer – it’s almost too good to be true!

  34. I like that it is a subscription service! That is really cool!


  35. I signed up and entered to win the ipad mini because we only have an ipod touch that my son reads from now. I would love for him to utilize this I hope to win :) Since the ipod touch this Christmas he is reading a lot more! Thanks for the post.

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