Labor Day Weekend Family Game Night #DipDipHooray #CBias

Fun Night With Hasbro, Tyson, Ore-Ida & Heinz
~ Family Fun Night with #DipDipHooray #CBias ~
Labor Day Weekend is a weekend for family fun. We decided this year we would invite over another family to share in the family fun with us! With the weather still beautiful out, we thought we would plan some fun outdoor and indoor activities for our party. The first step was to head to Walmart and find some great things for our party ~ some games and food! My kids were super excited about planning the party and finding new games too!

#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night
We were inspired by the Dip Dip Hooray event going on where you can buy certain products and upload the UPC numbers to unlock games! The site let’s you play fun games and even enter in the sweepstakes to win. Make sure to check out the official rules and to start playing today! What fun! For this awesome Dip Dip Hooray inspired party we decided to find some Hasbro games, Tyson Chicken Nuggets, Ore-Ida Golden Crinkle Fries, and some Heinz Ketchup!
The kids and I had fun shopping at Walmart for all our items. First we found Twister Hoopla by Hasbro, which we thought would be a fun outdoor or indoor game. Next, Kendal found an electronic version of Monopoly. She was so excited to get it! She’s never played Monopoly and always wanted to try it, and I’ll have to say that the electronic credit cards for this game did seem pretty cool. We love Hasbro games! We also found our Tyson Chicken Nuggets, Ore-Ida Golden Crinkles, and Heinz Ketchup, as well as some veggies, corn-on-the-cob, and some applesauce. Oh, and ice cream cones for dessert as well!

#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night

#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night
Kendal was so excited for the party! She set the table and helped me get the food organized to put in the oven. After our friends arrived, we first decided to have a little outdoor fun! We played the Twister Hoopla game, and it was great because everyone got involved. First someone would spin to see which body part and color ring we would use, and then one person would throw the ring to the other and they would try to catch it! It was so fun. This game was called “Toss,” and there are multiple games to choose from within this Twister Hoopla game.
#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night

#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night

Next we came inside for some dinner. They kids loved their Tyson Chicken Nuggets of course, and who doesn’t love ketchup on everything? It was a great dinner! We tried multiple Tyson chicken products, Ore-Ida Golden Crinkle Fries, Heniz Ketchup, and some fruits and veggies! It was yummy!

#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night
#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night

#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night

#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night
After dinner it was Family Game Night time! We played the electronic version of Monopoly and it was great! Truly a fun family night of laughter and learning. The kids loved buying properties and using their credit cards. We each started with 15 million a piece, and then the electronic machine would add and subtract money on and off our cards when needed. I thought the new pieces, including a cell phone were awesome too.

#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night

#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night

#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night
Make sure to plan a Family Game Night soon too! It’s fun to bond with your kids, and they will remember these times with you forever. I still recall Family Game Nights from when I was growing up, and I love that my kids will have these memories from their childhood as well. Game time is bonding time!
Don’t forget to play online at DipToPlay and enter the sweepstakes to WIN!

#DipDipHooray #CBias Family Game Night
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  1. I have really been wanting to try that new Monopoly. I love sweepstakes! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. That Twister Hoopla looks like a great family game – I definitely need to check it out for my active little tribe!! And my son has been BEGGING me for Monopoly with “the ATM cards” – he’d be so jealous if he saw you have it.

    Looks like you had a great weekend overall!!

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    It looks like such a great day! I love having little parties with good friends and great food! My kids would love a little party like that.

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  32. Looks like you all had a great time. We do game night here every Friday night, it always starts with a tent being pitched in the living room and we eat nuggets on the floor (we have a green carpet we call grass), then we play games after. The new one is Chutes and Ladders which is a big hit. I love game night!

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  66. Looks and sounds like you all had a blast-and heading to Walmart is the best place to buy when your having a party-lot’s to choose from and good prices too.I love to have fun night with all the kids It keeps them home and safe (not to mention it get’s the whole family together to have some fun ) and What’s better then making memories to last a life time. Thanks for sharing.:)

  67. No better family fun than all of us getting together over a board game! Very competitive, lots if laughing!!

  68. Kisha Cotton says:

    thats what family fun is all about! Love it-

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    Lots of good things the kids like to eat and games . Kids love games. I played Monopoly with my family when I was a kid. Is still a fun game to play with a new electronic one – which I didnt know they had – thanks for the heads up on that one. I think Family game night gives everyone a chance to be together and spend time with family – something we all need to do more of now a days

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