Hazelnut Toffee Crunch Frappe Concotion ~ YUM ~ #RedCupShowdown #CBias

Seattle’s Best Coffee #RedCupShowdown
~ Do You Have What It Takes to Create a Fabulous Drink ~
Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias
I heard about the Red Cup Showdown last month, and ever since then I’ve wanted to create my own coffee drink concoction. What is the Red Cup Showdown you are wondering? Seattle’s Best Coffee is traveling throughout the country and challenging people at State Fairs to come up with the best coffee drink! Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro, from the Food Network is one of the judges of this fabulous State Fair inspired coffee event. He’s talked about how cool fairs are to inspire great drinks with their fried Oreo and other fried treats they serve there. 
Did you know if you WIN the contest for the best drink that you could win $10,000? Now that’s a lot of dough, and not fried dough! The best part is you do not need to physically be at the fairs to participate. You can make your OWN recipe and submit it online! There will be one winner from each fair and one online winner that will meet in New York City for the final showdown! It could be YOU!!! Get your creative juices following! All you need to do is create your drink, submit it at the Red Cup Showdown App on Facebook, and then people will VOTE for the best drink! You need to HURRY and submit your drink though because time is running out before voting starts!  
I decided I wanted to take my own try at creating a drink too! I decided to make a Hazelnut Toffee Crunch Frappe. I love when frozen drinks have a little crunch to them. YUM! I also love hazelnut coffee, so I thought I would create a recipe and give it a try! Here’s my recipe:
Hazelnut Toffee Crunch Frappe by, MamaLuvsBooks:
1 – Cup of Chilled Seattle’s Best Hazelnut Coffee
8 – Ice Cubes
1/3  – Cup of Baileys Hazelnut Creamer (yes, it’s non-alcoholic)
1 – Heath Candy Bar Chopped into Pieces (it made about 1/4 cup of candy to add in. You can do more or less depending on the level of crunch you want).
Simply put these ingredients into the blender and top with whipped cream, vanilla syrup, and some extra Heath bar chunks! It turned out AWESOME! I am very proud of my drink! 

Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias
Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBiasSeattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias
Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBiasSeattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias

Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias

Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias

Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias

Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias

Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias

Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias

Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias
 Drew Snagged My Drink to Get the Toffee Pieces Off the Top!
We were lucky that all our ingredients were found easily at our local Walmart! Check out our shopping trip at Walmart on our Google+ story.

Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias

Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias
Don’t forget to hurry and get your recipe in ASAP on the Seattle’s Best Facebook App. It’s super easy to submit through Facebook!
Seattle's Best #RedCupShowdown #CBias
Make sure you learn more about Jeff Mauro and the Red Cup Showdown, and follow Seattle’s Best on Facebook and Twitter.
If you are around for the remaining State Fairs where the Red Cup Showdowns will be held, then be sure to attend! It would be a fun family day and you might get to meet Jeff Mauro in person as well!
Here’s the schedule:
California State Fair, Sacramento
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee Exhibit and Free Iced Coffee: Friday, July 13-Sunday, July 15
  • Red Cup Showdown with host Jeff Mauro: Saturday, July 14
Ohio State Fair, Columbus
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee Exhibit and Free Iced Coffee: Friday, July 27-Sunday, July 29
  • Red Cup Showdown with host Jeff Mauro: Friday, July 27
Wisconsin State Fair, Milwaukee
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee Exhibit and Free Iced Coffee: Friday, Aug. 3-Sunday, Aug. 5
  • Red Cup Showdown with host Jeff Mauro: Sunday, Aug. 5
Illinois State Fair, Springfield
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee Exhibit and Free Iced Coffee: Thursday, Aug. 9-Saturday, Aug. 11
  • Red Cup Showdown with host Jeff Mauro: Friday, Aug. 10
Iowa State Fair, Des Moines
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee Exhibit and Free Iced Coffee: Monday, Aug. 13-Wed., Aug. 15
  • Red Cup Showdown with host Jeff Mauro: Wednesday, August 15
You can submit your coffee recipe anytime from now until July 27th at midnight! The winner will not only receive the monetary prize, but they will also have their drink featured in Seattle’s Best Coffee Cafes. The contest is open to people 18 and older and who reside in the US or Canada. Six finalists (one from each fair and the FB winner) will win a trip to New York to compete for the Grand Prize on August 23rd. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!
I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Seattle’s Best Coffee #CBias #SocialFabric. All opinions though are mine and mine alone. 


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