Summertime SCOUT Bag Giveaway! WIN 2 Tote Bags!

Ready for Summer?  Got Your Bags for the Beach?  Here Are the Perfect Summertime Bags!

These SCOUT Bags Are Some of the Hottest Bags of the Season!!!  What Could Be Better?
With this giveaway, you will not only get the beautiful beach tote above, but also the insulated beach tote to compliment it (featured below)!  You will be ALL SET for the beach or pool this summer with these TWO awesome bags!!!  One to carry all your stuff, and the other for your food and drinks!

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What is Special About These SCOUT Bags?
Short Description of the Large Deano Beach Tote:
  • Durable Polywoven Fabric
  • Water Resistant
  • Open Tote
  • Over the Shoulder
  • Leatherette Reinforced
  • Handles and Bottom
  • Wipes Clean
  • * Ideal for travel and the beach. Decorative must-have everyday carry-all.  

     Short Description of the Insulated Cool Clutch Tote:
  • Insulated, Coated Polyester
  • Water Resistant – Wipes Clean
  • Shoulder Length Handles
  • Velcro Top for Secure Closure
  • Monogrammable Outside Pocket
  • Fashionistas rejoice; beautiful lunch tote, beach tote, or perfect for a picnic!

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    The Giveaway is from Friday, May 25th at Noon EST – Friday, June 1st at Midnight!  GOOD LUCK!!

    Also available in a blue set if the WINNER does not like the pink and green combination above!

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    1. Definitely the BEACH! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

    2. I Love the beach, and it’s only 15 minutes away.

    3. beach :)

    4. I would love to go to the beach if there was one closer to us! We have a pool in our association, so we just have fun there!

    5. The beach! Thanks for the chance!

    6. Diane K says:


    7. the beach..thanks

    8. LOVE the beach! Sun, sand, water, beauty! Perfect!

      Thank you for a chance to enter!

    9. Anonymous says:
    10. I prefer the pool.

    11. the beach! =)

    12. to relax, the beach; to actually swim and tan, the pool. :o) Thank you!

    13. The Beach for sure but I live so far away. So the pool will have to do.

    14. Pool, since there are no real beaches around here

    15. Barbara Compton Kesterson says:

      WooHoo for the Beach…thanks much.

    16. Def the oceanside beach!

    17. Karen Smith says:

      I’d rather be on a beach, like Hawaii…

    18. Both are good….beach is better :)

    19. I love the beach and pool, but the beach is the best!

    20. I like hanging out at beach better.

    21. Beach but I’m not close enough anymore. :(

    22. Julie Melville says:

      Definitely the beach…if it were closer!!

    23. i love the pool

    24. Anonymous says:

      Love those bags – Jim F

    25. Danielle Williams says:

      Pool I am not a fan of open water!

    26. I like the beach, but I love the pool. I’m not fond of stepping on stuff that squishes lol.

    27. I’d like to hang out at the beach is there was one close!

    28. Beach!!! And great bags! Great giveaway. E

    29. vicki chrzanowski says:

      Live on the Gulf of Mexico, but spent most time in the pool…Salt water is itchy

    30. Beach hannahshirley88 at gmail

    31. the beach

    32. The beach

    33. Beach for sure

    34. I grew up at the beach, but I prefer the pool. I cannot stand sand and I love the smell of chlorine!

    35. Anonymous says:

      the beach for sure

    36. The beach but it is so far away

    37. I love hanging out at the BEACH more! :D

    38. The pool :)

    39. I live in Arizona and have a pool in my back yard. No sand in personal places when I swim in the pool. Private so I don’t feel awkward. So the pool!

    40. Personally I love the pool ….. the beach is great but I really hate the sand in the suit feeling.

    41. I am not a sun person, nor a swimmer, but I love to walk along the beach early in morning or after it cools in the evening.

