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As the Weather Gets Cold Our Skin Gets Dry
~ Searching for the Best Lotion for the Family ~
Living in New England, the weather can get cold very quickly and last a long time. Last week the cool air blew in and we knew it was heading toward that time of the year when our skin gets dry and cracked. It seems to be a problem for everyone in our family. My husband gets really dry and cracked elbows and knees, my son gets Eczema patches on his back during the cooler months, and my daughter and I both get very dry skin on our arms and legs. We’ve found that if we start with protecting our skin earlier in the cold weather season, that our skin does not get as bad. 

As the frost covered the grass the other morning and the heater kicked on, I knew it was time to take a trip to Target to pick up some new lotion for the family. I researched on the computer before I left and found all the popular names listed as the top lotions for dry and cracked skin; Lubriderm, Aveeno, Jergens, Nivea, and Eucerin. I figured I would just check out all the different lotions once I got to the store. I’ve used all different kinds of lotion in the past. My daughter and son decided they wanted to come along for the shopping trip! My daughter is 8-years old now and starting to use lotions and having her own “beauty regimen,” so she wanted to come along and help choose which lotion we should get for the family. Plus, both my kids just love going to Target!
#HappySkin #CBias
We got to Target and got distracted first by the awesome dollar bins and cool clothes, but finally made it to the beauty aisle to check out the lotions. My daughter found a sample container of Eucerin and tried it out. She loved the way it felt on her hands. She said it was smooth and creamy. I told her we needed to look around first.
#HappySkin #CBias
I checked out all the brands I had seen on the computer and read the backs of the bottles. Most had comparable ingredients. Some were on sale, while others were not. It was a hard decision, but we ultimately went with Eucerin. It was a little more expensive than some others, but still on sale for $9.89. I think being able to test it out ourselves is what sold us on this particular lotion, as well as the fact I’ve used it in the past and trust it. We liked the way the lotion felt and smelled. The bottle also said it was fragrance free, protects and heals dry skin, and helps with Eczema. It seemed to be a great fit with what would work best with everyone in our family. 
#HappySkin #CBias
When we got home my daughter wanted to try it out right away. It was very easy to open and pump. She used it on her arms and legs and said, “Wow Mom! My skin feels better and softer already!” She is so cute! I will admit that when I used it as well I felt my skin was happier and healthier with just the first use. During the warmer months we are not in a good habit of using lotion on a regular basis, but once it gets colder out we all try and use it daily. It’s great to protect your skin early on in the cold months season and heal any skin that gets dry and cracked. I can only imagine how great my skin will look and feel after a few weeks and months of using Eucerin! The cold weather season will not get this family down!

#HappySkin #CBias

#HappySkin #CBias#HappySkin #CBias
To see our entire fun shopping trip to Target, just check out our Google+ Album. You’ll see how we save money at Target!
Feel free to check out Eucerin on Facebook and Twitter and see if this lotion is the right fit for your family too!
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  1. I definitely have to keep a ton of lotion around in the winter since I have severely dry skin. It’s great to have so many options. Thanks for the post!

  2. We love this brand too. It keeps our hands so soft!

  3. I hear that Eucerin is suppose to be really good for those that suffer from eczema too! With the weather turning cold and extremely dry, I am thinking I may need to try one of these out soon!

  4. I hear that Eucerin is the top of the line and works great. For really dry winter skin I believe that you have to spend a bit more to get the healing and protection that you need…especially for children! I LOVE Target. Thanks for the post.

  5. I am not sure that I have ever tried out Eucerin. I love Aveeno, though. :)


  6. We love Eucerin- use it all the time!

  7. We have a few bottles of Eurcerin around the house for us to use on our hands all winter. It’s dry, dry here.

  8. Hate having dry, cracked skin!

  9. I’ll have to try Eurcerin because we have the dry/cracked skin problem around here too.

  10. I am a huge fan of lotion year round, Eucerin is one of our favorites. My husband picks on me because it is located next to the soap at every sink.

  11. I am one of those people who have lotion stashed everywwhere in the house – my skin gets so dry! Haven’t used eucerin much though.

  12. We have a lot of lotion around our house too, I will have to try out Eucerin!

  13. I love this brand – we use it in our home too!

  14. Yep. It’s that time of year again. I Need to get our family lotion And stock up too. Thanks for the reminder :-)

  15. We use a lot of lotion around our house as well. I will have to give Eucerin a try. My daughter & I are always on the look out for a new lotion to help with our dry skin. Thanks.

  16. We always buy different lotions because everyone in our family has different skin (lol) but my husband is a big fan of Eucerin, especially on his dry feet!

  17. This reminds me that I have to go buy more lotion!

  18. I love shopping at Target. We have never used Eucerin very much. I’ll keep it in mind!

  19. I could use some! It gets dry so easily now

  20. I usually buy my lotion at specialty stores because I don’t like lotions that are sticky at all. I go with what I know. But I love Target and would love to be able to pick lotion up there. Does Eucerin have a stickiness to it at all?

  21. Ah cold weather and dry skin – sigh. Thanks for reminding me that I need to make this trip, too :)

  22. Ugh. Cold New England winters are just around the corner, aren’t they? :( Thanks for the reminder that I’ll need to stock up on lotion!

  23. Eucerin is the best for dry cold Colorado weather! We use it year round but mostly in the winter months here.

  24. Eucerin is what I used on my kids since they were babies! Winter months are harsh on my skin as well and I lotion up daily!

  25. I am a loyal Eucerin fan! Love it for everything, all the time!!

  26. Eucerin is one of my favs. Winter…or even fall and not even yet come to TEXAS…we still have on the A/C….but still get dry skin in warmer months. Thanks for informative info. here.

  27. Love Eucerin! They are my go-to brand when my skin really dries out in the winter-time.

  28. I don’t have a Target near me, but I do love Eucerin! I have used it exclusively since my 9 year old was born with a nasty case of baby eczema that lasted for years and even breaks out occasionally now!

  29. I remember my grandmother had a giant tub of Eucerin when I was a kid. You had to scoop it out, much easier now.

  30. Love Eucerin – especially with our family and the varying dry skin issues!

  31. Eucerin is a great lotion–many dermatologists recommend it, too. Hope you survived the earthquake with no problems.

  32. I love all of the Eucerin lotions.

  33. We too use Eucerin it really helps our dry skin !

  34. Eucerin is the best lotion ever,My doctor recommends it.

  35. I have never tried Eucerin, but will have to take a look next time I am at the store! I use lotion year round and like to have options since the one I have been using isn’t sold everywhere! thanks for the review!
    Meghan G

  36. My daughters all suffered from eczema as babies and the only thing I could use on them that would help was Eucerin Aquaphor. It got us through the rough winter months!

  37. I use this lotion called Eucerin for my very dry skin problems! I live in the Northwest and my skin gets really dry in the winter months! The only lotion and cream that works is Eucerin! It is also a very trusted brand!

  38. Winter does dry out the skin…. and Eurcerin is a great solution!

  39. I love this lotion..I have such dry hands and feet. Angie

  40. This lotion is so good for your skin! love it love it!

  41. I do love Eucerin. This is the one lotion that works on my son’s eczema. His skin gets bad during the winter.

  42. I have never tried Eucerin. I like Gold Bond Ultimate with Aloe.

  43. This is my favorite lotion, especially in the winter.

  44. We have two little girl here that we have this product all year long–we wouldn’t know what life would be with out this and goats milk soap.Thanks

  45. Eucerin is the one I tell my patients to get for their dry skin

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