Nutrisystem Week 20: Sizes Are Dropping!!!

The Twentieth Week……… 

Got Some New Clothes In Some Much Better Sizes!!!

I’ve just finished my twentieth week on the program, and I am happy to say because of Nutrisystem I am now a size 8! I went to get clothes for my 20-year reunion and I was so surprised! I got the 10s and 12s for everything I wanted to try on and they were all too big!!! I’ve lost just over 11 pounds, but I must have been losing inches as well! I do feel more muscular from working out too, but I would have never dreamed that just losing over 11 pounds would get me in a size 8! I was a 12 (maybe tight 10) before! I also could fit into mediums now instead of larges as well.

The night of the reunion I felt better that I was at least wearing an 8! I got some clothes from Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft. So many cute clothes there. We had a happy hour event first, then a family picnic, and finally the big reunion party at night! A weekend full of fun! I had my dad take pics of me with my outfit for happy hour and the reunion so you guys can see them!  


Mama Luvs Books 20-year reunionMama Luvs Books 20-year reunion
 Reunion Night Outfit       &        Happy Hour Outfit

Mama Luvs Books 20-year reunion
Hubby and I ~ Ready for the Night!

Mama Luvs Books 20-year reunion
The Kids at the Family Picnic with my High School Mascot!


Starting Weight: 165
Current Weight: 153.5 (LOST 1 pound this week)
Total Loss: 11.5 pounds!!! 

Here’s to a NEW WEEK! Please leave me a COMMENT telling me what accomplishments you had this week in your journey to be healthy!  
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  1. You look great!

  2. Oh I am SO Proud of you for sticking to it!!
    You look so good for your reunion.
    I love your Raspberry color and your sandals from reunion
    night and I LOVE that blouse for Happy Hour night!!
    Keep Building that Muscle and shedding those inches!
    I will keep checking in on you :0)

  3. You look so much thinner! Amazing!

  4. Congratulations!!! It always so much of a confidence booster when you actually go down a size. Started weight training with my hubby, and just the few exercises I have been doing are making me feel so much stronger. =)

  5. Wow you are doing great! You look wonderful. I would love to try Nutrisystem but right now we can’t afford it.

  6. You look fantastic! Great job!

  7. You LOOK amazing. Love the outfits!!

  8. Way to go!!

  9. Good for you!!! Love the look!

  10. You look fantastic! Great job!

  11. You look amazing! Keep up the great work!

  12. congratulations on your awesome accomplishment!

  13. I really love your happy hour outfit! Great job, keep up the amazing work!

  14. You look wonderful, Kristin–congratulations!!

  15. You look fantastic Kristin. I’m sure you stole the spotlight at the reunion ;)

  16. You look great Kristin! Love that happy hour shirt :)

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