3 Cool Articles…..

Awesome Articles I Came Across!
I just wanted to share these 3 articles I came across this week!  Great information.  Check them out when you have time!
Article #1: This is an article with cool glow-in-the-dark flower making tips!  Love craft ideas since I’m a Girl Scout leader.  Check it out from Hobbies on a Budget. Click HERE 
Article #2: This article has some great tips for birthday party planning.  My son will be turning 5 next month (CRAZY), so it had some useful information for me!  Check it out from Jade Louise Designs.  Click HERE 
Article #3:  This article is about hate violence and how we need to be more tolerant and loving as a society.  I try and stress these values to my kids daily.  Check it out from The Kids Are All Grown, Now What?  Click HERE
Hope you enjoy them!


  1. Dropping by from the Alexa Hop! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Great articles!

  3. Ooh! Love the article on how to make glow in the dark flowers! I’m pinning that! ;)

  4. Thanks!

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