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A Great Way to Get in Your Fruits & Veggies
~ Happy Family Squeeze Organic Superfoods ~
When you think of fruit squeeze pouches, you usually think of it as a snack for a baby or toddler. Well, that’s not always the case. My kids are ages 5 and 8 and they still love them! Sometimes it is very hard to get fruits and veggies into my kids’ diets, and this a perfect way to do that! They are easy to pack in their school lunches, and the kids think it’s a treat! I know as a parent though they are getting the nutrition they need, which makes me super happy! I’ll even admit that my hubby and I have had them too. I like the coconut based squeezes. Super yummy and healthy! The strawberry with coconut milk has 2/3 cup of fruit and is a good source of calcium and magnesium. Not to mention it’s only 80 calories! A great in between meals snack for people that are dieting and need to get in their fruits and veggies counts!
Happy Family Squeeze Pouches
(Kendal’s Lunch for School)
My kids also love these as dessert! The packets labeled treats come in caramel apple and chocolate pear. I love that it says “treat” on it so my kids know it’s their dessert and they don’t argue. What a great dessert/treat to give your kids because it‘s so healthy
Happy Family Squeeze Pouches

Happy Family Squeeze PouchesHappy Family Squeeze Pouches

You can get these Happy Squeeze pouches at Walmart for $1.48 each! That’s not bad for a healthy boost in your kid‘s diet!  We had tried some other fruit squeeze pouches in the past, but after trying these I think this is what we’ll continue to buy! Everyone in the family loved them! It was also less expensive than some of the other brands, and we loved the combinations of fruits in the pouches. Very healthy and great tasting!
Happy Family Squeeze Pouches
As these are perfect for babies and tots just learning to eat, they can also be a great supplement in your child’s diet to get in their fruit and veggie servings. The Happy Squeeze comes in Super, Coco, Treat, and Twist (fruits and veggies). And as I said, adults can eat them too! A perfect fruit boost for you in between meals. Many diets require portioned meals with veggie and fruits in between meals, and at under 100 calories a pouch these are PERFECT! And they taste yummy too!
Happy Family Squeeze Pouches
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  1. Those yogurts look awesome! YUM!!! I want one now!

  2. This does look like a handy snack for all of my kids too! I haven’t tried them but I’ll have to check them out!

  3. My kids both love these! They’re a big younger than yours, but man, oh man, do I hear it when we’re out! lol

  4. These look interesting, love how affordable they are too!

  5. My boys love these!

  6. Those look really cool and yummy!

  7. I’m going to have to try these for my kids. I’ve tried pouches before, and while my daughter likes them, my son doesn’t. He’s the hardest to get to eat healthily.

  8. I absolutely love these. We take them with us for snacks on the go.

  9. I love the convenience of these too!

  10. My older kids loves these too, even my teens.

  11. That looks like a nice lunch! Will you pack mine, too?


  12. I bought some yesterday, so far we are loving the Strawberry Coconut Milk and the Carmel Apple. Can’t wait to try some others.

  13. I never thought about trying them for myself…not a bad idea, Mama!!!

  14. That looks so awesome! It would be perfect for when I need a snack on the go in between my classes.

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