My Favorite Boots ~ Laguna by Ahnu

You Know I Love My Ahnu Shoes ~ Have You Seen Their Boots? I LOVE Them!
~ Ahnu Has Just What You Are Looking For ~

I was in the shop for some new shoes for the gym or for walking around outside, when I came across the Ahnu brand shoes. If you read my earlier post, you can see how much I loved my new hiking/walking shoes from Ahnu. These quality shoes offer the support and style I was looking for. Now I have found my new love ~ Boots by Ahnu! As I love all the boots they sell, I really needed a pair for the rain, so I chose the Laguna style. These boots made for the rain or just everyday wear are amazing! They are so comfortable and stylish! You can wear them with skirts for out at night, or just to the store in your pants on a rainy day! I found just what I was looking for with Ahnu! 

Ahnu Laguna Boots
Ahnu Laguna BootsAhnu Laguna Boots

 Dress them up! Or wear them everyday!

One of my favorite things about these boots, is the fact they are so stylish. They have zippers that go up the inside, the Ahnu logo on the back of the boots, and that the inside has a bright color that slightly peaks out. I also LOVE the toggles on them for that European look. The shiny patent leather style makes them easy to use for dressing up at night as well. 

Ahnu Laguna Boots

Ahnu Laguna Boots

Ahnu Laguna Boots

Of course the BEST thing about the Laguna boots is the fact they are quality made and comfortable. As I mentioned in the first post, I have issues with what kinds of shoes I can wear. They need to have support and make it so my Achilles tendon does not act up. These boots feel great on, and I haven’t had any issues walking around in them. I LOVE them! Ahnu is my definite GO TO place to purchase all my shoes now! I know from trying out their walking shoes and boots that the quality and comfort will protect my feet, and I can look stylish while wearing them too!

From the Ahnu Site:

Product Details

  • Waterproof seam-sealed construction
  • Slick waterproof patent leathers
  • Medial zipper for easy on/off
  • Moisture wicking synthetic mesh lining
  • Numentum™ Commute features an internal polyurethane midsole with U-shaped heel stabilizer to keep your heel centered and promote balance, while the honeycomb pattern provides incredible comfort
  • Aegis anti-microbial treated footbed to minimize odor-causing bacteria
  • High surface contact, non-marking rubber outsole


Who cares about a little drizzle? Tackle any rainy day with this ultimate city boot. The waterproof seam sealed construction and gorgeous waterproof patent leathers will keep your feet dry, while the chic and modern aesthetic dresses up any wardrobe. Horn shaped toggles decorate the shaft, while the lace up functionality ensures a perfect fit every time. This mid-calf boot is designed with Ahnu’s neutral positioning system so they can be worn comfortably all day.

    Designed for:
  • All-day walking comfort
  • Rainy days
  • Commuting and traveling

I highly recommend these shoes if you need good quality boots for everyday use or just for the rain. These shoes retail for $160 which is a great price for quality and comfort. I’ve worn these boots to the store and for walking around the outdoors! They are AWESOME! Go get yours today!

Make sure the check out Ahnu on Facebook and Twitter as well. 

* I was provided items for review purposes; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

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  1. Ok those boots just rock! I have never heard of Ahnu before! Seriously where have I been? There casual shoe line is stunning too. Now I want some!

  2. Oh those are really nice! I can definitely see me wearing them LOL thanks for the review

    Still Dating My Spouse

  3. Those are definitely cool! I’ve never heard of this brand before but I like!

  4. Well don’t those look cool! I’m looking for some new boots for this winter – something really comfortable but still look good with a pair of jeans andsweater. I’ll have to check these out!

  5. I have never heard of this brand before, but I am always on the lookout for a great pair of boots. As I live in Illinois and you never know what the weather will bring. Thanks for sharing… time for me to do a little shopping!

  6. Those look really comfortable and so edgy!

  7. Great boots,Wow! you have tiny feet..lucky you. :)

  8. I had never heard of them and seeing that I have Raynaud’s disease, I need good boots this winter.

  9. I will have to check them out. I had never heard of that company before!

  10. These boots are made for walkin’! I love them – they are so sleek and stylish. I can’t wait to get a pair!

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  14. Those boots are awesome. Are you going to let your good friend borrow them- hint hint,lol!

  15. Those boots are so cute! I can totally see wearing those and stomping some puddles with Bubbles :) They’d also be great for the fall and spring back home in Maine; it is always “squishy” from the rain and late snow melts. I can’t tell you how many soaked socks I peeled off! Those would keep your feet nice and dry – while still being stylish!

  16. Wow! Boots are awesome. Since I live in the seep South, I’l have to travel up North to use them. Luckily, the Ahnu site has something for everyone!

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  18. These are great boots. I live in Washington state, these would be used often! Merry.

  19. Those boots are gorgeous and look great! I love the pop of red!

  20. They are so cute! I haven’t heard of them before but will certainly have to check them out!


  21. Nice looking boot.

  22. Very cute boots!!! Thanks for the review – love that they can be worn casually and dressed up – plus in my book!

  23. It looks super cool! I like it :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Fiona N

  24. Ahnu Boots are the way to go. They look nice and stylish. I love that their rain proof. Their’s nothing about the material of shoes that make you mad when you buy a pair you have to replace after you just bought. Great Review. I almost can hear you write this.

  25. Never heard of this company, but I do like the boots!!

  26. These are really cute! I would love to have a pair of these.

  27. Waterproof and cool to look at…what more could you ask for!

  28. Wow they look like they would be fun to wear

  29. Great review. never heard of Ahnu Boots before but the boots are very stylish. Great that they are rain proof. Great looking boots that keep your socks and feet dry and look good.

  30. thanks for your review – i’m a new follower, so i completely missed the previous review of the hiking shoes… i’d never heard of the company and so i went to browse the website, and while the shoes didn’t really “wow me” any more than most shoes do (i’m not one of those kinda girls!) their business ethics and candidness about it impressed me immensely. i will be in the market for shoes very soon (my current “regulars” are almost 4 years old, and were due for a replacement months ago!) and Ahnu is definitely high up on my list of choices now. love the free shipping and returns, also, as I’m always hesitant about buying online without being able to try on – fat feet make it kinda difficult… thanks again for introducing me to this brand!

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  39. These boots are really awesome. They really can be worn with casual or more elegant clothing

  40. I have NEVER heard of them before!!! I’d wear these for sure and can only hope that maybe there will be a giveaway coming???? LOL!! :)

  41. Love the looks of those boots. I have not heard for the brand or seen anything like them before. They’re great!

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  43. Must have for girlfriend!

  44. Those boots are so cool. It’s a brand I need to check into. Thanks for the review.

  45. Very nice looking and stylish boots. Functional to say the least. And you wear them well!

  46. My best friend would love these. She would say this’d be “harikuju” when she whipped up an outfit to go with it.

  47. I have never heard of these before but they are cute

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  54. Hannah Boenanah says:

    those look like great boots!!

  55. Elizabeth Courchesne says:

    These are nice boots!!

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  57. I have never heard of this brand before but will definitely check them out. My achilles tendon will hurt if I wear the wrong shoes.

  58. Never heard of these boots before but glad I have now. So perfect for cold wet winters in Michigan, and they look good too!

  59. Never heard of them, but they are cute.

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