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$60 Target Gift Card 6-Hour FLASH Giveaway!!!

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A few AWESOME bloggers have teamed up to give you this wonderful $60 Target Gift Card! We believe in quick, small, and easy giveaways! Our giveaways only have a FEW entries to fill out and you will know if you WIN in just a couple of hours! WHAT FUN! Good luck on this 6-hour flash giveaway! See you back on Friday for another FLASH giveaway!

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  1. Mainly clothing.

  2. A little bit of everything! :) Clothes, some food, gifts, and especially toys!!

  3. I used to buy everything there! Now I live closer to a Walmart….

  4. household stuff…they usually have good deals on laundry soap and stuff for the bathroom

  5. I usually buy toys for my kids.

  6. everything, mostly diapers!

  7. Angela Joslyn says:

    Clothes mostly, thank you! :)

  8. EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!Well not to much food ,Cheryl Crain

  9. nothing usually. Its waaaay too far away!

  10. presents

  11. Clothes, diapers or electronics.

  12. Angie
    angukena at yahoo dot com

  13. I like to buy toys and season items. Thanks for the chance.

    sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

  14. We buy clothes mostly. Thank you!!

  15. i think ive bought everything there..love target

  16. The question is what DONT I buy at Target, especially since ours in a Super Target ;) LOL!!! they have nearly everything my family could need or want

  17. I would use it to the kids something for Christmas this year. Being full-time missionaries, we have a very limited budget this year.

  18. I buy a little of everything from there, toys, gifts, clothes, toiletries!

  19. I buy as much as I can at Target!! Best store in the world!!

  20. Valerie Triana Nordin says:

    What DONT I buy from Target????

  21. Just about everything!

  22. Clothes for everyone, and just about everything else!

  23. Usually everything I see lol

  24. we buy toys and clothes.

  25. Books and personal items

  26. anything and everything!

  27. Toys, games, DVDs, and diapers

  28. What DONT i buy at Target?? LOL!!

  29. Household items

  30. Everything!

  31. Usually everything, sales and clearance

  32. What don’t I buy at Target?!? Ha! Seriously, I’m at my local Target at least once a week!

  33. I love Target!! I’m there at least twice a week :0) Easy to go in and grab what I need!

  34. The last thing we got at Target was an air bed. And I think I got my vacuume there too.

  35. Household items, some beauty supplies. A little bit of everything.


  36. The question is, what don’t I buy at Target, lol! Anything and everything that is on sale and I need and have a coupon for!

  37. Books, toys, and lots of things for my classroom.

  38. christmas shopping and clothes

  39. clothes, odds and ends (nmarcone)

  40. Lately it’s been clothing for my 1 yr old daughter

    Michelle f

  41. Toys

  42. @ target U usually buy the where the dollor area is at the front ,or i love check out there clerance section ,I get so many nice clothes for cheap ,also my daugters shoes

  43. toys

  44. Toys

  45. Household stuff mostly!

  46. i usually buy whats on clearence or on sale……….. mary nichols .. bikerbabe39705@yahoo.com

  47. dawn wallace says:


  48. I buy smart one tv dinners because they are always on sale.

  49. I buy food and clothes mostly but will buy pet products as well. :)

  50. It’s my one stop shopping.

  51. toys and baby and kid clothes!

  52. e.l.f. cosmetics!

  53. I buy clothes usually what’s on clearence :) they have a lot of nice stuff for kids and for my self on sale and off :) just love this store:) thank u for the chance to win….

  54. I don’t get to do a lot of shopping these days. When I shop at Target I like to check out all of their marked down items, I’ve found some awesome deals throughout the years.

  55. I love almost everything at Target. I got at least once a week.
    (There isn’t a place for me to enter my information, so it is as follows;
    Delana Coley DeFore

  56. Diapers!

  57. Diapers, Clothes, Home items and many other random things I find on clearance or sale there :)

  58. Grocery!

  59. I like the frozen dinners and clothing.

  60. Clothes, H&B, laundry care.

  61. clothes and toys

  62. I usually buy clothes for my kids and grandkids and thank you

  63. Too many kids clothes!

  64. Everything. My mom and I are boycotting Wal-Mart.

  65. Everything. My mom and I are boycotting Wal-Mart.

  66. Diapers, clothes, toilet paper..basically everything

  67. Everything! I love to browse there too.

  68. anything at a good sale price

  69. clearance toys sometimes clothes

  70. Alexis Parkhurst says:

    Diapers or anything on sale

  71. I’d buy clothes

  72. I buy almost everything there but food

  73. clearance

  74. A lot of everything ;)

  75. household items

  76. Usually clothes, a few household items. Haven’t been there for a while, closest one is about 25 miles away. :)

  77. Toys, toiletries, some food. Cat litter, holiday decorations, homeschool supplies….

  78. my children’s clothes, room decor, gifts…

  79. I buy food, laundry soap, household items, cleaning supplies just about everything!

  80. Clothes and toys!!

  81. Jessica Powers says:

    We don’t have a target. :-( itookyourusernamehaha@gmail.com

  82. Just about everything. I especially love their dollar bins for stocking stuffers.

  83. I would buy clothes

  84. Everything. Especially love the grocery section now!

  85. I mostly buy clothing for my son.

  86. I buy clothes
    Marin Mandrick

  87. Anything I can get my hands on and my checkbook will support. :)

  88. I mostly buy clothes from Target. Also, my Facebook name is different from my rafflecopter name (there was no place in the form for me to put my facebook name, Rae Pavey)

  89. wendy gallaway says:

    books and clearance and whatever is a great deal with coupon stacking :)

  90. I buy everything at target!!! Clothes for everyone, food, toiletries, etc….

  91. I do need to get some clothes.

  92. Mostly shoes. lol But I would use this for gifts. :)

  93. baby clothes, food, My clothes, and the toys. I just love Target fashion better. :)

  94. Laura Harper says:

    I’ve never shopped at Target before.

