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Remember to LEAVE me a COMMENT telling me what your plans are for Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Nikki Vandiver says:

    Ordering Chinese for my 3yo and myself. My DH is deployed so it’s not a big deal this year. I will be getting a pedi but it won’t be on Vday lol!

  2. Nothing special. Maybe going out to dinner will have to see if the weather is ok tomorrow because it is sleeting now. Paula Gillespie

  3. Nothing.. bfs gotta work :-( but as long as i talk to him tomorrow im happy!

  4. I am going out to dinner with my hubby and then coming home to watch old Nickelodeon shows on DVD lol

  5. My plans are to bake cookies and watch a movie with my son.

    Jennifer Rote
    wildnmild4u (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. Plan on celebrating on Wednesday by going out to dinner when the restaurants aren’t as crowded. You can do that when you have been married nearly 23 years!!

  7. Dinner with my hubby at the restaurant where we had our first date! :)

  8. Going out to dinner with the family. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. jade tallen says:

    watching The Vow :)

  10. My husband has to bowl so we will be sitting at the bowling alley!

  11. Alicia Zirjacks says:

    I plan on staying home and hanging out with the kids. alicia82277 (at) yahoo.com

  12. My plans are to go to blockbuster and rent a new movie and watch it with my mom.
    FB Name:(Chavonne Harvey)

  13. Jeanette Mays says:

    Plan on taking our daughter to the North Museum of Natural History and Science. We have never been there, and think she would enjoy the Dinosaur exhibit since she loves Dinosaurs, and everything else.

  14. We are preparing for a trip this Friday to head down to Florida to see our brand new grandson! That is our present to each either!

  15. I have a full day of playing catch up.

  16. spending v-day with my husband!!

  17. My husband asked me if he could cook me dinner! He’s out shopping now for tomorrow :) He definitely speaks my luv language. :)

    Pam (Sheridan) Donica

  18. A quiet dinner with my hubby.

  19. Making cookie monster cupcakes for my 17 yr old to take to school for her birthday on the 15th

  20. Nothing much probably until the weekend. But I already got flowers and lindt chocolate so I am happy!

  21. I am taking my kids out for dinner because they love me the mostest. And vice-versa.

  22. just hanging out at home this year

  23. Angela Bragg says:

    I will be spending Valentines with my new born, my 5 year old and husband….We will have a special dinner at home…just enjoying each others company!

  24. unfortunatly I don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day

  25. No big plans – just hanging with my hubby and daughter!

  26. I would love a Hibachi dinner with my family!! :)

  27. I don’t really have any big plans! Sad, I know!

  28. Going to a fitness class.

  29. I am getting married tomorrow. My fiance of 5 years always wanted a Valentines day wedding so she got it :)

  30. No plans at all, probably just sitting around blogging or on FB.

  31. My fiance and I are going out for dinner :)

  32. We haven’t decided on what we’re doing….

  33. Unfortuantly nothing. I have school tomorrow night.

  34. Going to dinner with my husband.

  35. I entered at 7:15 pm-wouldnt let me post time in box. I am spending Valentines day with my kids-hubby has to work 2nd shift so maybe we will go out for breakfast :)

  36. No Valentine’s plans here!

  37. Christina Tomas says:

    no plans, just volunteering at my kids school tomorrow, than home for homework, dinner and the like.

  38. No plans here

  39. Nothing special planned.

  40. No V-Day plans.

  41. Nothing! We both decided we don’t have the money to spend so we are doing nothing! BUMMER! But at least I will be doing nothing with my LOVE!! LOL

  42. I don’t have any plans!

  43. Spending some time alone with the hubby.

  44. Going out to eat with family

  45. I have no plans for Valentine’s Day except maybe to eat some chocolate and candy hearts.

  46. we are on a valentines getaway and will enjoy a romantic day on our vacation

  47. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  48. My hubby will be on the road for half of it, but if he has anything planned it’s a surprise. We’re celebrating on Saturday with dinner and a movie :)

  49. Rachel PHillips says:

    I’ve got the stomach bug so we won’t be doing anything. Booo. :/

  50. Just spending time with my daughter like always. Nothing special.

  51. Dinner at home with the family followed by everyone giving each other our homemade gifts.

  52. Would love to take my hubby and mom out to lunch.

  53. Tracie W – I don’t have any plans except picking my parents up from the airport.

  54. Just a quiet night in with the kids, i will give them cards and a treat of course

  55. We have no money to do anything tomorrow. I would love to win this gift card so we could go out to dinner!! Thanks to each of the sponsors for the chance to win!! :)

  56. Laura Lynch says:

    i actually only have plans to work in the evening. also exercising. thaaaat’s about it. maybe next year!

  57. Rebecca Xavier: My hubby, baby, and I plan plan to spend a quiet evening at home.

  58. I’m donating time to my local PBS radio fundraiser manning their phones,and then a nice nite of cuddling w/my sweetie.

  59. My husband and I get a Pizza from a nice restaurant and have a romantic dinner at home after the kids go to bed.

  60. On Valentine’s Day, I’ll be over my parents’ house helping to care for my father, so my husband and I will be celebrating on Saturday with dinner and a movie. We are planning to see the new Under World film. Thanks for the giveaway.


  61. Make Jack his favorite brownies and relax together over diner. After being in the hospital for 3 weeks, that sounds like heaven.

    Pamela Jo


  62. I will be spending the day at the hospital with my nephew! He is 5 months old and he has to have an MRI done so they will be putting him to sleep. :(

  63. cindy norman says:

    Having dinner with some Family

  64. I’ll be loving life and the people in it.

  65. Tiffany Steptoe says:

    I’m not doing anything special – My husband is two hours away so I’m spending the day with my little boy at my parent’s house.

