Kids Grow Up Too Fast! My Baby Will Be in Kindergarten!

~My Baby Will Be in Kindergarten~
Kindergarten testing has started and it has me thinking about my little guy and how there are no more toddlers or babies in the house. It makes me sad that there are no more diapers around, no more bottles and pacifiers, no more strollers and highchairs, and no more 5-point harness carseats. Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of both my kids for all they have accomplished and how they have grown into great young people, but I just can’t believe how fast it went. 
When you are living through the sleepless nights and the potty training nightmares, just remember it all happens so fast in perspective to the rest of your child’s life. I know it may seem at the time that things are so hard and they will never improve, but they will and you will all make it out of those stages and faster than you even think. 
Yo Gabba Gabba has been replaced with Transformers, rattles have been replaced with T-Ball bats, and walkers have been replaced with bikes with training wheels. It’s funny how kids interests change and progress. I will say the second child got a little cheated. His older sister had him on shows that she was interested in, so he basically missed out on Sesame Street and Dora. She was already moved on to Yo Gabba Gabba, The Fresh Beat Band, and Imagination Movers by the time he was interested in TV.
He still does continue to follow sister, but he pretty much doesn’t let her dress him like a princess anymore. He does have his own thoughts and ideas, he has his own interests now, and he has his own friends. He’s becoming quite the little man.
He loves his sister and his family, and even though the days of babies are over there is so much to look forward to. My kids being at age 5 and 7 is a great time in their life. They are so cute, interested in learning, and fun to be around. They still love their parents, and even when they fight like cats and dogs I know they love each other too. I can’t wait to see what the next 5-7 years brings. The next challenge stage I’m predicting will come in the teen years.
 How do you feel about your babies getting older?


  1. OMG!!! I could write almost this exact same post. My baby boy is preparing for kindergarten testing and I don’t know if I’m going to survive :(

    I miss Yo Gabba Gabba and am not as entertained by the ninja kicks and jumps that have replaced “Don’t Hit Your Friends” and “I’m Sorry” sung by Dj Lance and his crew. I was looking forward to another Yo Gabba Gabba Live event

    I’m glad they’re growing and thriving but do they have to do it so quickly????

  2. Aww.. You have a Beautiful Family! With me, it’s not Kindergarten, it’s 2 graduating from HS next Sunday and starting College in the Fall and then 1 graduating Elementary School and starting Middle School (Jr. High) in the Fall.. :( They grow up sooo fast! It’s amazing how time flies.. Enjoy them while we can, that’s all we can do.

  3. I don’t have kids of my own but I dislike watching my puppies getting older :(
    your little man is sooooooo cute!!! i just love the pics of him :)

  4. I hate to tell you this but they change so much during Kindergarten. Now it is all about Star Wars, Batman, and video games. He won’t even bring the Thomas the Train lunch box to school anymore. We just have the Kindergarten concert tonight- boy the time flies.

  5. THis post made me tear. I was just thinking about Hayley today and thinking when she was born, and now she is going to be 4 soon! It really goes so fast!

  6. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy that age my daughter is and quit wishing she could do this or that. It does go by so fast!

  7. My daughter turned 4 in March and I am amazed at how my little peanut is turning into a little person. We’ve got another year before she starts kindergarten and I am grateful for that. I am honestly trying to rearrange my schedule to make sure I can spend as much time as possible with her – I am realizing every day how fast this time goes. My two older stepchildren don’t live with us and are only here part-time, so my princess is my sidekick. It brings tears to my eyes just to think about what it will be like when she starts school – it was hard enough when she started preschool two days each week.

    Your children are beautiful and you can see just how happy they are – like you said, enjoy every minute!

  8. Our children grow so fast! I have a child starting Kindergarten this fall, too! You have beautiful children – enjoy them!

  9. Awwww..your babies are adorable! I have mixed feelings about mine getting older… I really miss them being babies! I had my 4 in 2 batches, the older 2 were about 1/2 grown when I had the younger 2. And you’re right, the time really flies, seems like only yesterday they were babies. Now, my oldest son is 25 and in his 2nd year of college, with a physics major, my oldest daughter is 22, and just got married, my youngest son will be 16 in August and will get his drivers license and begin his flight training so he can get his pilots license shortly after that, and my baby daughter will be 14 in a few more days! Wow! I swear it was just a couple months ago I was carrying them around in baby carriers! Great post!

  10. You certainly have got that right!! My eldest is 14 :-) so he’s starting with his moods but I still love him. Im quite naughty though as I make fun of his moods which annoys him on the outside but I know on the inside he’s laughing !! I was always told to enjoy children and make the most of it while they’re young because one day you will wake up and wonder where all the time went xx

  11. I love this post! He is just adorable. And your daughter is beautiful! I am like you – “how does it go so fast?” :( My son is turning 2 soon! Doesnt seem possible.
    So many new adventures for your son though, I am sure you will love this age too! ;)

  12. Oh wow… it’s amazing how fast they grow! It’s like the first year goes by so fast. My son just turned 1 and I was so not prepared for how is no longer a baby, but such a little boy now.

  13. It’s kinda painful! My little girl is 4 going into Pre K next year. She wants to be a “big girl” and all that even wanting to drive! I’m not ready.
    Those hard times that I thought would never end I can barely remember now.

  14. I agree – they grow up way too fast. My children are 23, 19 and almost 11 and the time has flown. But now I am able to enjoy and watch the next generation – my oldest has a boy almost 4 and expecting her second baby due in October – I plan on enjoying my grandchildren too while I can before they all grow up.

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