I LOVE SodaStream!!! Review & Giveaway!!!!

I am so psyched to present this review and giveaway to my readers! SodaStream is an at-home device used to make your very own soda and sparkling water. I have been buying multiple bottles of flavored sparkling water at the store recently, and I have been feeling the guilt of having so many plastics bottles to recycle. Well, now I have just one bottle that I can use OVER and OVER! No more overflowing recycling bins on Wednesdays!

Here are the things I love most about the SodaStream:

1.  So EASY to set-up and use!!!

2.  It is good for the environment.

3.  SodaStream offers a variety of flavors.

4. It only takes a minute to make.

5. Requires no batteries or electric plug-ins.

6. Nice size device to place anywhere in the kitchen.

7. Sodas are LESS calories than store bought sodas.

Here’s how easy it was to set-up and use:

Opened the box! Filled the reusable bottle to the fill line and chilled. Inserted the CO canister into the back. Removed the bottle from the refrigerator and screwed it into place. Pushed the button on top quickly a few times until I heard three beeps and it was ready to go!  SO EASY!!! I had fizzy water! 

Flavors are added AFTER the carbonation takes place. Just pour in the flavor and shake it up! There are so many different and healthy options to choose from. Check out SodaStream for their products and different flavors. This is a gift that anyone would love, or just treat yourself and get one!  IT’S WORTH IT! You will use it all the time!

Many fine retail stores sell the Sodastream including Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Best Buy, Target, Costco, JcPenney, Kohl’s and Sears to name a few. 

You can WIN a SodaStream for yourself by filling out the Rafflecopter below! Easy entries! The more you fill out the MORE chances you will have!  The prize consists of: 
* 1 Fountain Jet (winner’s choice of color – black/silver, red/silver or white)
* 1 Carbonating Bottle, reusable for up to 3 years!
* Reusable Carbonator to fizz up to 60L of soda/water
* Variety 6-Pack of sample-size flavors
* 3 FULL-SIZED flavors (Winner’s Choice)


a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. coke free lemon lime orange

  2. The cola, cherry cola, and ginger ale sound really good

  3. staci wells mefford says:

    I would love to try the natural ones

  4. Jen Wright says:

    I would like to try Sparkling Naturals Ginger Ale, Peach Iced Tea & Cranberry Raspberry! Thanks for the giveaway!! :D

  5. i grew up with soda stream back in South Africa and want one again so bad!!!

    I love all the flavors!!!


  6. I want cola, grapefruit and creme soda yummmmm

  7. I don’t know … I’d love a Strawberry Kiwi-like flavor … ? otherwise I love me some cherry soda!

  8. We would love root beer, dr. pete and cherry cola!


  9. I want cola, Dr. Pete, and Fountain Mist.

  10. Would love root beer, ginger ale and cream soda

  11. I would probably want the Diet Dr. Pete, The Diet Green Tea Mixed Berry and The Diet Green Tea Pomegranate Peach! Nummy!

  12. Cola, orange mango, lemon-lime would be my choice

  13. Cream,grape and orange mango

  14. Root Beer, Diet Cream and Black Currant & Pear

  15. Laura Miller says:

    Cherry cola, Dr. Pete, and lemon iced tea.

  16. Oh I want one of these! I would love the rootbeer, lemon lime and cherry cola.

  17. Cream Soda, Grape, Lemon Iced Tea…

  18. I’d pick cream soda and peach ice tea! :)

  19. I’d like to try cola, diet cola, and cranberry raspberry.
    Thanks for the chance.

  20. Ginger ale, Cherry Cola, and Cranberry Raspberry!

  21. Diet ginger ale, diet orange, diet pink grapefruit!

  22. dr. pete, pink grapefruit, mint & root beer

  23. I would want to try (way more than 3!) Dr. Pete, Sparkling Naturals Root Beer, and MyWater Lemon-Lime.

  24. I would love to try the root beer, orange mango, and the diet pink grapefruit…

    this looks awesome

  25. Dt. Pete, root beer and diet cola.

  26. I would like to try the cherry cola, diet cola, and lemon lime flavors. :)

  27. Cola Free, Diet Cola, Diet Green Tea Strawberry Kiwi

  28. I’d Love the Dr. Pete, Root Beer and Sparkling naturals Orange Pineapple

  29. Cream Soda, Orange Pineapple and Raspberry Flavor Essence sound like the ones for me!! :) Thanks for this. Good luck to everyone!

  30. Green Tea, Root Beer, Orange Pineapple

  31. cream soda, orange pineapple,, and raspberry
    diane grubbs

  32. Rootbeer Cola and cherry cola and thanks for the chance!!!


  33. Dr Pete, sparkling naturals in cola and root beer

  34. Thanks for the giveaway, I would like to try the Cola, Root Beer and Grape flavors

  35. lemon-lime, orange mango and raspberry.thank you


  36. I would love to try Cranberry Raspberry,Cherry cola and root beer.

  37. Cola,cherry cola and root beer thank you

  38. Cola Free, Cranberry Raspberry and Grape!

  39. Cola, cherry cola, and root beer.

  40. I’d love to try Dr Pete, Grape, and Orange Mango or Peach Ice Tea

  41. Dr. Pete, diet and cream soda! Yum

  42. I had everyone in the house pick their favorite for this, so my 3 choices would be cola, root beer and creme soda. : )
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!
    Good luck everyone!

