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The 13th Apostle Raina C. Smith

Do you like books that move fast and keep you interested in reading the next chapter right away? How about adventure books that keep you wanting to read more? You need to read The 13th Apostle by, Raina C. Smith. This amazing book reminded me of reading the DaVinci Code with the religious themes and action-packed storyline. The characters in this book were very dynamic and interesting. You actually cared what happened to them and began to think about these characters as real people. 

This book has a theme of good vs. evil. The 13th Apostle was one of Jesus’ followers that no one knew about. Can you image that? He was the one that documented things differently from the other Apostles. What do you think Catholics would do if they knew about this and how it could change religion forever? Wait until you read in the book what the Vatican did, and you won’t believe your eyes when you read about what happens to the Cardinals at the Vatican when evil tries to take over. It’s an unimaginable scene that only you can read to believe.

One main character, Father Joseph, is selected by the side of “good” to be that one person left to save humanity from destruction. He is taken captive by the “evil doers” and brought from Italy to the United States, as they try to shake from him his instincts to do good over evil. There were so many twists and turns throughout this novel. Did Father Joseph save mankind? You will have to read to find out! The ending is absolutely unbelievable! A must read! I would love to see this book made into a movie!

This is not a religious book, but does have a religious theme running throughout the story. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves fast-paced and exciting reads. Smith is also working on a sequel! I can’t wait!

More about Raina C. Smith (from her site):

Author Raina C. Smith is a native Rhode Islander.
Growing up an only child Smith was a natural storyteller who delighted in using her imagination to entertain herself, her family and friends.  

A Communications major and proud graduate of Rhode Island College, Smith spent most of her professional career working in broadcasting as a television news reporter and radio talk show co-host and executive producer.  

This is where Smith honed her research, writing and storytelling skills and is what helped her bring such dramatic characters and scenes to The 13th Apostle.  

Smith considers, The 13th Apostle, the first in a trilogy series,
her proudest personal and professional accomplishment.
She is simultaneously writing the next two installments.  
The 13th Apostle Raina C. Smith
Check out her site HERE!
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Giveaway: One lucky WINNER will get a copy of the book, The 13 Apostle, as well as a face-to-face personal Skype call with the author if you would like! She can discuss the book with you, answer questions, and give you the inside scoop on her next book! Many of you out there have book clubs you attend, so just think of how cool this would be to Skype in the author at your book club meeting? Enter on the Rafflecopter below for this fabulous prize!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This book sounds AWESOME! I want this for ME!

  2. This looks like a great book! I love reading easy books, that grab your attention. My time is limited to read, but I like to do so about 15 minutes a day if possible. Sounds like a great one to try!

  3. This sounds like an interesting book. My husband liked The DaVinci Code so I’d like this for him.

  4. Sounds interesting. I need to find some time to read again!

  5. I would love to read this myself! The book sounds really interesting.

  6. I’d love to read it myself!

  7. Always love finding a new book like this! Really enjoyed part of davinci code!

  8. I started out the year in a reading challenge and flaked out a few months in after I started reading a real snoozer and couldn’t get through it. Perhaps I should check this book out! Thanks for the recommendation!


  9. I definitely want this book to read myself. Then I’d share it with a friend who also loves to read.

  10. I’d be interested in it to read myself

  11. Looks like a great book! I’d definitely want to read it myself, and my husband would probably like it too.

  12. I think my husband would really enjoy this- thanks for sharing!

  13. Me! I need a new book to read!! Looks great.

  14. I’m reading The 13th Apostle now! I adore Raina Smith. She is an imaginative story teller. She has a knack for building genuine characters too. It’s an action-packed read and I’d recommend it to others in a heartbeat!

  15. I’m going to have to download this to my Kindle. I need a new book to read. :)

  16. I want this for myself! I love a good thriller type book with some religious undertones.

  17. I want this for myself!

  18. I do love reading good books and have read quite a lot since my elementary days (starting with the Sweet Valleys from Teens to SVU), then moving on to more romance novels by Bestselling authors and would love to have this to my collection since it seems interesting. :)

  19. I use to be a big reader, then life I guess got in the way and there never seems to be time, my youngest daughter has now taken over the role. I think she would like this one.

  20. It DOES sound interesting! I love reading, I love a good intrigue and a story that keeps me on my toes. Got to check this one out… This giveaway is cool, not only do you win the book but a skype convo with the author?!! WOW!

  21. I’d want it for me, of course! :)

  22. Its our book club book so I def want to win it!

  23. Sounds like a book I’d love to read! I’d keep it for me, but then pass it along to my bookies, too!

  24. Myself! I want to read this book!

  25. My mother would love this book. I have not had time to read anything above pre-school level in a while. In a few years I will progress back to grown up books.

  26. My mother in-law who is on bedrest :)

  27. I wouldlove to read it.

  28. For myself:) Then I would pass it on to others:)

  29. I want it for me! I’m a book-lover and Dan Brown fan so I’d love to read Raina’s Smith’s work!

  30. I want it for me! I loved the Da Vinci Code!

  31. Oh, I would definitely keep it for me…although, I can usually be persuaded to loan a good book out ;)

  32. tracy webb says:

    My mother would love it and I would read it too.

  33. I would love to read it. Then I would more then likely let my sister-in-law borrow it.

  34. For those who have not picked up this book, please do so because I highly recommend it and this book will definitely keep you entertained and blow your mind away!!

    Once you start reading, do not stop because it is hard to put down. It is one of the best thriller novel I have ever read, and I can’t say enough about the Author…WOW, absolutely a lovely lady and definitely a visionary writer, alright!

    I could not wait to get this book, so I rushed out to the bookstore to order it. It is well worth buying. Whether one buys it or wins it, BEST of luck to the lucky winner :) You will defintiely enjoy every part of this book, I sure did, and read it many times over!!

  35. sounds amazing!! I just might need a copy

  36. I would want it for myself, it sounds like a great book! :)

  37. Sounds interesting!

  38. well that does sound good, i just wish I had more time to read right now!

  39. i love to read, so it will be for me, then I will pass it to my daughter, thanks(ruth ramos)

  40. My mom she loves to read!

  41. A gift for my aunt who loves to read

  42. I want this book for myself, then my daughter:-)

  43. I want this book for myself, then my daughter:-)

  44. I want this book for myself, then my daughter:-)

  45. For myself :)

  46. My step mother would love it.

  47. I am an obsessive reader and I want this for ME!!

  48. I would love to win this book for my mom! I think she would LOVE it! And her birthday is coming up!

  49. I want this for… ME! :) I am an avid book reader and this book looks interesting!!

  50. My better 1/2 is quite the bookworm. She’s reading a book as I’m entering this giveaway :)

  51. Sounds interesting! And a conversation with the author to discuss would be awesome!

  52. Looks like a great book!

  53. For me I love reading

  54. Sounds great!

  55. My sister would love this book.

  56. I want this for me!

  57. My mother

  58. Alexis Parkhurst says:

    Myself I love to read and this looks like a great book

  59. I’d like to win for myself :)

  60. Brenda Webb says:

    I need a good read then I would pass it on.

  61. Heather Ernest says:

    I would like to read the book :)

  62. I want this for me!

  63. I want this book for me… :o)

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