  95. the question is what DON’T I buy??lol I LOVE Target and get lots of things there, especially in the Toy section :0)Love to Stack Coupons there too!

  96. I love Target!! I buy everything from groceries to quilts

  97. Electronics and toys!!

  98. Cosmetics and household stuff – if I can match some coupons ;)

  99. Valerie Gentry says:

    Christmas gifts for family.

  100. I buy just about everything there! Lately, though, it’s been a lot of their girls’ clothing & household items.

  101. Amy Austin says:

    Mostly clothes and toys

  102. clothes and makeup

  103. Household things. especially cleaning products and i love their towels!

  104. what do i NOT buy at target hahaha :)

  105. Online I will go shopping.

  106. I usually buy anything and everything.

  107. I would buy bedding

  108. I love Target! I buy clothes, shoes, books, toys, etc. there :)

  109. Lots of kids clothes & toys

  110. Electronics and games for my kids.

  111. jewelry. thx

  112. Clothes, food, cleaning products and ALWAYS a Starbucks on the way out! :)

  113. Clothes, toys and now some groceries!

  114. Our family buys cloths,grocery’s and bathroom items. I love their home decor also! xoxo

  115. The closest Target to me is 45 min to an hour away from my home, so I don’t go there often, but one of the last tings that I bought from there was a bookshelf, that I love :)

  116. More than I should, lol! A mix of everything really. :)

  117. everything i need :)

  118. Christine Wyatt says:

    Clothes and clearance items.

  119. children’s clothes.

  120. Everything! I’m there almost everyday! :-)

  121. kelsey Van Eck. says:

    What don’t I buy at target? Food, clothes, pet food and supplies, decor, and baby stuff to mention a few.

  122. Marie Bauer says:

    I think I would get my boys pajamas for Christmas

  123. anything I can!

  124. Clothes and Makeup.

  125. I usually stop by for one thing and come out with TONS more! Haha!

  126. Everything! I love to buy kids toys, clothes, clothes for myself and groceries!

  127. a little of everything

  128. A little bit of everything.

  129. Clothes, baby items, makeup purses good deals on men’s items

  130. tracy webb says:

    Everything, dvd’s, cd’s, books, cat food ,clothes.

  131. Everything!

  132. Diapers and wipes for the kids <3

  133. Toys and clothes mostly

  134. Kids clothes and Toys!

  135. I love their seasonal and home decor best, but buy a little of everything.

  136. I love the housewares,crafts, and office supply sections of Target!

  137. Kathleen M. says:

    housewares, clothes, toys, electronics…. :)

  138. Pepsi and cat litter.

  139. clothes, gifts, food.. Starbucks is at my store!

  140. I buy clothes.

  141. Danielle Davis/Grady says:

    Mostly toys for my kids! And clothes!
    Thank you!
    Suchaproudmama @ yahoo.com

  142. We buy a little of everything at Target, but mainly baby supplies. – Janine Brown

  143. Was just there with my Sisters. One of the places we went while celebrating my birthday that was the next day. Love looking at their Christmas items.

  144. everything

  145. I buy their cute little dresses!


  146. If they got it and I am there I will buy just about anything from Target

  147. I buy my up top plan for my cell phone EVERY month… :)

  148. Thanks for the giveaway

  149. any & everything!

  150. Toys

  151. everything, we love target. Recently we bought some stocking stuffers.

  152. I loooove anything in their home section : )!

  153. nearly everything

    theresa _ heppner at yahoo dot com

  154. Kimberly Knight says:

    I have never been to a Target but would sure like a reason to find one. I’m sure I could find something nice and cheap from what I have heard about them.

  155. Everything from Xmas shopping to necessities!

  156. The question should be “What DON’T I buy at Target!!” :)

  157. I love their home sections but I love their clothing selection too!

  158. I like to buy toys, books, clothes and seasonal items. Thanks so much!

  159. everything i need. ever.

  160. Candy, drinks, shoes, a bit of everything

  161. What don’t I buy at Target? :)

  162. Clothes and bedding

  163. Groceries, clothes, pretty much everything!

  164. Marsha Goggin says:

    Usually groceris!

  165. Cindy Pickard says:

    Mainly clothes

  166. kelly hines says:

    I have never shopped there

  167. Dang near everything!

  168. Paige Peters says:

    I buy toys at Target :)

  169. everything! i love target!

  170. tammy smith says:


  171. I love clothes and groceries there!

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