Helping Kids In Need Get Ready For School ~ #BagItForward #CBias

We Love Helping Kids in Our Community
~ The #BagItForward Program Helps Make This Possible ~
I love that my kids are already psyched about finding items for school. My daughter received her list for 3rd grade on the last day of 2nd grade, and she has been excited about getting items since then! Walmart just started putting out Back-to-School displays so we thought we might as well beat the rush! My son will be starting kindergarten in the fall, so all big kids at our house now (sniff, sniff), but I am excited that he is excited for school and to be a big boy! He wants to get school supplies too and be like big sister! 
Walmart is of course our go-to place for everything! My daughter grabbed her list and we were headed to the store! There were items like: pencils (sharpened), Elmer’s glue sticks, eight different colored spiral notebooks (one for each subject), a 12-inch ruler, and much more! It was a very specific list!

School Supply List

My kids and I have also been donating many items to our local charity. The last donation we made was 50 boxes of Post cereal for the #PostCFK “Post Bowls of Hope” program. It was an amazing experience to help others, and my daughter got so much out of the experience. She asks me all the time now about when we can donate more items to The Sharing Locker, our local charity. They even wrote and mailed us a very nice letter after our last donation, and she keeps that on her desk. I told her while we were shopping for her school items, that this would be a great time to buy for kids in need! The philosophy of “Buy Two, Give One” I completely love, and the Bag It Forward program will help to gather school supplies for kids in need using this same idea. My kids were psyched to help out kids and our community again!
They decided that they would each pick out a backpack for a kid in need a fill it up with school supplies! My son picked out a pirate backpack and my daughter chose a monkey backpack. 

Backpacks at Walmart
We went around and found items off my daughter’s list and found items for other kids too! We wanted to make a donation big enough to not only help two kids in need, but many. They figured we would make a girl and boy backpack of goodies and then a large donation of other items as well to help more kids!
School Supplies at Walmart

Elmer's Glitter Glue PensElmer's Binder Pouch

Shopping at Walmart

Shopping at Walmart
As we did purchase many items at Walmart, they unfortunately did not have all the items we needed. I am a former teacher of eight years, and I taught in the elementary and middle schools. I know how important it is to get everything on the supply list and to get the correct items. We were now in search of the eight different colored subject spiral notebooks that she needs for each subject! We decided we would try another Walmart the next day and get everything we needed. My son decided to come with me on this trip and luckily we found them!
Spirals for #BagItForward
We not only found the notebooks we were in search of here (17 cents each), but we found something else super cool! As we were looking at the displays we found some extra items to add to our donation, and a fantastic Elmer’s display that had a FREE app to download to your phone where you can take pictures of that wonderful “First Day of School” experience to share with others, as well as having Elmer’s make a donation to the Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) just from you taking a picture with this app! How cool is that? 
Take pictures to share with family and friends and help kids in need at the same time! That is wonderful! We decided we had to download this cool app right away and start taking pictures so kids in need can start to get some more items! It was so easy to download and use! You could either download it from using the scan code on the display or through the site listed on the display. My son was very excited to be in a picture to have a donation made to other kids in need! We also took a picture to share of an awesome deal we found at Walmart! Elmer’s glue sticks were 10 cents each! We bought 20 of them to add to our donation! Walmart supplies are so affordable! You can help and donate something!

Elmer's 1st Day School App

Elmer's 1st Day School App
Elmer's 1st Day School App

Elmer's 1st Day School AppElmer's 1st Day School App
Elmer's 1st Day School App

Elmer's 1st Day School AppElmer's 1st Day School App

Elmer's 1st Day School App

Elmers Glue Sticks #BagItForward
Elmer's 1st Day School App
 Elmer’s 1st Day App ~ Capture, Create, Share!
So many cool aspects of this app we will need to check out later; slideshows, captions, colorful borders, tags, etc.
After we got home my kids were ready get the bags together for our donation. When I was teaching it was always nice to have others donate to kids that need help. There are some kids that just can’t afford everything on that supply list, so every little bit helps! I would buy items for some of my students when I was teaching, and I loved helping them out! Kids take pride in having the items they need at school. Now I am able to help out kids again and with my own kids helping now as well. I love to instill in them the desire to help others.
#BagItForward Donation

#BagItForward Donation

#BagItForward Donation
Now off to The Sharing Locker to make another donation to our community! Two filled backpacks and a huge bag of other school supplies! Also, please visit your local Walmart and look for the wonderful Elmer’s 1st Day display! Download the Elmer’s 1st Day App, buy some items to donate to kids in need (“Buy Two, Give One!”), and find a local organization, school, or family to help out! You will be glad you did! And at Walmart prices, it’s very affordable to help others. You can do it and afford something to help others! “Bag It Forward” everyone! 

