Nutrisystem Week 10: The Results Are In…….

The Tenth Week………

I am in my tenth week on the Nutrisystem diet. I finally got my results from Achilles tendon MRI, and it looks like there is no tear and I am cleared to get back to the gym! I am very excited about this news and plan to step it up at the gym and step up my weight loss! I am looking to double my weight loss in the next few weeks! I’m sure with getting back in the gym with cardio and weights at least three times a week is going to help a great deal. The doctor said I need to stretch aggressively, so I will do that as well.

There are a few exercises that are my favorite, and I can’t wait to start them again!

Favorite Exercise #1:  The Yoga Boat Pose (for abdominal and core strength) – I do this while watching TV

1. From a seated position, bring the legs straight up to a 45 degree angle.
2. The torso will naturally fall back, but do not let the spine collapse. Make a “V” shape with the body.
3. Bring the arms out straight in line with the shoulders.
4. Balance on your bottom (the sit bones).
5. Stay in that position as long as you can, take a break, and repeat.

Favorite Exercise #2:  The Yoga Plank Pose (for arm and spine strength) – I also do this while watching TV

1. Get into the position you would take if you were about to do a push up.
2. Press the forearms and hands firmly down, do not let your chest sink, press back through the heels.
3. Keep the neck in line with the spine and broaden the shoulder blades.
4. Stay in that position as long as you can, take a break, and repeat.

Favorite Exercise #3:  The Kettlebell Swing (for hip, back, and thigh strength)

1. Stand straight with your legs shoulder width apart.
2. Lean forward at your waist slightly and bend your knees so as to go into a semi-squat. Keep your back arched and head facing forward steadily.
3. Try a light kettlebell first. Let you arms hang loosely and raise the weight with both hands over your head and inhale. Then, swing the weight with both hands in between the legs towards the back of you while exhaling. Move the kettlebell using power thrusts from the hip, thigh, and lower back muscles (powerful hip snap on every rep are musts).
4. Complete 5 to 10 sets of 20 reps of kettlebell swings with a minute pause between each set of repetitions. With heavier weights, inhale on the swing between your legs and exhale when you raise it above your head.

Starting Weight: 165
Current Weight: 159
Total Loss: 6 pounds!!!  (stayed the same last week)

Here’s to a NEW WEEK! I still need to work on water intake and recording my food. Please leave me a COMMENT telling me what accomplishments you had this week in your journey to be healthy!  

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  1. You are doing great! Thanks for the exercise tips!!!

  2. You are awesome and I love these tips on fitness! Keep up the great work.

  3. You can doooo iiiit!!
    Glad the MRI was clear!!!
    Seriously tho, looking at all that exercise is just exhausting. I don’t have the will power for that. Dieting, yes. Exercise, no. Weird?

  4. Love those exercises! Glad to hear all is well with your MRI.

  5. You are doing great!! I love your fitness tips – the boat pose is amazing (although I find it very difficult!!)

    This past week I stepped up the running – 11 miles done – my current goal is to get to the gym more during the week to keep up the momentum!

  6. Hope you make goal!

  7. Way to go!! I love the plank. Once your tendon is healed, try squats – they are awesome and not as hard as they look.

  8. Great job! I’ve been slacking in the get healthy department lately. Going to kick it into gear starting now! Thanks fire the fitness tips!! :)@

  9. Great weight loss! Thank you for sharing, this is definitely motivation for me!

  10. Yoga poses kick butt! Glad your MRI showed no tear and you can head back to the gym.

  11. Thats great news, keep up the good work !!

  12. Good luck with your weight loss! You can do it!!

  13. I am so out of shape I can’t even DO the first two posts, like at all!

  14. I actually found out something this week that was very helpful. I have Diastasis, which is a separation in the tummy muscles. Crunches and many other ab workouts make it worse. It’s very common, especially in women who have had children. Be careful with your workouts! You’re doing great!

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