HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4t-1100 {Vlog} ~ #PinTheHalls

HP: Helping Us Stay Connected This Holiday
~ HP and Snapfish to the Rescue this Season ~
HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4t-1100 MamaLuvsBooks
As you read in my first post, we just received a new HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4t-1100. This laptop was given to me for being a participant of the “Pin the Halls” Holiday Program through HP and Snapfish. This awesome computer has everything we need and more! Some of our favorite features include:
  • The TouchScreen capability
  • The laptop is less than 5 pounds
  • The power lasts up to 8 hours of charge
  • Clear screen and high tech built-in camera
  • Programs on the computer (Fresh Paint, Snapfish Access)
  • The booming subwoofer with Beats Audio

These are just a few of the many things that make this HP laptop great. Instead of going into written detail about these features, you can just see for yourself in the video we created below:

Don’t forget my previous post has a giveaway for the HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One Printer. Make sure to go enter for your chance to win! You can see what it looks like in the Rachel Ray Show clip below, where the audience filled with Hurricane Sandy victims all received one, as well as a SpaFinder gift card and a gift card from The Container Store. What an awesome thing for the show to do this holiday season for those affected by this awful storm. I live on the East Coast as well, and I really feel for all those who suffered.


Make sure to visit the Snapfish site as well for some great holiday products! You can find awesome invitations for a holiday party, as well as party favors and thank you notes. Check out the Pinboards I created on Pinterest for Holiday Party Inspirations and Holiday Products You’ll Love! Happy Holidays everyone! As you can see HP and Snapfish is helping to make our holiday a little brighter so we can chat with our faraway relatives on Skype and purchase some great personalized gifts and holiday cards to send to our loved ones too. Have a happy and safe holiday season!

Disclaimer: I received products from HP and Snapfish as compensation for this post; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.



  1. Wow! I hadn’t seen that touch screen. My daughter and I both have HP laptops, but I may be needing a new one soon. I think I know which one I want!! Thank you!! Love the way you demonstrated with the video!

  2. Great review, I have always had good luck with HP products, will keep this one in mind. Happy Holidays to you & your Family!

  3. Don’t need a new computer at the moment–but I do need a printer-will probably get an HP again!! I love what they did for the Hurricane victims as I know some of them–will be keeping these brands in mind–

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  5. I want one of these so bad! I love the touch screen :)

  6. Hadn’t seen that Rachel Ray show, what an incredible thing to do. Looks like a great computer.

  7. That’s nice! I so want one for homeschooling!

  8. Oh lucky! The touch screen is awesome!

  9. And it’s unanimous. That touch screen totally rocks!

  10. She looks pretty happy! A touch screen is awesome! I bet even our 2 year old could find a way to enjoy it!

  11. I really, really need this!! Entering the giveaway for sure. Thanks!

  12. HP is a great brand. That seems like the one I “go to” when I’m in the market for a printer, computer, laptop, etc.

  13. Great review. HP has a lot of products and they seem to come out with a lot of great features.

  14. Great review. I just got a new HP desktop and I need a new laptop and I think I may be looking at them. I just need to get used to Windows 8.

  15. Great review. I just received a new HP desktop. Now to get used to Windows 8.

  16. I love that is has a touch screen and keyboard!

  17. What? an 8 hour battery? Oh I could do so much!! I’ve only had my laptop using it’s battery for 20 minutes and it’s already half gone. /sigh. lol. Seriously such a cool laptop!

  18. This looks so cool! I need a new laptop so bad…and this might be the one to look at getting. Thanks so much!

  19. I’d love to get a touch screen. We love HP – hubby just bought a new HP desktop PC

  20. I bet my daughter would love that subwoofer! haha!


  21. This laptop looks amazing!!! Touch screens are awesome!

  22. This looks amazing! I love touchscreen computers and would love to try this ultrabook out sometime. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m at the electronics store.

  23. I am so jealous! I’ve always wanted a HP Envy Touchsmart!

  24. Great review!! Love the touchscreen!! I will keep this in mind when I am shopping for a new laptop!!

  25. This looks like an awesome computer! I love the touchscreen part of it! I have always bought HP and always will… so I might have to check this out soon!

  26. cindy mckean says:

    I am not tech savvy but I am wanting to buy a laptop and this sounds great, thanks

  27. I have been wanting to get my son a laptop and this one looks like the perfect one. Thanks for the great review.

  28. My laptop broke and I know that I really want this! thanks for this review

  29. I think the video was a great addition to the review. I don’t need a new laptop yet but will keep this in mind as the touchscreen is appealing to me

  30. This looks awesome. Loved your review.

  31. I had an HP as my first laptop and I absolutely loved it! I love the fact that this one has a touch screen. I get so used to being on my phone or my Kindle Fire that when I’m on my laptop, I sometimes forget that I can’t pinch to resize the screen, so this would be an ideal laptop for me. Lol, now if I can ever get it ;)

  32. Less than 5 pounds? Great!

  33. this sounds like a great product!

  34. This looks like a great laptop! I love that it is so lightweight and that the battery lasts for so long.

  35. This looks like a good laptop for our kids. That way they wouldn’t steal ours! :-)

  36. Jodi Hoppe Wresh says:

    Great review! i need something like this for on the go, i love that it has an 8 hr charge time. my tablet cannot keep up with what i need to do on the, and this would be perfect! TY CIAwoman66@yahoo.com

  37. This looks so awesome! My hubby has an iPad and this would totally beat the coolness of it! Ha!

  38. WOW! That is so cool!!!!!!!!

  39. I was planning to start my laptop shopping after the holidays, but I think I found the one I need!

  40. this is a great laptop i know my daughter wants one and has asked for this one

  41. What a great review! I love the touch screen idea. I have new grandbabies coming along and I must keep informed about the latest and greatest technology for them. Thank you for this!

  42. The touchscreen is a big plus for this computer. I love Snapfish and made two photo books for presents this year and they were very well received.

  43. A friend just got one of these. It’s so awesome! I love the video post, too!

  44. This looks really nice, I know my boys would enjoy something like this!!

  45. Anonymous says:

    love it

  46. Sound like just what I need. Been looking for a laptop as soon as I can get the money for one that is and I’ll have to keep this in mind.

  47. Having a touch screen computer at home would be so awesome! I love how light it is as well. Definitely will look into one when I need a new laptop.

  48. michele kemper eager says:

    this looks like an amazing product and i love how your video presented it . thank you for all you do.

  49. What an awesome computer! Love the touch screen!

  50. sure would love it… we need a new one in the house!

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