National Grandparents’ Day ~ September 9th

Celebrating Your Grandparents
~ Share Time with Them and Build Memories ~
I remember my grandparents from when I was growing up. Unfortunately, they have all passed away, but I am happy to have memories from when they were here with me. Both sets of grandparents lived in different states from us, so we never had the type of daily/weekly relationship that I know some people have with their grandparents. One set was in NJ and the other in OK (and we lived in VA). The grandparents in NJ we saw a little more often, but for both it was mostly us having to visit them. 
I was closer to my grandmothers, and they both outlived their spouses so I knew them into my mid-20’s. They were both kind, sweet, wise, and both had been through a lot in their lives. I remember sitting with them both by the hours talking and learning about their lives. If you still have grandparents alive make sure you do that. It’s your heritage; your family history. Learn about it on a first-hand basis. You won’t believe what they can teach you. My mother’s mother grew up and lived in Estonia and brought my mother over to the United States during WWII. Hearing her stories of the war and coming to America on a ship to Ellis Island were so interesting, and now I can pass those stories down to my kids. 
My other grandmother grew up in the mid-west and lived a life of traveling back and forth from CA to OK while her husband built motels and other buildings. She ended up going completely blind from an eye disease at the age of 50. She was such a strong woman to deal with that and to live with being fully blind late in her life. My grandfather really stepped up and helped her daily. She also struggled with many other ailments. She was very courageous and always adapted with what was handed to her. I admired that about her.
I miss all my grandparents. They were all great people who brought something to my life. I have fond memories from each of them.  I now live away from my parents, so we are in the same situation where my kids only see my parents on a limited basis. It’s hard, but sometimes jobs and situations take you apart from your family. My parents are able to travel a lot more than my grandparents did, so we are able to see them more often than I saw mine. I want my kids to have a great relationship with my parents and have great memories with them, just as I do with my grandparents. I’m confident they will, as they are very close to my parents already. In fact, they stayed with my parents for a week last summer on their own when my husband and I traveled to Ireland for our 10-year anniversary. They had a blast with them, and they always look forward to their visits with them. 
My parents

Family Pic
(My parents with all the grandkids)
Today is National Grandparents’ Day! Give your grandparents a call, or have your kids call your parents and wish them a wonderful day! They will appreciate it ~ and you will remember making their day even more special. I know my parents do a lot for my family and my kids, so they deserve 
a special thank you today for that! THANKS Mom and Dad!

 (My husband’s mother ~ The kids’ Nonna)

What Fond Memory Do You Have of Your Grandparents?   


  1. Thanks, kids, see you soon!

  2. Love this, what a great post! I’m a Nana & love it !! Grandkids are the icing on top of the parent cake !! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great post! I still have one living grandparent,my MawMaw. She is 80 and I could so see her sporting the pink fuzzy hat as well. :)

  4. I really enjoy my grandparents. My dad’s parents are still living, but my mom’s have passed. Today is actually my grandma’s birthday so I will be calling her a little later anyway.

  5. This reminds me that I need to call my parents and let my Grand kids talk to them!!

  6. I didn’t realize it was Grandparents Day today! Oh man! I need to do something for my parents from my kids. I have one grandpa left and we are very close. Thanks for the heads up, I will need to do something for him too!

  7. I didn’t realize either. I will call them now! Love the pics!

  8. Grandparents are so important. I am happy that Jude has all of his still around. Losing my grandparents were really hard on me. I will always remember them and the fun we had though!

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