Unique Twists on Traditional Holiday Recipes with Chef David Eisel

Want to Try Something New This Holiday?
~ Some Cool Recipes for the Holidays & Leftover Meals ~

I had the privilege of interviewing Chef David Eisel, who is the Bob Evans Executive Development Chef. He was able to give me some great suggestions for cooking this holiday season. When I entertain and cook for the holidays, I use the same recipes year after year. It is nice to keep some of those traditional recipes going with the family, but it’s also fun to spruce up some of those old recipes and put a new twist to holiday dinner time! The main questions I wanted to ask Chef David were:
1. What’s your favorite dish to serve for the holidays?
2. Do you have a lower fat option for a sweet potato casserole? (My dad always made it with marshmallows, cream, and brown sugar).
3. What’s your easiest go-to recipe for a side dish?
4. If you could create an after the holidays meal with leftovers, what would it be?
5. Can you share with my readers about the Bob Evans holiday recipe collection?

See his responses in the interview below: 

I loved the ideas Chef David gave me to make the holidays even more fun and special! I really LOVE the idea of the exciting make-your-own mashed potato/sweet potato buffet bar! How fun! And everyone can make their potatoes to their own liking! I never thought of putting mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes in the same glass before. And those cool glasses are a fantastic idea to make the table look fancy and festive! I also loved the “After Thanksgiving” meal in a glass for leftovers! What a cool idea! We are sure going to have some fun and exciting meals for the holidays this year!
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Chef David Eisel Bob EvansMORE ABOUT DAVID EISEL  David Eisel has loved cooking his whole life, but decided to make it a career by going to culinary school at Columbus State Community College. He received his degree and his certification from the American Culinary Federation after three years of classes and an apprenticeship at Wedgewood Golf and Country Club, under Chef Tom Corbett C.E.C., where he continued to work as the banquet chef after graduation.  He then worked for Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, specifically the privilege of working at both the Ocean Club and Mitchell’s Steakhouse in Downtown Columbus.  He is currently the Executive Development Chef of Bob Evans Farms where he works to create recipes based on guests wants and needs and how they can continue to deliver on the promise of farm fresh goodness that brings families together. Feel free to click here to learn more about him: http://www.facebook.com/bobevans#!/bobevans/app_201655876520156  
Chef David Eisel Bob Evans
How Are You Going to Make Your Meals Fun and Exciting this Holiday Season?
*Disclaimer: I was provided with a promotional item in exchange for this post; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.  


  1. How cool is this!!! Love the chance to pick someone’s brain when they are successful at what they do!

  2. I love Bob Evans for quick side dishes all year long. We buy it all the time. :) Great questions, and that was a great opportunity!

  3. Oh, I have to try that mashed potato/sweet potato bar – great idea :)

  4. Bob Evans has great dishes. I can’t wait to see what he sees about Thanksgiving!

  5. I do a mashed potato and sweet potato casserole.

  6. I don’t usually do sweet potato casseroles but I’ll cook it separately. I usually do a potato/leftover ham casserole.

  7. Great interview…how neat! I love the mashed potato/sweet potato bar idea, too!

  8. Oh neat, I have never hard of his name per say but who doesn’t know Bob Evans?!?! Great interview!!!!

  9. We love Bob Evans!! My mom is a huge fan!

  10. I could not live without the sweet potato casserole at thanksgiving!! Great idea to make a bar!

  11. I have never cooked a Thanksgiving meal…we are always at relatives houses. WOW…I need to one of these days!!

  12. Whenever we are traveling, we stop at Bob Evans to get if we can. The food is delicious and it’s a family-friendly restaurant so I don’t feel uncomfortable taking my 3 year old who can be a mess at times.

  13. I’ve never made a full thanksgiving meal, but have made bits and pieces. I’ve also only been to Bob Evans once. Feel sorry for me lol.

  14. I am the only one that likes sweet potatoes in my house, I flavor it with pineapple and of course marshmallows. We love Bob Evans sides, they are great and will be served at my house (in different containers so my mother will eat them) I have to tell her I made them and they do taste like homemade!

  15. I think that is a great side dishes in the martini glasses! That would work well at parties.

  16. That is a super fun idea to have a sweet potato bar! I love how people can have it their own way!

  17. Seriously SO COOL! I can’t believe you got to pick his brain! How cool! And definitely a lot of fun ideas for dishes for Thanksgiving. We may just go with the plain old boring cause we have a few people LONGING for traditional; but maybe I”ll play with the leftovers. :)

  18. Love the idea of a mashed potato bar! Then everyone can have their fave toppings.

  19. We’re actually doing a sweet potato bar this year!! I was excited to try it out. :) Loved this.. i love that you get to chat with such cool chefs.

  20. Wow, it’s like he’s right here in my kitchen with me :) Very neat!

  21. The sweet potato/ mashed potato bar is a great idea!! I may incorporate that into our Thanksgiving dinner.

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