Are You a History Buff? Would You Love to Own Something Made Since the Civil War?

Woolrich: The Last Company Still Making Blankets in Their Mills Since the Civil War!

~ Large Blankets to Keep You Warm Just Like the Soldiers ~
Review by Mama Luvs Books:
We are huge history buffs in our household. My husband has a goal to visit every Civil War battlefield in the US, and I used to want to work as a Colonial Girl in Williamsburg (which never happened). History is so intriguing and interesting to learn about. If we don’t look and see how we’ve done things in the past, then we will never learn how to better ourselves as a culture in the future. 

When I was given the chance to review a blanket from Woolrich I was super excited. These blankets are made just the same as they were in the Civil War, and in the same working mill that they were made in during that time. How cool is that? The company provides many of their materials to Hollywood for making outfits and props for that era, but you can order one just for you too! 

You can choose a blanket from Gettysburg, Fort Sumter, the Cavalry or Artillery. See them on their site.   
Description from their site:
Civil War blankets were made by Woolrich and supplied to troops from 1861-1865. Today, historical groups and movie studios purchase bolts of Woolrich fabric to create authentic uniforms and blankets for re-enactments of this important period of American history.

We’ve created these Civil War Blankets in commemoration of that historic period. Ready to use and enjoy, they are a unique chance to own and enjoy a blanket made in the same Woolrich mill that created the originals.

  • 80% reprocessed wool/20% nylon
  • Hand wash or dry clean
  • 60″ x 84″

    Make sure to check out Woolrich online! They have men’s clothes, women’s clothes, home goods, sporting goods, etc.

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    1. I would choose the Calvary blanket

    2. the calvary blanket love it!

    3. My son would totally do what your husband wants to do. He’s 14 and loves learning about wars. He wants to be a Marine (hoping he changes his mind!) The blankets look awesome. Were they scratchy at all?

    4. I’d choose the Fort Sumter.
      Tracy Awalt Juliano

    5. Civil War Fort Sumter

    6. Stephanie White says:


    7. What a cool giveaway! My in-laws would absolutely love this, as they are re-enacters!

    8. I’d pick the Cavalry blanket.

    9. Alison Marshall Yorke says:

      Love the Artillery! Wool is wonderful in Colorado! And as a homeschooler this would be a fun blanket to use as a touchpoint for history lessons!

    10. Awesome!!Love the Cavalry blanket.

    11. I would love to have the cavalry blanket. It would be the perfect gift for the civil war buff in my family. Thanks for the great giveaway. These blankets remind me of the ones my mother and dad had when I was growing up. Many a cold winter night was spent under these in Michigan.

    12. Thats a Very nice shade of Grey. Thank you. Jerri Davis

    13. Civil War Artillery Blanket. Thank you. Jerri Davis

    14. Love the artillery blanket..looks comfy and keep you warm especially on winter time :-)

    15. I would love to have one but i’m allergic to wool :o(

    16. If I won, I’d pick the Civil War Artillery Blanket.

    17. What a great giveaway! A civil War blanket! Thanks

    18. jennifer dansberger jones says:

      my dad would love this, he is such a civil war nut and grew up not to far from gettysburg

    19. Such a good idea! Reprocessed wool. I suppose it’s not so itchy as it used to be either.

    20. jennifer dansberger jones says:

      i would choose the gettysburg blanket

    21. The Gettysburg is real nice. Very differeny

    22. Love the civil war blanekts, awesome!

    23. This is really cool. My parents are history buffs and would love these.

    24. I like the blankets but I wouldn’t be able to use it because its wool.

    25. My father had his blankets from the 2WW,and even when the duvet blanket became fashion he sit used his war blankets.

    26. Gettysburg blanket for me. I’ve actually been to Gettysburg with friends and it really is an amazing place. We mainly went for ghost hunt at night but during the day it was an emotional place to walk through thinking about all the men/boys who died fighting there.

    27. I think it’s neat how they order bolts of fabric from Woolrich to make authentic dress.

    28. My sister has one of these blankets…great quality

    29. Fort Sumter

    30. Anonymous says:

      i would love any one of them my 12 year old is REALLY into the civil war .he would love these

    31. What a great giveaway. I love these blankets and would love to own one.

    32. I would choose the Cavalry.

    33. we LOVE blankets and these look soo awesome!!!

    34. They are so cool, I love anything and everything about the Civil War. I like the fact they use same materials as they did back then.

    35. We love Civil War stuff, it has become a facination as all of our children learn more about it each day as well


    37. Would definitely pick the artillery blanket! Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

    38. My grandfather and father were both in the Navy, and we had these blankets around the house when I was a kid! I remember them as being VERY WARM, but also VERY SCRATCHY when next to your skin! So we would put a sheet under the blanket, and when we ran out of heating oil in the winter, these blankets kept us warm and toasty! I think my mother still has one of these blankets floating around somewhere! Thanks for this awesome review! It sure brought back a lot of fond memories! (=

    39. It is totally awesome that they make and have made forever blankets to keep or soldiers warm. So cool

    40. i think i would like the gettysberg….

    41. I would love to have the Gettysburg!

    42. Michelle Knopp says:

      What a cool piece of history!

    43. Danielle Davis/Grady says:

      This is awesome! Very neat!
      Suchaproudmama @

    44. tracy webb says:

      I think Gettysburg

    45. I would love to get the Gettysburg for my husband. He loves all things Civil War.

    46. Fort Sumter. Like that there’s a neutral option! The look really nice!

    47. Diane Daigle says:

      I love them all but if I had to choose I would say the Gettysburg!!

    48. Hi i would chooce the Fort Sumter since we live in Georgia and my Husband has lived here all his life near Savannah. I would Love to give him something like this for his Birthday or even xmas, He has had a touch year. This would brighten him up. He is a great fan but has never been able to collect anything from the civil war raising kids from 2 marriages and help raising our grands. Ya’ll know what i mean. Thanks for the giveaway and everyone GOOD LUCK Joannies

    49. I really like the Civil War Artillery Blanket

    50. I would choose the Civil War Fort Sumter.

    51. Tough choice. I’d have to flip a coin between Gettysburg and Calvary.

    52. I would choose Artillery

    53. I would choose the Gettysburg blanket :)

    54. Anonymous says:

      The calvery blanket

    55. Minty Patterson says:

      Gettysburg for sure.

    56. Love the Fort Sumpter blanket

    57. I like the Gettysburg gray one or the Freedom throw.

      Thanks for the giveaway!
      Robin Bouza

    58. I like the artillery blanket; I love the red color and the size!

    59. If I won, I’d pick the Civil War Artillery Blanket.

    60. I’d take that grey one you have in the photo – looks awesome! I love wool blankets.

    61. oh they are all nice, the Fort Sumter if I had to choose but I like them all. thank you!

    62. Jeanette Mays says:

      I would choose the artillery blanket.

    63. Fort Sumter

    64. Megan Ross says:

      For Sumter

    65. April Laxton says:

      The Freedom Throw is awesome!

    66. I love the Gettysburg. So pretty!

    67. I think I’d choose Calvary, I don’t know though maybe Gettysburg :)

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