Do You LOVE the Twilight Series? DVD FLASH Giveaway Event!!!!

GIVEAWAY – All 4 Twilight Movies on DVD

And an Additional winner for another copy of Breaking Dawn Part 1!

Giveaway starts at 2/10 9am EST and ends at MIDNIGHT EST!!!

All Winners will be notified by email and will have 48 Hours to Claim their Prize!

PLEASE leave me a COMMENT telling which Twilight series book/movie is your FAVORITE!!!!

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  1. New Moon has been my favorite movie so far, but I haven’t seen Breaking Dawn yet. Breaking Dawn was my favorite book. :)

  2. New moon is my favorite

  3. I love the first twilight movie : )

  4. Kelly Blouse says:

    omg I can’t choose just one movie, they are all great and I can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn!

  5. New Moon has been my favorite so far. I am very excited about Breaking Dawn! :) Thank You!

  6. My favorite in the Twilight series so far is New Moon, but looking forward to seeing Breaking Dawn. What a wonderful giveaway, so excited about this one! Thanks so much for the chance!


  7. Lacey McBride

    Twilight Eclipse is my favorite. I love the fight between Edward & Jacob in it.

  8. Loved Breaking Dawn, love the whole seris

  9. Breaking Dawn is my favorite out of the saga :)

  10. New Moon is my favorite :)

    jandplee at att dot net

  11. Rebecca L. says:

    Eclipse is my favorite!

  12. i love the whole series but new moon is probably my fav

  13. Favorite book was Eclipse but favorite movie, hands down, was Breaking Dawn!

  14. Eclipse was my fav movie…Breaking down my favorite book

  15. My favorite book is Breaking Dawn and I LOVED the movie but the first twilight is where we met them all so it holds a special place in my heart!! (I’m a total twihard)

  16. My favorite book was Breaking Dawn, it brought out the most emotion in me, to the point that i actually threw the book across the room at one point! :-D

  17. I think I would say New Moon is my favorite.

  18. I was pregnant when Breaking Dawn came out. My husband bought it for me and I read it in less than 24 hours. I don’t really have a favorite, but it being the only book of the series I own, I’ve read it the most. As a mom, it probably affected me more too.
    P.S. For some reason it wouldn’t let me enter my username for Twitter: NSisifo

  19. I love them all! But if I had to chose just one, it would probably be Eclispe.

  20. Jennifer J. says:

    I loved the whole series of books! But going to go with Breaking Dawn.

  21. I dont have a favorite I love all the books and movies!!

    green_eyed_princesss at msn dot com

  22. Mary Elizabeth Rogers says:

    The best book was Twilight but my favorite movie is Breaking Dawn!

  23. I love all right now my favorite would go toward breaking dawn :)

  24. I loved them all and whichever I am watching is my favorite but I guess if I have to pick it is New Moon~!

  25. The Breaking Dawn book

  26. I would love tomwin for my wife as a Valentines day gift! She loves them all!

  27. i love thm alll

  28. I loved Eclipse and can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn!

  29. Breaking Dawn by far!! : )

  30. I had trouble leaving a blog post, but i tried. Thanks! This is awesome!

  31. I like them all! Books Breaking Dawn is my favorite but for the movies Eclipse is so far.

  32. Karen Smith says:

    I’m a huge fan of Twilight, love them all, but Breaking Dawn has to be my favorite!!! Thanks for the chance!!!
    This is awesome!!!

  33. Breadking dawn!

  34. Thank you for the giveaway, I love all the Twilight series :D

  35. I liked them all but the first one was my favorite!!

  36. I love all of the books and movies, but I’d have to say that the first book is my favorite because that’s the one that got me hooked on the series! If that hadn’t been great, I never would have wanted to read on since I really didn’t expect to like this series and got coaxed into reading it. I’m glad I was wrong!

  37. I really loved the first Twilight movie/book. Haven’t yet seen Breaking Dawn part 1 but hope to soon. My daughter loves these books and the movies.

    Dee M.
    Bella Savvy

  38. Books I loved Twilight, movies, Eclipse…romantic and melancholic my favourite combination.

  39. Oh I would love to watch the movies- I don’t have a favorite because I have not read or watched any of the movies or books but I really want too- thanks for the chance to win!!

  40. I love them all!!!

  41. DYING to see Breaking Dawn! I had to wait until it came out on DVD.
    blazesandbubbles AT gmail DOT com

  42. Jennifer Cosgrove says:

    Love New Moon!

  43. New moon!

  44. I liked the second movie the most because the characters were more developed and it was more of a story. I haven’t read the books. :0)

  45. CarolSue_Baird @ yahoo dot com

    I like Breaking Dawn!

  46. I liked breaking Dawn!

  47. I love the first and the last book the best!!

  48. oh my gosh I can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn!!!

  49. The original Twilight is my favorite!

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