  43. Ashley Sullivan says:

    cran-rasperry, pink grapefruit, lemonlime, lemonade, orange


  44. I’d like root beer. cream and ginger ale.
    Jennifer Rote
    wildnmild4u (at) yahoo (dot) com

  45. Cola, cream soda & lemon lime. Sounds great!

  46. orange pineapple, orange mango, and pink grapefruit

  47. I would like cherry cola, orange mango, and fountain mist!!

  48. I would like to try the Raspberry Water, Strawberry Kiwi Tea, and Cola Free.

  49. I would love some sparkling water but my kids would love root beer, cream soda and cherry cola

  50. We would love Root Beer, Cream, lemon lime

    Thanks Pam,

  51. kelli erholm says:

    We love rootbeer,creamsoda and strawberry

  52. root beer, cola, and cherry cola

  53. I would love to win Cran Raspberry, ginger ale and lemonade

  54. Tammie Atnip Gonzalez says:

    Diet Cola, Orange, and Energy

  55. I would like to try Sparkling Naturals Ginger Ale, Peach Iced Tea & Cranberry Raspberry!

  56. energy drink, cola, and rootbeer

  57. I would love to try out one of these. Looks neat

  58. cherry cola, orange mango, and cran raspberry

  59. Cola for hubby, cream soda for me and vanilla for stepson

  60. I would go with Cola, Lemon Lime and Tonic

  61. If I won i would pick Cola, Ginger Ale, and Peach tea.

  62. My child and me would want cola, diet cola and perhaps a lemon lime. Thanks for the opportunity to win one, we’re really excited :)

  63. I would like Root Beer, Ginger Ale, and Cranberry Raspberry!
    abgillette at gmail.com

  64. Peach Iced Tea & Cranberry Raspberry & Lemon Lime

  65. Cherry Cola, ginger ale, and Dr. Pete.

  66. My three fav flavors are Dr.Pete. Lemonade & Grape


    Thakn U very much for the opportunity to try & win this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have entered EVERY Soda Stream Giveaway that I can find because I want to have on SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo bad!!!! I buy a nice fortune in soda & this would help on money & it’s good for the environment as well!!! Best invention since McDonalds!!!!!

  67. root beer, ginger ale, and cherry cola! (dealbunny20@gmail.com)

  68. I’d choose these 3 flavors: Apple Mango, Lemon Lime & Green Tea

  69. I’d love to try the ginger ale, pink grapefruit and cola flavors.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  70. Dr Pete,Grape and Orange.:)

  71. I would like to try the cola, orange mango and diet pink grapefruit. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  72. Root beer, cream soda, and cherry cola!

  73. I’d love to try black currant pear, dr. pete (lol) and grape.

  74. Cola. Diet Cola, Dr. Pete

  75. Sparkling Naturals
    Orange Pineapple

    Green Tea Pomegranate Peach

    Sparkling Naturals
    Pink Grapefruit

  76. Cream, Orange & Root Beer flavors.

  77. i would love, cola, cream soda, and ginger ale

  78. everyone I know wants to try this I want to be the one who has it and shares

  79. I would start with cream soda, orange, and pink grapefruit

  80. I would choose cola for me, cream soda for my husband and orange for my 3 daughters!!!!

  81. I would choose these flavors: Cranberry Raspberry, cream soda, and cola

  82. I would like to try the Fountain Mist, Sparkling Naturals Pineapple Orange, and Sparkling Naturals Root Beer. elangomatt at gmail dot com

  83. I’m interested in apple mango, black currant pear and root beer.

  84. i would choose: Dr. Pete, Diet Cola and Ginger Ale

  85. Ginger Ale, Cream Soda and Cranberry Raspberry

  86. I want to win Regular Cream Soda, Diet Lemon Lime and Diet Cranberry Raspberry dguillen at kc dot rr dot com

  87. Ooo so many sound good! I’d like cherry cola, root beer and fountain mist!

  88. cola,grapefruit and lemon lime

  89. Cream soda, Ginger Ale, and fountain mist!

  90. I would like to try cola, lemon-lime and lemonade

  91. I only drink diet soda so I would pick diet cola, diet cola and diet cola!

  92. Green Tea Pomegranate Peach, Cream Soda, Naturally Sweetened Cola

  93. Rootbeer cola lemon Iced tea

  94. i would love to try strawberry kiwi, peach iced tea, and Pomegranate Peach

  95. Cola, root beer, and lemon lime!

  96. I’d love to try Energy, Cola, and Orange.

  97. Ginger Ale, Rootbeer and Pink Grapefruit!

  98. Sparkling Naturals – Cola
    MyWater Flavor Essence – Lemon Lime
    Cream Soda

  99. I would choose Dr. Pete, Rootbeer and Cola

  100. I would like to try strawberry kiwi, Cream Soda & Cranberry Raspberry! Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. I would like to try Sparkling Naturals Cola, Sparkling Naturals Lemon Lime, & Sparkling Naturals Root Beer. Thank you for this giveaway!

