I Have A Milkman! I Feel Like It’s The 1950’s AND I Love It!

I am SO excited today because I finally joined the milk delivery service here in town! We have lived here in Rhode Island for almost three years and I just never joined for some reason. I guess I thought it would be too expensive and I didn’t know how to go about joining. I was always jealous though when I drove by houses with the Munroe Dairy boxes on their porches. I’ve lived in VA, OK, CA, and IL, and never had I heard of an old-fashioned milk delivery service until I got to Rhode Island.

(Pic from Munroe Dairy site)

The company is 130 years old this year! WOW! I love being a part of such a tradition! They have super products and their prices are comparable or cheaper than the grocery store (not to mention you get at-home service). I also LOVE that the milk comes in returnable glass bottles that is great for the environment and better milk for the kids (all natural without chemicals). The chocolate milk and coffee milk (Rhode Island’s State drink) are FABULOUS! They also have many more products to order! LOVE it!

(Pic from 1940 – from Munroe Dairy site)
(Pic NOW – from Munroe Dairy Site)
You can have the milkman come once a week, bi-weekly, monthly, however you set it up. You can order different things online to change up your order, as you will get a password for the site when you join. The fee for delivery is $1.99 for the entire order. We got our first delivery today (milk, yogurt, bagels, cream cheese, and pizza dough), and it all looked GREAT! Can’t wait to see how the service continues! Visit cowtruck.com for more details about Munroe Dairy’s service.
* I was not compensated for this post or asked to write this post, just SUPER excited about my new milkman and had to share!!! Although if you want to throw me some free groceries Munroe Dairy, you know where I live! Ha-ha! Just Kidding!
I now have my VERY OWN Munroe Dairy box on my porch!!!


  1. I LOVE Munroe Dairy. Our Milk Lady just got promoted to take over a new territory so we have a new Milk Man. They are the best, my son loves the milk!

  2. haha- we are starting to order from them this weekend!! I am so excited! Hayley loved the chocolate milk so much that I thought why not!

  3. I’m down in Kentucky and have never realized that people still could have milk delivered! Seems really funny but it would be cool! One less thing to have to run to the store to buy!

  4. OH–I vaguely remember milk being delivered to our door YEARS and Years and Years and Years and Years ago—–glad to know one company still has great customer service!!

  5. That is so cool! We go to the farm to get out milk but I love that they deliver. Knowing the farmer is the best way to get dairy products.

  6. That is awesome! Good for you. We also use our local dairy but I do not think they have a milk man.

  7. That is really awesome! With our 5 kids and milk loving husband we could definatley use a service like this one! Maybe we will move to RI!! LOL

  8. My parents had a similar service from Winder Dairy in Southern Utah. It was so nice since we lived 15 miles from the nearest store.

  9. Jealous!

  10. I love that this is still available. My great-grandparents and then grandparents owned a dairy farm and had milk delivery here forEVER! I love the freshness and convenience. Great post! Lets keep these businesses in business!

  11. Sweet! I was juuust thinking that I’d love a milkman. Our local dairy is on the other side of town and, super annoyingly, only accepts cash. Uuuuugh. But the milk is local and really good, so it’s worth it. Thanks again for linking up at the Super Sunday Stumble! -Christine

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