20 Things I Love About Being A Mom

I Love My Kids More Than Anything……
My Kids ~ Mama Luvs Books
I know there are WAY more than 20 things I love about being a mom to my kids, but I wanted to list just a few. I’ve been really sad lately since my youngest started kindergarten. I’ve come to the realization there are no more babies in the house, and we have reached a new dynamic in the house. I love the way they are now, but I miss the way they were a few years ago as well. I know I will be missing this age they are at now in five years when I look and see time is flying by too fast again. At least one good thing about feeling this way is that I am trying to “take time and smell the roses” now with being a mom. I listen to their adorable voices and watch them with love and adoration as they talk and play. They are wonderful miracles in my life.
20 Things I Love About Being A Mom (and never want to forget):
1.  I love the way at ages 5 and 8 they look at me and tell me how much they love me.
2.  I love the way they are curious about everything and ask so many questions.
3.  I love their voices (so sweet and innocent).
4.  I love that they still believe in magic, Santa, and the Easter Bunny!
5.  I love the way they snuggle up when we read books together.
6.  I love their want for some independence, yet they want to stay close.
7.  I love their little hands and feet (not as little as they used to be, but little none the less).
8.  I love watching them play together and be so creative!
9.  I love watching them use a more extensive vocabulary (they still amaze me at what they learn daily).
10.  I love the way my 8 year old daughter protects her 5 year old brother.
11.  I love how they like to dress themselves (and I let them wear what they want ~ within limits).
12.  I love that they LOVE their family (extended family and all).
13.  I love that they don’t care about money or lavish things; they are happy with the simple things in life.
14.  I love that they love their friends and have kind hearts.
15.  I love that they like to travel and see new places.
16.  I love that they don’t have the burden of knowing that “really bad things” happen in the world.
17.  I love that they have few fears.
18.  I love that they love nature.
19.  I love that they love adventure.
20.  I love ABSOLUTELY everything about my two little ones!
What’s Something YOU Love About Your Kids? 


  1. I love teaching Michael cute little gestures like clapping, high fives and waving. Everything that they do is adorable. :)

  2. I love teaching Michael cute little gestures like clapping, high fives and waving. Everything that they do is adorable. :)

  3. How sweet! It’s wonderful to remember how wonderful each stage is. It helps us get through the hard parts!

  4. I love that my 15 yo doesn’t get mad at me when he mentions a college he wants to check out and I remind him that there are online classes everywhere so he can stay home. I love that my 3yo is still so innocent and can watch a bug for 5 minutes and think it is great, seeing the world through his eyes is refreshing.

  5. I love that my two year old is a comedian… and knows it and he is such a little actor. Its so stinkin cute! He has the ability to make everyday amazing and so much more exciting than the last.


  6. What a beautiful list! I love watching my kids laugh! I think that would be on my list too! Being a mom is such a joy! Thanks for the list.

  7. Beautiful picture of you and the babies! It is great to remind ourselves of why it is a precious gift to be a mom. I love your list!

    Still Dating My Spouse

  8. I don’t have any kids yet, but this post kinda makes me want to! ;)

  9. Aw, this is so sweet! I love that my kids love me regardless of my mistakes. And I love the way their sweet sleepy faces look first thing in the morning. I love everything about them! Thank you for sharing this post – I’m going to tell them I love them right now!

  10. I love when my toddler asks for a hug and a kiss.

  11. Love this!!! Kids are such precious gifts! My 3 bring such joy to my life.

  12. So sweet! I love that your kids are (almost) fearless!

  13. what a beautiful post – so great to remember those little things about them right now. Cause you’re right – it flies by way too fast! I love watching all of mine learn something new – seeing that look in their eyes when things click and they realize ‘i can do this all by myself”…so awesome!

  14. Wow, it sounds like we sure have a lot to learn from our little ones. I love watching them learn new things and their excitement on their faces when they succeed and are proud of themselves.

  15. It’s so easy to be sweet when they are young. I love that, and I miss that. As the mom of adult children, I love that they come for dinner, maybe do a load of laundry and I LOVE when they go home. I love that they are happy, healthy productive adults. I miss my oldest who’s in the Army but I’m proud of the man he is. I love that my 1st tiny, sweet, little crotch monkey is this big badass in the Army, but still very much a mama’s boy. I LOVE that I now have small people who call me ‘mama that my child created. My baby HAD a baby and I love that I got to SEE the miracle of birth and not perform it. I love how she dropped him off on our doorstep to raise. Wait, I don’t love that part. I LOVE having a small person in my life everyday because it’s just too quiet sometimes when all the kids move out. I love that he spends the night at her house every now and again so I can watch inappropriate TV and drink wine. I LOVE wine!

  16. Aww, I love this! I love all of those things too.

  17. I love the little toes! My kids have such cute little toes :)

  18. I love this post! Although different types of things I love about my kids, it is such a sweet post!

  19. What a great post!!! I love being a mother as well it is the best thing in the world

  20. I have 3 children and 9 grandchildren and I too missed the days when they were toddlers. But now,I have my grandbabies and each and every one is different in personality. I love just everything about them…they are so very special and I have been SO Blessed!As mommies and grandparents, each and every little thing they do, we’re proud of…well, for the most part.