    42. I am a beach person!! I love the sound and the smells of the ocean

    43. beach

    44. Anonymous says:

      I honestly think it depends on the destination—I am not a fan of sand but do love the view of the beacha and being in the ocean if its calm and warm–if not pool for sure

    45. Anonymous says:

      Love the beach

    46. Kristine F says:

      The beach. Nature sounds better than crowd noise

    47. like the beach better

    48. leah stobe

      i like being at the pool more

    49. I love the beach.

    50. Karen Hand says:

      Although I like the beach, I prefer to swim in a pool more.

    51. The pool :)

    52. I’ll take either – they’re both a special occasion around here! :)

    53. I like the beach more!

    54. The beach :o)

    55. I would love to hang out at the Beach but I don’t get to go there much. But I do get to the pool on a regular basis

    56. Not really a fan of wither lol

    57. The pool, unfortunately I don’t get to hang out at either very often

    58. More like a waterpark. I like beaches, but prefer it sans sand if possible. Don’t get to do either often.

    59. Beach!

    60. This comment has been removed by the author.

    61. Kathryn Perkins says:

      The beach!!!

    62. Rosemheins
      At the beach without a doubt….

    63. I like going to the beach better

    64. I perfer the pool but the lines are outrages so instead I head to the beach

    65. The Beach.

    66. Anonymous says:


    67. Anonymous says:

      I prefer the beach, definitely!
      Amie Olson

    68. Anonymous says:

      Alicia S. amsstar5 (at) yahoo (dot) com: for sure the BEACH!!

    69. Either as along as I have a good book, a cool drink and a BIG, BIG sun hat.

    70. I would have to say i like hanging out by a pool more.

    71. Actually we love the rivers!! We barely ever go to the pool or the beach but we live at the river during the summer!

      I cant like anymore pages on fb im at my limit does anyone know how to get around that without unliking pages?

    72. There’s just no comparison… The beach all the way!

    73. pool

    74. I love the beach but hate the sand LOL

    75. hanging out at the pool

    76. I live in North dakota so the pool for me lol

    77. lauren engbrock says:

      beach is more private & I can fish

    78. I’m a pool girl. I don’t like salt water unless I’m fishing.

    79. Stephanie White says:

      Love the beach because that means I’m on vacation!!!

    80. Nothing beats the beach and the salty air with the relaxing sound of the waves :)

    81. I prefer the pool…then I don’t have to leave home and it’s seldom crowded.

      lkish77123 at gmail dot com

    82. Depends on the weather … I love the beach & the pool!

      The beach is best.

    84. Definitely beach!!

      melissajpalmer at yahoo dot com

    85. Leigh Bright says:

      I think I like the beach better!! robandleighbright(at)suddenlink(dot)net

    86. Love memories of going to beach as a kid and love passing that down to my kids!

    87. I like going to the beach.

    88. I love hanging out at the Beach

    89. debra palmer says:

      The beach….I just went 2 weeks ago for the 1st time….I’m 39. It was wondetful

    90. I love hanging out at the pool more. I am not a huge fan of sand–it gets everywhere!

    91. The beach

    92. The beach !!

    93. The Beach!

    94. kelley roach says:


    95. Beach

    96. If I was close to the beach, I would definitely be there! But I love the pool too!

    97. daily twitted this

    98. Definitely the pool. There’s no sand there and I can see my feet in the water. =)

    99. the pool

    100. Id love to be at the beach more but I do have a pool :)

    101. Pool (indoor or covered)…I am allergic to the sun and I have not been to the beach in YEARS!!!

    102. Anonymous says:

      I’m more of a pool person

    103. I like the beach the best

    104. Pool!

    105. I’ve only been to a beach once because of location, so I’d say I’m a pool gal :)

    106. pool…it would be the beach if there was no sand :D

    107. Kathy susol says:

      Pool…or. Crystal clear beach with Norway that critters can sneak p!!

    108. Anonymous says:

      The pool can’t wait to lie poolside.(lol)
      Goggle+ user name: Calshondra Williams/ qualitycare1987
      Thanks for the giveaway and opportunity to win.

      Calshondra Williams

    109. Beach thank you :)

    110. YES, time for the Beach

    111. pool :)

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