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What Could Be Better Than Earning Box Tops for Education Points Easily?
~ Jingit App + Awesome Products = Helping Kids ~
General Mills, Jingit, Box Tops for Education

 Who’s Jingit? A tech start up company that allows great brands like General Mills to pay you real, instant cash for paying attention to them. Because truly great brands should truly value your time. And with this limited time offer, not only will you earn by finding participating products in store and online, your designated school will receive Bonus Box Tops every time you do!

Since I am a former elementary and middle school teacher of eight years, you can bet I know the importance of Box Tops for Education and how earning points can help out your school. The elementary school my kids go to (they are in grades K and 3rd) rely on parents sending in Box Tops to earn money for the school. We get worksheets sent home to us from the PTG so we can paste the Box Tops to them. There are contests between classrooms to see which class collects the most Box Tops, and the one with the most wins an ice cream treat. It’s such a great program and so helpful to the school. 

General Mills, Jingit, Box Tops for Education 

We personally buy products that have the Box Tops for Education on them. We make sure to cut them out and turn them in, but now I’ve learned of a new way to get even more out of my purchases! I discovered on the Jingit app that I’ve been using to watch commercials and earn money, that I can now earn bonus Box Tops points by using my Jingit app on my iPhone while I’m shopping! How cool and easy is that to earn points for your school? I can’t wait until the next PTG meeting, because I’m going to tell all the parents there with iPhones and Droids to download the app and start getting more points for the school too! You can get the app online, download it on your phone from the app store, or you can even create an account online and watch commercials and answer questions to earn Box Tops for Education points at home on your computer! Make sure when you first sign in though that you choose your school!

General Mills, Jingit, Box Tops for Education, Mama Luvs Books

It’s SO easy! Sign-in, watch a short ad, answer a couple of questions, and earn Box Tops points and real cash at the same time! I previously used Jingit before to earn cash on my phone for watching ads, and now I can earn Box Tops points too! Like I said, you can sit at home and watch some ads to earn points and cash from your own computer (see pic below):

General Mills, Jingit, Box Tops for Education

Or you can use your app on your phone while shopping to earn points and cash too! Let me tell you, I did it yesterday while shopping for groceries and it made our shopping trip SUPER fun! My son and I had a BLAST finding Box Tops items to purchase, scanning in the barcodes of the items into the phone to get points, answering one short question about the item, and then we were done! Cash and points earned, and on to the next item! It was great because when we checked in on the app when we got to the store, it popped up a list of items we could purchase to earn points. Most of the items happened to be on our personal list anyway, so it was wonderful! If we are buying it, we might as well get Box Tops points and cash for doing so!

General Mills, Jingit, Box Tops for Education

General Mills, Jingit, Box Tops for Education

General Mills, Jingit, Box Tops for Education

General Mills, Jingit, Box Tops for Education

It was real easy to scan the items in on my iPhone too! I thought at first I would have to click a button, but all you need to do is hover your phone over the barcode and once it focuses on it the item will automatically register into your phone. My son had so much fun helping with this! 

General Mills, Jingit, Box Tops for Education

So remember, to help your school out with extra Box Tops for Education points, find Jingit online or download the app to your phone. Then watch ads, answer questions, earn points for your school, and earn cash for yourself too! Don’t forget to select YOUR SCHOOL when you first get the app to make sure it’s going to the right place! And when shopping have your phone with you! It’s as EASY as:

General Mills, Jingit, Box Tops for Education
Finding the product!!!
Locating the barcode!
Scanning it into your phone!

…….AND DONE!!!! 

General Mills, Jingit, Box Tops for Education
And you’ve helped YOUR school!

General Mills, Jingit, Box Tops for Education
As well as earned CASH for yourself!

To see a more detailed instructions or if you’re just interested in seeing our entire shopping trip, then check out my Google+ album where we show it all!

Don’t forget to check out Jingit on Facebook and Twitter as well! It can give you more information about how to use the app to help your school and community.

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    1. I used to use JingIt all the time too to earn cash… but I had no idea you can earn BoxTop points! Thanks for sharing :)

    2. Wow! That is awesome! Thanks for letting us know about this!

    3. What a great app! Thanks!

    4. omg. i’m going to the app store. right. now.
      thanks soo much for this review.
      How awesome!!!!

