$25 Toys R Us 4-Hour FLASH Giveaway!!!

$25 Toys R Us Gift Card 4-Hour FLASH Giveaway
A few AWESOME Bloggers have teamed up to give you this wonderful $25 Toys R Us GC! We believe in quick, small, and easy giveaways! Our giveaways only have a FEW entries to fill out and you will know if you WIN in just a couple of hours! WHAT FUN! Good luck on tonight’s giveaway! See you back on Wednesday and Friday for MORE great FLASH giveaways!

Here are our WONDERFUL participating sites for this evening’s 4-Hour FLASH Giveaway!! Check out these awesome sites when you have time! 

*NOTE: You can choose PayPal or Amazon in substitution of the Toys R Us Gift Card if need be.

Miki’s Hope

Crazy About Deals

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  1. amazon please

  2. Ashley Tucker says:


  3. I’d love Paypal, AMazon or toys R us could use all three for my family :)

  4. I would say probably the paypal money as there isn’t a toys r us close by.

    Melissa Caldwell

  5. PayPal

  6. Nikki Vandiver says:

    Pay Pal!! To support my cloth diaper addiction!lol

  7. Amazon, please!

  8. I would choose a Amazon card thanks.

  9. amazon

  10. Tiffany LaCourse says:

    Paypal :)

  11. Amazon card, so I can get my DH some of the items on his wishlist :)

  12. Toys R Us is great. Thanks for the giveaway.


  13. Definitely Paypal!

  14. paypal or amazon would be great.
    jennifer dansberger jones

  15. Lacey McBride

    Toys R Us!! My daughter’s birthday is next month!


  16. Paypal all the way! Thanks!


  17. i like amazon


  18. pay pal would be great but i would gladly take the toy r us card np we have one not far from here that we do go shopping at..thank you for the give away and the chance

  19. Amazon please that is my favorite place to shop.


  21. Amazon would be great!

  22. Holly Hennessy Swint says:

    Paypal Please! Holly Hennessy Swint astroqueen67@hotmail.com

  23. If I win I would like an Amazon Gift Card!! XoXo

  24. Amazon :)

  25. I would like an Amazon gc!

  26. Toys r us please!

  27. Toys r Us or even Amazon would be awesome because I’m about to have a baby. My husband’s been out of work for a while and it would really help!

  28. I would love Amazon or PayPal.

  29. paypal or amazon is great

  30. Any of the 3 would be wonderful…I’m not picky ;)

  31. oh hard choice between amazon and paypal, but i am trying to build my amazon up as i have a big list of things i want so i would choose amazon


  32. Paypal pretty please :) Julie Lovell Backes on fb

  33. Hmm…I would pick toys r us or paypal…

  34. Paypal please

  35. I would take any of the 3,thanks for the giveaway !
    Ashley Wilds

  36. Paypal would be great.

  37. Would love the Toys R Us gift card!

  38. I’d love Paypal!
    kaytewatts AT aol DOT com

  39. Would love a Toys R Us card. My sons 4th birthday is this weekend and this would help so much.

  40. I would love a Toys R Us gift card!!

  41. I would pick amazon thank you!

  42. Amazon please!

  43. Amazon!

  44. I would love paypal please :)

  45. would love a paypal please! need to pay my bills thank you so much for a great giveaway.


  47. I seem to always be using Amazon lately!

  48. Any of the options are great with me! =)


    Thanks! =)

  49. Paypal would be great!! My daughter’s birthday is coming up and this would help out a bunch!!!

  50. PayPal please :) Thank you very much:)

  51. Toys R’ Us is fine with me. My son would be thrilled!

  52. PayPal!

  53. Rachel Fontan says:

    Amazon please :-)

  54. PayPal

  55. Tricia D’Amico
    Great giveaway!

  56. Amazon :)

  57. Danielle Davis/Grady says:

    Toys R Us or Amazon :)
    Thank you!
    Suchaproudmama @ yahoo.com

  58. I am trying to get enough cash for expenses to attend a big convention in Nashville during April, so I would like Paypal please! Thanks for the chance!

  59. I would like the Toys R Us giftcard for my Daughter

  60. Amazon please! thanks for the opportunity!

  61. Millie Rojas says:

    Paypal. Thanks!

  62. Amazon please! :)

  63. Megan Burnett says:

    Toys R Us!!

  64. CarolSue Baird says:

    Amazon, please.

  65. Paypal/Amazon

  66. Amazon, thank you

  67. martha parten says:

    Amazon Please ! thank you

  68. Toys R US. Thank you

    sflickinger at rocketmail dot com

  69. Toys R US!! Woot!

  70. Paypal!

  71. Toys R Us or Amazon

  72. PAYPAL only cus I need to pay for some LED lights for a project we are making for my sons escort for grad
    otherwise I’d say amazon.ca all the way LOL

  73. Amy Rhoades says:

    Paypal please :-)

  74. Lisa Riggs says:

    amazon or Toys R Us… either works for my family just fine. :D Thanks for the great giveaways!

  75. Paypal. Thanks for the opportunity!

  76. amazon

  77. amazon please

  78. Paypal please….thank you very much for the giveaway!!!

  79. Amazon:)

  80. Paypal

  81. Amazon :)


  83. April Kirkland (bamagurlforever) says:
  84. paypal or amazon

  85. Stephanie Saunders says:

    Amazon please! I’m saving up for a kindle fire for myself as a late birthday present!

  86. Amazon or paypal
    thanks for the chance!

    margaritaholic@suddenlink.net (rafflecopter/facebook email)

  87. charissa hysell blacklidge says:

    I would prefer Paypal. ty.

  88. Paypal!

  89. My son would love a Toys R us

  90. will take any of them can use any of them so hope i win

  91. Laurel Klem says:

    Amazon please:)

  92. I would like PayPal

  93. Toys r us vanessa

  94. Paypal would be great! Thanks!

  95. I would love amazon. :)

  96. Amazon, thanks

  97. I would like Amazon.

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