  21. My daughter is grown and I’m so proud of the adult she turned out to be.She’s kind,caring,loving,thoughtful,giving,helpful and just an all around great kid.I love her so much,she’ll always be my baby even when I’m 100.Then she’ll be changing my diapers and I’ll find out how much she really loves me.LOL!
    This is such a sweet post and kids are such blessings aren’t they? Yours are cute too. :)

  22. Such a great post. I love being a Mom. My kids are older now and they are just amazing adults. I’m proud of them and how hard they work to secure their own futures already. They will go so far in life and I know it goes back to how my parents raised me and how that helped me to shape them :)

  23. I love how my kids look at me with genuine love.

    Carol W

  24. I love how my kids look at me with genuine love.

    Carol W

  25. I love how my kids look at me with genuine love.

    Carol W

  26. this is so sweet. i cannot wait to be a mom!

  27. What a fantastic post. Thanks for sharing <3

  28. When you mentioned snuggling up when you read books, I think that would be one of the things I really miss the most. When my last 2 kids were awake on a saturday, instead of watching cartoons after breakfast, we would snuggle on the couch and read books for about an hour. We would do this during the week too, but on saturday, that was the best day for it. Another thing, I was at a festival few weeks ago an I seen a mother holding her young child and this child looked exactly like my son did about 10 years ago. I kept staring, trying not to let her know i was gawking, then I started to cry, because I could totally picture my son 10years ago.It was the strangest feeling ever.

  29. my 7 year old son is very protective of his 4 year old sister, he always looks out for her!

  30. I love that they each have their own personality.

  31. Wish my son was home so I could hug him…reading this made me miss my lil buddy! Thanks for sharing! =)

  32. Thanks for sharing this

  33. I love that my 5 year old daughter always seems to know just when I need a big hug! I love that she calls me her best friend. :)

  34. I love NOT being a Mom!!

  35. I love that my son has a kind and compassionate heart. I love giving him hugs and kisses every morning right before the bus arrives to pick him up for school. I know there will come a time when I won’t get them anymore, but I’m cherishing the ones I get now.

  36. Patricia Williams says:

    My kids are 24 and 19. I love watching them adults. This is what I worked so hard to accomplish. My daughter is now a mom and watching her be a mommy is the greatest reward for my hard work. She told me now she understands why I did things the way I did. They are awesome when they are little, but when they can be your friend its the best.

    Pinterest name is Patti Williams

  37. Millie Rojas says:

    I feel blessed and proud to have four healthy, beautiful and very intelligent children. They mean the world to me. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Very sweet. I’m sure you could have made a list 1000 things I love about my children, I know I could.

  39. Venetia Wilhelmsen says:

    I love that my kids have become such reponsible adults and are doing such a great job raising their own children. And, my youngest son is the best uncle ever!

  40. Gayle Rhodes says:

    I love when my five year old son gives me a hug and says I love you totally out of the blue. I don’t think there is a better feeling then that. Can’t wait until my two year old daughter does that.

  41. I love that I never know what my daughter is going to say. Oh wait…that’s a little terrifying sometimes. I love that she shows me a completely different side of the world, through “tistic glasses”. My son is 16 and I love him but he makes me NUTS. :)

  42. I love how my 10 year old has become so helpful, caring and responsible. He is a great big brother. I love how my 7 year old knows what she wants and is stubborn (even though it drives me crazy sometimes!). I love how my 3 year old is growing into such a big girl. Not a baby anymore but still little enough to pick up and cuddle!

  43. I love to watch my kids grow up and experience new things, but then then become adults and leave. The best part of that is that u get to have this great experience agin with your beautiful grandchildren!!

  44. Like you, I love watching my kids play together. Mine are 4 and 1 and are already good friends.

  45. I love how they surprise me at some of the things they say.When I call my son,he says “one minute” and his thing lately is “well actually…..”. He tells me he “loves me too much” and that i’m so beautiful and he wants to marry me.LOL

  46. My sons are grown, but when they come home, they always wrap their arms around me and tell me they love me!

  47. What a wonderful post. Our daughter amazes me on a daily basis. I believe that being a mom has truly made me a better person.

  48. I’m not a mom yet, but this post is so sweet. Can’t wait till I have my own and get to marvel about them daily!

  49. what a great article. thanks
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  50. I love that my children have grown into amazing adults. Unfortunately time flies by so fast. I miss when they were little and growing up!!

  51. I love that no matter how bad the day was, when my children hug me, it all goes away ;)
    Tina paradise

  52. I love teaching my daughter all the little things and she always makes me smile with her hugs and kisses!!


  53. Connie Bolick Lee says:

    I love how a child will put 100% trust in you. It makes you pay more attention of what you do.

  54. I love watching my kids grow from stage to stage and see how they use what we have taught them. They really are amazing human beings who are full of compassion, love, and ideas.

  55. very sweet and wonderful- your kids will enjoy reading this when they get older!

  56. Great post! I love how my kids even in their teens still enjoy spending time with us.

  57. I love my children more than anything!

  58. I love all those things you listed and more! I love how all of my kids are there for each other. They may bicker sometimes, but they have each other’s backs when the need arises. I love how my younger daughter looks so much like her older sister did at her age. I love how they all love to read (not like their daddy at all!) I love how most of the time, they will help me with anything I ask them to. I love watching them get older, even though I miss their babyhoods. I could go on and on, but I think I’ll stop here before I cry. :)

  59. darn it, you made me cry. My kids are teens and young adults and I miss their small minds sometimes. I will have to post a tribute like this to my kids. thank you for pushing me to reflect on the 5 loves of my life

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