Help Those Smiles Shine One Kid at a Time ~ #SpinbrushCFK #CBias

Providing Dental Care Items for Kids in Need
~ Champions for Kids Does it Again! ~
As you all know, working on Champions for Kids (CFK) projects is one of my favorite things to do. Previously we’ve been able to provide 50 boxes of cereal to a local charity and donate Jennie-O Turkey products to kids in a cooperative preschool. It feels so great to be able to help others in your community, and my kids have learned to love helping others too. I love that! The month of July’s Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service project is to provide Spinbrushes and other dental care items to kids in need. #SpinbrushCFK 
#SpinbrushCFK #CBias

For this project, we decided to head to Walmart to find some affordable dental care products to purchase for underprivileged kids. CFK likes to challenge people to “Buy 2, Give 1.” I love this idea because it’s so easy for everyone to help the community, and even just buying one item to contribute can help. Just think if everyone did that how much of an impact it would make? The dental section at Walmart is fairly large. We found some cool Arm & Hammer Kids’ Spinbrush My Way toothbrushes, which are electric toothbrushes for kids that can be decorated to make as their own. We were going to Buy 2, Give 1, but then we decided to Buy 2, Give 2 instead. Both my daughter and son want to help and make a dental pack to share with kids in need. Kendal is going to make a girls’ pack, and Drew will make a boys’ dental care pack. We picked out some toothpaste, mouthwash, and flossers to go in our dental care packs with the Spinbrushes. And for $5.72 a piece for an electric toothbrush, that’s a great deal!  The travel section is also a great place to look for affordable items as well!

#SpinbrushCFK #CBias

#SpinbrushCFK #CBias

#SpinbrushCFK #CBias

After we got home from Walmart the kids decorated their Spinbrushes which they were super excited to do! I love how the Arm & Hammer Kids’ Spinbrush My Way Toothbrushes has kids personalize them and make them their own. Now my kids are so proud of their toothbrushes and want to use them even more! It’s so cute how decorating the toothbrushes brings such pride and ownership to their dental care products. Anything to get kids more interested in taking care of their teeth is a plus for me!

#SpinbrushCFK #CBias

#SpinbrushCFK #CBias

#SpinbrushCFK #CBias#SpinbrushCFK #CBias
#SpinbrushCFK #CBias#SpinbrushCFK #CBias

Here’s how the Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Project works (from their site):

Gather your family, friends, and co-workers to provide toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other dental care items for children in your community! Give the dental care items that you collected to an organization in your community that serves children (like a school, religious organization, or nonprofit) so that kids in your community can celebrate with healthy smiles and happier lives! Click here to send us your great Report and Photos!
See how easy it is? You can do it too! I challenge YOU to get out in your community and help others. Be creative and think of a way to get together with others to collect items for kids in need in YOUR local community.
For our donation, we are going to give dental items to our elementary school nurse. There are many kids in need in our community, and we feel the nurse will know who best to serve and do it in a discreet manner. This week we are going to make a visit to our dental office and ask our dentist if she would have any extra items to donate as well. We would love to make our contribution even larger. Stay tuned for our second post about how we are going to get our donation together nicely and see us make our donation to those in need! In the meantime, head to Walmart and Buy 2, Give 1 to help your community, and use this $2 Off Coupon to make your purchase even cheaper!
To see our entire shopping trip at Walmart, check out our Google+ story.
You can also follow Champions for Kids on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Spinbrush Arm & Hammer on Facebook and Twitter as well.
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  1. Loving Champions For Kids! Thank you for sharing, what a great way to give back :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your teeth are so very important and need to be taken care of. -Jim F

  3. Awesome! So nice that you can incorporate your kids into Champions for Kids. Yay for clean and healthy teeth!

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    This is a great project. Dental Hygine is very important and so often negelected.
    Dorothy Walters

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    I love a great charity. I just donated a bunch of dental supplies to a halfway house near here. I love seeing people trying to clean up their act. The least I can do is help them clean up their smile. =)

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  84. Good ideas. I just donated a bunch of dental floss and sample size toothpastes to our Church to help out single moms on food stamps. Apparently they can’t use food stamps for this kind of purchase (or paper products or cleaning products). We have a collection once a month to try and help the Single Moms.

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