Donating to the Sharing Locker #BagItForwardDonating to the Sharing Locker #BagItForward
Donating to the Sharing Locker #BagItForward
The Kids Were Super Excited to Make Their Donation They Created!

To see our entire shopping trip, check out the Google+ Album we created to see all the awesome items we found at Walmart! 
Don’t forget to visit Elmer’s on Facebook and on Twitter and let them know how wonderful it is that they are donating items to kids with the Elmer’s 1st Day App! 
You can also see many other Bag It Forward Project by visiting the board on Pinterest showcasing wonderful donations.

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Elmer’s #BagItForward #CBias. All opinions though are mine and mine alone.



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    You did a good thing publicizing all the items you bought at WalMart, because now countless mothers are searching out Glue Sticks, Apps and who knows what all! Again, you go, girl! Thanks for the opportunity to go into the raffle for the gift card. I’m a “broke” grandmother and if I won I could use the money for my granddaughter’s back to school stash.

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  116. What an amazing thing to do! My daughter is 31 now, but we always did this each year to help children in need and I have continued the tradition with my son, he is 12 yrs old. Not only does it help needy children, but I think it builds character in our own children! Thanks for bringing awareness to this very important charity! No child should be embarrassed or unprepared for school because of lack! This country is to RICH for that to happen!

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    But you donated 50 boxes of Post cereal? Does that mean you’ve bought 100 boxes, and Post donated 50 on your behalf? Do you buy them all with coupons? I’m just so amazed. That number is staggering, and I’ve never been good at clipping coupons, so I’m wondering how you do it. :)

    • We donated the 50 boxes from collecting them at my daughter’s school. We started with Buy Two, Give One from ourselves and my Brownie Troop wanted to collect even more, so we asked people in the school to donate! It was nice that people helped us donate a large amount!!!

  122. That is wonderful that you are teaching your children to care about the less fortunate. This is a great way to make the concept really concrete for them.

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    This was such an awesome thing to read about! It’s really amazing how much you & your kids care, I wish more people in this world cared about others.

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  138. Love the BagitForward idea…my son is in college now, but this post brings back memories of buying the grade school essentials and how much fun it was picking out specific colors/patterns just for my son. It also has given me a little kick in the can to get out and pick up some school supplies,etc for my local area and find out where I can donate – maybe just to the school itself?

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  141. thanks so much for sharing this with us. we are greatly involved with the children of our community. We have certainly noticed many parents being more concerned with what can be done for their fams than what they can do for others. I have one friend who keep talking about not having money to help others in spite of our showing through example, giving of onesself is such a blessing for all.
    penny hyde

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  143. Our church puts together filled school backpacks for underprivileged children. People bring in specific items that are on a list to fill the packs.
    Aria H.

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    Such a good idea. My kids are no longer in school so I never thought about donation school items. I always think of food and clothing.

  160. The teachers at my daughters school give the parents a list of items that are shared by all the children throughout the year. My wife sent several boxes of tissue paper and sanitizing hand wipes. They ask you to choose what you want to donate.

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  164. We have a “Stuff the Bus” in our city every year. It helps many kids in need.

  165. When my son was in elementary school and middle school we often bought extra school supplies and he would take them to school and give them out to those in need. I was always and still am very proud of him. He is now in his third year of college and is still a giver

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  173. I Volunteer at a local Church/Foodbank every Saturday morning for 4-6 hours and I see over 600 young children in need. This makes my heart sing to know how Company’s and people like you are contributing. I am telling you the truth when I say that every single one of those kids I see has a smile on they’re face when they leave with some food and whatever supplies have been donated in tow!! Thank you so very much for this post and I hope all who read it before me (and it looks like a lot) will follow you to Walmart! :)

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  177. This is a great idea and it is something that they do in my community also…A lot of the banks collect the supplies…I believe and teach my kids…if we can help to do it…there is always someone who may need something a little more then we do

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  181. ThaT is so awesome that your kids are so into donating! Especially items that are FUN, like school supplies!
    If I am chosen as the winner of the $20 WalMart gift card, I want to Pay it Forward.
    Please give my card to a child in need of school supplies!

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  184. This is so awesome! Lists have gotten even gender specific as years go by…so I know there are many families out there that so need these supplies!