  66. My hubbie will be out of town, so I’ll be spending the night in doing crafts with my 2 year old. :)

  67. Plans for tomorrow: arts and crafts with my boys then family dinner. Happy V Day, and thank you!!

  68. Staying home with the kiddos while the hubby works late and goes to fitness bootcamp.

  69. go out to dinner

  70. Nothing exciting here….normal day, except i’m working late. We’re saving up for a house.

  71. Hoping to take my 3 daughters and granddaughter out to dinner if all work schedules permit, Thanks for the giveaway :)

  72. Dinner with my husband while my mom watches the baby :)

  73. working during the day and coming home to spend time with my mom and two year old son!

  74. I have no special plans for Valentine’s day. Thanks for this great giveaway.
    :) Jeanne

  75. Out for family dinner!

  76. Ice cream + movies + nothing else… on, except I have two classes in the a.m. *sigh*

  77. Lacey McBride

    Tomorrow my husband works all day so my oldest & I are going to make teddy bear cookies pops & have a tea party. I bought her a new My Little pony & some Valentine chocolate to surprize her with.


  78. We’ll go out for family dinner. We usually go to this awesome german restaurant, but I forgot to maker reservations this year… so it’ll be a play-it-by-ear night!

    Leslie Galloway
    LesGalloway—at—Hotmail .d.o.t. com

  79. Going out to Dinner Julie Lovell bqackes on FB

  80. Spend time with my husband and three children!

  81. I made my hubby a valentine jar flled with notes and stuff.

  82. We are staying home tomorrow night. We plan on celebrating on the 25th.

  83. Staying in will make a yummy dinner.

  84. We really don’t have any big plans. I wish V-day was on the weekend. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  85. Our plans went down the drain- sewer line broke this weekend so its being replaced tomorrow so we can’t use any water from 9-5pm. My hubby took the day off to spend with me so I guess we will be away from the house :)

  86. As far as I know we dont have ay plans or Valentines Day. We went out this past weekend and had a date night, so Valntines day will probably be spent at home lounging!

  87. I found you through the blog hop. I’m your newest linky follower. Stop by http://www.thenymelrosefamily.blogspot.com and check me out.

  88. just hanging out with the family!
    wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com

  89. Plans for Valentine’s? LOL! Um, probably, go out to dinner with our kids. But only because it’s what we’d do any Tuesday night that my husband gets paid.

  90. Dinner & a movie with my husband

  91. No plans for Valentine’s Day. :(

  92. We don’t have any plans this year. Money is tight so we will be staying in.

  93. No plans here. Just a quiet night in with hubby and the girls.

  94. I’ll be making a special dinner for my family.

  95. no plans

  96. I am preparing a romantic dinner for my fiance and then we are going to watch a movie at home.

  97. My husband and I are going out to dinner.

  98. making cupcakes with my kiddies and watch a movie

  99. carrie highlander says:

    I am planning on going out to dinner with the hubby and kids:)

  100. Hubby has to work, so we went to Red Lobster tonight

  101. Renee owen says:

    No big plans hopefully ill get a suprise :)

  102. maybe watch a romantic movie!

  103. I’m working all day but will probably eat lunch out with my man. :)

  104. Dinner and a movie with my baby

  105. Veronica H says:

    spending the day with my husband and my son :)

  106. Going out for supper with hubby

  107. No plans at all for Valentine’s Day.


  108. no plans, I don’t have anybody to spend it with. If I win I can do something for myself to cheers me up :P

  109. I made a homemade Valentine for my hubs and will make a special dinner tomorrow night.

  110. Actually our plans have changed. We were notified that my husband’s godfather’s cancer has returned and spread throughout his brain. :( He is not expected to make it through the week so we are going to spend time with him so my husband can say goodbye :(

  111. My boyfriend and I are going to see The Vow and then we are going to have cupcakes at a new cupcake store!! :)

  112. Dinner and a movie

  113. Nothing really for Valentine’s, am going to a movie & fast food with a friend but not for that.

  114. no plans just hanging out with the family

  115. relax at home and watch a movie
    Lisa Janson

  116. Dinner with hubby then he will rest.

  117. Chilling at home!!!! With the three kiddos

  118. Just kickin it with the hubster. <3 xoxoxoxo Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  119. Barbara Powell

    No plans here just going out tomorrow to pick up medicine.

  120. I’m hosting a Valentine’s Day playdate for my mom’s group and then making a special dinner for the family.

  121. going out to dinner with the hubby and daughter

    karinaroselee at gmail dot com

  122. My Plans are to stay home and read, Thank you Jerri Davis

  123. Thanks for the chance.

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. Having a heart shaped pizza ordered in to share with my beloved 8 year old son Evan.

  126. Was going to a friends funeral, but I’m sick and it’s far away so I’m staying home. No real plans, although hubby just told me I have to stay home because he ordered me something and I have to be here to get it…hmm..

  127. Talking with my son when he gets home from school about his Valentine Party at school:)

  128. We have no plans at all. We will be home with the kids.

  129. Just spending the day home with kids and hubby :)

  130. no plans yet :-(

  131. I plan on college courses.

  132. For the first time my hubby will be out of town so my plan is to bury my face in a BIG box of dark chocolates

  133. I plan to spend the day with my special one :)

  134. Jodi Hoppe Wresh says:

    hanging out with my adult kids. me and my boyfriend made plans for 2 weeks from now. CIAwoman66@yahoo.com

  135. dinner and movies at home

  136. no plans just everyday stuff

  137. Baking a cake with hearts all over it for my kids and after we put the kiddo’s to bed, watching a movie with the hubs. =)

  138. Unfortunately nothing as my fiancee is working for the next few days. :(

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