HP ePrint Enabled Printer & XL Ink ~ Head to Walmart and Get Them Today!

ePrinting Makes Life Easier
~ HP DJ3052A e-All-In-One Printer ~
As moms we are busy and need extra convenience to keep us sane. Have you ever been headed out the door on a trip and realized you haven’t printed out your boarding passes? Has your child ever asked you ten minutes before the school bus arrives to print out their homework? This amazing printer can help you resolve those issues and more. How convenient would it be to print out coupons or recipes right from your smartphone or tablet? I know I am constantly on my iPhone and iPad and this would be amazing for me and make life much easier.
HP DeskJet 3052A
I now have the HP DJ3052A e-All-In-One Printer and it truly has changed my life to make things easier. The printer itself was very easy to set-up, and it does everything from scanning to copying to ePrinting. This wireless printer is assigned its own email address when you set-up the printer. This aspect allows you to email documents, pictures, anything you want right to your printer remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection. I also downloaded the HP ePrint App onto my iPhone so I can print even easier than that! I can actually pull up photos and documents from the web and print them with one touch instead of emailing them! It’s amazing! You can literally use your smartphone to take a picture and have it printed and in your hands within minutes!
HP DeskJet 3052A
This ePrint option is truly wonderful. I will be using it all the time now. No more getting flustered and upset when I have to print things out last minute. I now realize it won’t be a huge production to print things out; I can just print something out remotely or at home in minutes. 
Another thing I absolutely love about this printer is the 61XL ink for the printer. There are only TWO cartridges you need. That is a huge difference from the old printer I had that took six to eight cartridges that cost me about $20 a piece every time I went to buy printer ink. That’s around $150 just to get ink! These two cartridges are under $30 a piece and you ONLY need two!!! Amazing! What a savings I am going to have in printer ink costs. And XL doesn’t mean it’s larger or more expensive; it’s just a normal size ink cartridge that pops easily into place. If it’s EXTRA anything, then it’s extra awesome because it saves you money! 
61 XL ink for the HP DeskJet 3052A
So you’ve got an easy to use quality printer that does it all for a fraction of the cost in printer ink and can be printed remotely from anywhere that has an Internet connection from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. How can it get better than that? And you can get both the HP ePrint enabled printer and the HP XL ink from Walmart!
I made a short video so you can see how easy it is to use!

Disclaimer: I received the printer and ink from MomSelect; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone. 


  1. We use those at work. They really are the best! And so easy to use!

  2. that looks awesome, I love that you can hook your iphone up to it!!

  3. You are so cute! I desperately need another printer on the main floor. Running downstairs to the office is just not doable with a toddler and a dog around all day!

  4. This is almost like one I put on layaway for Christmas! I love being able to print wirelessly!

  5. I totally agree about the cartridge thing… We have four on ours and we somehow always seem to run dry at different occasions… Pain in the rear! I like the look of this one and how it has various cool features.

  6. I love this new printer you got! What a lucky lady you are. I totally agree about the ink. It can be so expensive. I use to buy my ink off of eBay, but the cartridges that I have gotten lately don’t work well after a while. Now I take my old cartridges down to have them refilled until they don’t work right anymore. That saves some cash too.

  7. I have this printer.. well minus the smart phone version LOL.. I love it!

  8. We bought this printer recently since I work mostly from my laptop these days and my hubby gets annoyed at me for forwarding him things to print LOL

  9. That is SO Cool!! I want one of these very badly! My printer right now only takes two ink cartridges, but really I need that wireless feature very badly! So does my husband as he’s always doing his homework on his iPad and then has to email his assignment to his desktop computer so he can then print. I’m always saving documents onto a flash drive from my laptop and taking it to the desktop computer so I can print…yeah…I need the wireless option!

  10. So cool!!! i need a printer and I am def going to look into this one. How convenient to be able to print right from my phone! I am going to check it out on Amazon now!

  11. Awesome review! Love your video! I am enjoying that printer as well!

  12. I love HP Printers ! I just bought a new one myself and can’t say enough about how much I am in love with it!

  13. That looks like one great product. I have a Mac boo:(

  14. This looks like a nice printer, I may be checking this out when mine is due for an upgrade ;)

  15. I really wanted to try this printer out! Ours is living on the edge right now, thanks for the replacement recommendation!

  16. Wow! That printer is sweet!


  17. I have never seen this before…HOW NEAT and SO SO SO useful! thanks for sharing! Christmas list!!

  18. Ooooo I’d love an ePrinter!!!

  19. That is a cool printer. My kids would be printing everything when they “borrow” my phone.

  20. This is SUPER SUPER cool. I need to be able to print from my phone!

  21. You are such the cool up-to-date with technology mom. This printer is awesome. Thanks for sharing! I have to look into this one- thanks, Kristin!

  22. I don’t have a smart phone or any cell phone for that matter (I like simple) but I can see how great this would be for those who do use them! I do have this awesome $600 tablet that I have used exactly once in the last year! I guess I am not so tech savvy :/ I need a tutor I suppose

  23. Awesome printer!!!! Would love to be able to print from my phone!

  24. Great review! That would be so handy to have.


  25. sounds like a great printer. I need on of these!

  26. I have been needing to research a new printer. Glad I procrastinate because you have done my work for me. I have a ton of empty frames that need photos in them!

  27. Ok, I want this. I have a fairly new printer but I am seriously considering getting this one and selling the other.

  28. that looks like a great printer. would love to get one of those someday.

  29. Heather Wone says:

    I own this printer and LOVE it! So convenient!

  30. Heather Wone says:

    I own this printer and LOVE it! So convenient!

  31. Awesome printer!! great review and video….now I want one!!!!!!! lol

  32. Great review! I need a new printer so bad! This one looks great!

  33. i would love to have this to print coupons from my phone

  34. Great review, funny thing is I am in need of a new printer, love HP’s my last one I wore out…love that this could be used with a tablet, ;)

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