    5. I collect Box Tops on the products that we use and have friends and family send us theirs too. Didn’t know about this app and can’t wait to tell the PTO to share this tip with our tech savvy parents to get more money for programming. Thank you!

    6. Now that’s cool. I already love box tops but had no clue you could do this in the store! Thanks for telling me. I’ll check it out.

    7. that does look easy and fun!! Thanks! I will be checking it out! I hope it’s available in Canada!

    8. So cool! Once the little guy gets a little older and he can “help” with shopping…I am definitely trying this! right now it’s a race to get through before hemelts down :)

    9. This is great! I am downloading this app right away! Box tops are very important at my children’s schools!

    10. Love this campaign – such a good deed

    11. I amm e-mailing this post to ALL my friends because our little school relies Heavily on Box Tops! I will do as you suggested and bring it up at the PTC meeting as well and get it in the school newsletters and backpack mail. This is such a great APP. thank you!!!!!!!!

    12. I am new to jingit. I will have to check this cool app out. I love that you get money back for buying what you need and I am sure most of the items are going to have coupons available

    13. This is so neat, I will have to tell the PTO about this app. I am going to down load it to show them thank you so much for sharing. I love earning for the school.

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    17. This is great – I had no idea! Sounds easy to do too. And by the way, I love the pictures.

    18. Wow, what a great idea, I am going to have to check JingIt out!

    19. Anonymous says:

      What an awesome idea!!! So effective AND simple!

    20. I was using Jingit on my computer but I didn’t know you could do that w/your phone1 SWEET!

    21. how simple is that? wow!

    22. What a great concept. Thank you for sharing, your shopping trip and pics!!
      Marie H.

    23. That is such a fantastic way to rake up points for school! Love it!!

    24. I love box tops and thank you for recommending this! Anything to make life easier!

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    26. ooo!! Downloading!! We love boxtops!

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    28. Sounds like a great app; wish I had an iphone to use it. lol

    29. We are a huge fan of BoxTops and we collect them for our girls school religiously! Glad to see another way to collect even more!

    30. How fun! My son’s a ways away from school age, but I know what elementary school he’ll be attending and can already start to support them.

    31. This is great, I have been saving boxtops waiting for my daughter to start school. This is a great way to help

    32. I have downloaded Jingit on my iphone, but have yet to use it…I just forget :( I do save boxtops and use the website, guess I should write myself a note!!

    33. This looks easy, I will have to check it out

    34. Thanks for that awesome tutorial. I still do things the old fashioned way, haven’t graduated to a smart phone yet, but love to support my schools!

    35. sounds like a great app

    36. Brenda Webb says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have a smart phone to use this app.

    37. That’s awesome! We love collecting box tops for school.

    38. I have so many box tops! I save them up and give them to my sisters school

    39. thanks for the info!!! i am new to this whole collecting box tops!

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    41. that’s awesome, do you know if it is available for windows phones?

    42. Awesome! I’ve never heard of this site/app before. I don’t have a iPhone but I do have an android smartphone. I’m going to download it and take my youngest with me grocery shopping. She just started pre-K a week ago.

    43. I don’t have a smart phone, but I use an Android tablet. Unfortunately, there is no WIFI at Walmart. I do collect Box Tops manually.

    44. This is so cool . I do not have a cell or kids in school. I will be telling my friend(s) about this.

    45. This is a great app and glad that someone made it.

    46. I have been using Jingit for a few months now and was happy when they came out with the box tops for education. Just another great reason to Jingit!

    47. this is really nice

    48. This is an amazing app!! I am always clipping box tops for my local schools.

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    50. Sounds like a really great app! I always clip my box tops for the schools!

    51. Its great that they now offer box tops.. my phone isn’t set up to use that but if I ever get to upgrade I will give it a whirl. I would love to do that.


    53. great idea! but I don’t have a smartphone!

    54. Can’t wait to try it out!!

    55. I have just started collecting. I never realized how many I was missing out on by not buying the products. :/

    56. It looks like you had a really fun shopping trip!

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