  185. Anonymous says:

    This was really wonderful- and thank you for sharing it with all of us! I know there were a couple years in the past when my family had to rely on donations for school supplies and the holiday season– so I’m more than happy to give a helping hand when I can. JanT.

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  188. That is SO Awesome!!! We are getting ready to find out what all my oldest will need! He starts Pre-K this year, and IF we can afford to I will try and get a few extra things to donate as well! That is such a great idea!

  189. Thank you for being an inspiration to your family and the community. I try to do what I can, but now I am inspired to try harder.

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  194. This is awesome! I wish everyone that can would do this, there’s so many needy children out there, We did this last year for a child and my daughter felt so proud of herself..loved it!

  195. christina souder says:

    this is a wonderful program i think that i will do this with my kids i have two boys and three girls so the boys can do one the baby girls can do one and my h.s. girl can do one for her. thanks for sharing i cant believe i didnt think of this before thanks again we will have fun doing this.

  196. I love school supplies still and what great kids you have for this great cause!

  197. What a great concept! I remember how fun it was to go “back to school” shopping! I love the idea that the kids can do it twice: once for themselves and once for someone else! And there is nothing like getting new school supplies! LOVE IT!!!! :)

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  199. Amanda Frye says:

    I just think this is so awesome. I am a mother of 3 and cannot afford these things for my kids and wish I had this kind of help but it is good to see that other kids are getting help!!

  200. Anonymous says:

    I love seeing children learning to help others. This is great!

  201. this is great, school stuff can get so expensive, it’s great to help others!

  202. i really like this idea i think i will pass this along to my kids school we know a lot of families that need help here in tennessee

  203. Awesome giveaway!

  204. Your Walmart must be super stocked all the time! I just went to mine and I couldn’t find any sharpies 2 packs or highlighters or backpacks! I still can’t believe its already back to school season already! I love that your donating to a better cause.

  205. Meredith H says:

    What a wonderful program. Glad the kids were involved also :)

  206. Wow, you and your children and beautiful from the inside out!! As a recipient of donated school supplies when my daughter was young, I can tell you how good it makes a child feel to have everything brand new even when Dad disappears and Mom has no money!! It makes me tear up to think of how much I needed the help and people like you and your children gave happily, and it looked like you were having a good time doing it!! So on behalf of the many parents of kids that may not have the money for a new backpack or more than a few pens and pencils, thank you!!! Thank you for your generosity and loving hearts, God has seen this and you will be rewarded!!! :0)

  207. Georgina M. says:

    this is a fantastic way to get your kids involved!

  208. I can’t wait for my kids to do this! They’re still babies. It looks so much fun.

    aisha holley

  209. AWESOME this was a great idea (=

  210. This is a great way to teach our kids about giving and it helps other children feel more comfortable actually having the things needed for school and not feeling out of place!!

  211. its always a great thing to beable to have help with school supplies

  212. this is great love it

  213. What a great idea children should always be taught early about giving and donating.

  214. Anonymous says:

    Back to school is so exciting for children. I miss those days as my kids are all grown up. Elenora spears

  215. This is a wonderful idea!

  216. Donna Neilson says:

    A awesome way to teach kids how important it is to help one another

  217. Bonny Humston says:

    This is a great idea. More people need to get involved. My daughter has been collecting donations since she was 12 she will be 20 next month. It all started when she seen her very first homeless person trying to stay warm under a bridge. So she collects hats, scarfs, gloves, bookbags and anything else she can think of and will donate the items to the homeless shelter, and every christmas they get a bunch of friends together and put food bags together and hand them out. (We do contact the local Police Department to let them no because they all no the strets are not safe) So Safety does come 1st.

  218. misty farmer says:

    This is such a great thing!! I try to help so many with school supplies to see them smile! :)

  219. I know this is a review but it’s July. Get out of the school aisle PLEASE!

  220. oh how fun, This is my favorite time of year. I love school supply shopping. My kids are all grown but I still shop and donate items to my nephew school or headstart. Its not as fun alone as it is with little ones, which is obvious by your cute pictures

  221. This is so cool! Looks like your kids had a lot of fun helping out too :)

  222. I love your family’s enthusiasm for giving! Fantastic! Such a perfect time to give, stocking up on back to school special prices to help students and educators!

  223. I love how involved your kids are! This is definitely something they will remember and use later in life as they become caring grown ups.

  224. Janet Jackson says:

    What an awesome way to involve your children and show them how to put others ahead of themselves! Last year at Christmas instead of buying all the Jackson kids a cheap $ gift they would soon break/lose etc. we made a donation to a local food pantry in their honor.

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