Our Trip ~ Day Two: “Story Land ALL DAY!”

Family Vacation ~ We Spent the Day 
at Story Land
Story Land Glen, NH
As you read in my Day One post, we are here in New Hampshire! Today we spent the entire day at Story Land, a fabulous amusement park for families! This beautiful park is located in Glen, NH nestled near the White Mountains. My kids are ages 5 and almost 8, and this park was just the perfect size for us! My kids have never been to an amusement park before, and I really feel this is a great park for families with younger kids and one that you can do without getting too overwhelmed. It’s easily walkable, has perfect sized rides, and games and shows the kids will enjoy as well.

Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH

Also, not only are the rides great for kids, but adults love them too! I know my kids will be asking to come here every summer now! Let me take you on a little journey through the park. To start with there is the Nursery Rhyme area to the right after you enter. You can meet the Old Woman in the Shoe, see the Three Little Bears’ house, and check out all the live animals (the three pigs, the three billy goats gruff, and the black sheep). Even though my kids are a little older, they still enjoyed this area and recognized many things from the nursery rhymes we’ve read together.
Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH
Next we arrived at the Fairy Tale section. The kids loved it here! We got to ride in Alice in Wonderland’s tea cups, take the pumpkin coach up to Cinderella’s castle to meet her, and ride the swan boats. The swan boats were a hit for my kids. We did that one multiple times!
Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH
After that we moved along to the Old West town. There we took a tour of a mine and panned for gems. My kids loved finding their treasures and sorted out and organized the gems they found. We also enjoyed the pirate ship ride and carousel ride in that area as well. 
Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NHStory Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH

 Story Land Glen, NH
It seemed that as you progressed through the park the rides got more and more for “bigger” kids. Some favorites included the Dr. Geyser’s Raft Ride, the Bamboo Shoot, the Antique cars, the Dutch Shoes, and the Polar Coaster. My son also liked the Splash Battle, but be warned YOU WILL GET SOAKED on this ride. There are many more sections of the park as well and games to play, but it would take me too long to mention them all. 
Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH

Story Land Glen, NH
We started after 3pm the day before and that was a great way to do it. The first day we were able to go on about half the rides, we knew what we wanted to spend time on the next day, and we became familiar with the surroundings. If you enter the park after 3pm, then you will get free tickets to come back the next day! What a deal!
Another great thing we participated in was the Character Dinner! The kids had a blast meeting the characters and dancing with them. It was held in the World Pavilion outside and food was served from the food court. You could choose from sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, grilled cheese, etc. My kids loved Humpty Dumpty, the Pirate, and Alice the best.
Story Land Glen, NH Character Dinner

Story Land Glen, NH Character Dinner

Story Land Glen, NH Character DinnerStory Land Glen, NH Character Dinner
Story Land Glen, NH Character Dinner

Story Land Glen, NH Character Dinner

Story Land Glen, NH Character Dinner
Make sure you definitely check out Story Land when you can! I am upset we waited this long. It is a blast and truly a family and young kid friendly place! All the people that work there are so nice and kind. You can honestly tell they love being around kids. When you get a chance, check out Story Land on Facebook and Twitter. You can get all their deals and updates! 
Story Land Information:
Story Land
850 NH Route 16
Glen, NH 03838

* I was compensated with admission tickets to the park for this post; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.


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    Love granddad and grandma.

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  16. I loved StoryLand, of course that was more than 40 years ago when we went many times as children. We spent most of our vacation playing in waterfalls, but we did spend one day at Storyland. The memories that came flooding back when I saw that picture of the yellow shoe! Of course it does look more up to date, but some of the pictures are exactly as they were when I was a child. Thank you so much for this review.

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  27. Julia Prue Potvin says:

    Glad you & your family had a great time visiting in MY BACKYARD, I live within miles of Storyland. Luv IT !! Many memories of fun filled days there with my kids, and later my grandkids. Hope you enjoyed your visit to the beautiful Mountains of NH !!

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