  102. Cherry, cola, root bear! Love them all though!

  103. Diet Dr. Pete, Diet Coke and Root Beer.

  104. I like Diet Dr. Pete, Cherry Cola and Cream Soda

  105. This sounds like a LOT of fun.

  106. Cola, Dr Pete and Orange.

  107. Would love:
    Diet Cranberry Raspberry
    Diet Ginger Ale
    Sparkling Naturals
    Root Beer

  108. peach ice tea, cola, and dr pete!

  109. Can you use juice instead of water? My kids would love the Orange.

  110. Can you use juice instead of water? My kids would love the Orange and Grape. I’d like the black currant pear

  111. Diet energy drink, diet zero and lemon lime

  112. I would LOVE to try the Cola, the lemon lime & root beer I really want to try one of these Soda Stream makers out especially since I am a big soda drinker,
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway

    debis126 at yahoo.com

  113. Denise Taylor says:

    I would choose Diet Cream, Apple Mango, and Orange Pineapple :)

  114. I would love to try the Strawberry Kiwi tea, the Naturally sweetened cola, and the all natural Pink Grapefruit

  115. I would get: Diet Orange, Diet Lemon Mist, Diet Root Beer. (I would love to try the diet green tea pomegranate peach, but I think I’m the only one in the family that would drink it, so I’m trying to pick things everyone in the house would enjoy!)

  116. diet cola, gingerale and diet lemon mist

    hockiemack at hotmail.com

  117. I want to try root beer, Dr Pete and Cherry cola.
    amerpatrt at aol dot com

  118. lemon-lime
    orange mango
    pink grapefruit

    i want to try!

  119. I love root beer

  120. Moises Campos says:

    Natural soda at is finest!

  121. I want the Diet Dr. Pete, Diet Root Beer, and Diet Cranberry Raspberry

  122. Orange

  123. Cola
    Dr. Pete and
    Fountain Mist

    trsutton82 at gmail dot com

  124. love to try the ginger ale

  125. Jennifer Speed says:

    cream soda,apple mango,rootbeer

  126. Cream soda, Orange, lemon-lime

  127. I’d love to have the cola, ginger ale, and dr. pete.

  128. I would choose the diet, raspberry waters, and green tea!

  129. My whole family would enjoy Cream Soda, Root Beer & Fountain Mist!

  130. All 3 Diet Cola…

  131. I would love to try Orange Mango, Root Beer, and Cherry Cola

  132. I would like the Diet orange, the Diet Dr Pete, and the Cola free.

  133. cherry orange and cola!


  134. omg – my mom has one of these and I love love love it. Fingers are crossed that I win
    and Merry Christmas!!!!”

  135. oh and I love rootbeer, cola and I like just a simple seltzery flavor

  136. Dr. Pete, Cola, Lemon Lime

  137. Root Beer, Root Beer and Root Beer!

  138. Cream soda, cherry cola, & root beer

  139. cream, cherry and orange sound great

  140. jwtawny@ rocketmail.com
    dr. pete, cherry,, and ginger ale

  141. The 3 flavor bottles I want if I win are: lemonade, ginger ale and cola.
    internationalfreebies [AT] gmail [DOT] com

  142. ginger ale
    cranberry raspberry
    cream soda

  143. Love ginger ale, cranberry and lemonade

  144. i would like cola lemon lime and cherry cola flavors! Thank you for the giveaway redheffer162005@hotmail.com

  145. I would love to try diet cola, diet root beer, and diet cream soda.


  146. Peach iced tea, cream soda, ginger ale

  147. I would pick orange, root beer, and cola, eaglesforjack@gmail.com

  148. Cola, lemon-lime and tea.

  149. Diet: cola, ginger ale, cran-raspberry. Thank you for the awesome giveaways!

    kwonagain at gmail dot com

  150. Dr. Pete and lemonade :) yummmmm!

  151. I’d like to try Diet Cola, Diet Cranberry Raspberry, and Diet Cream Soda.

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  152. I would try Rootbeer, Cream Soda, and Lemonade!

  153. diet cola, dr. pete, and root beer

  154. orange mango, green tea and raspberry!

  155. Cherry Cola, Dr. Pete, and Peach Iced Tea
    rebeccaw2005 at gmail dot com

  156. I’d like cola, cream soda and root beer!


    selinda_mccumbers at yahoo.com

  157. I’d love to try diet, lemon-lime, and raspberry! beecasagrand at gmail dot com

  158. Danielle Davis/Grady says:

    Cola, Grape, & Cherry Cola!

  159. orange mango, cranberry raspberry, and ginger ale


  160. would love to win. raspberry, gingerale, orange, rootbear, cola.


  161. Cola, Lemon-Lime and Energy!

  162. ginger ale, mountain mist & cola

  163. If I won I’d pick the Sparkling Naturals Apple Mango, Diet Dr. Pete, and Diet Green Tea Mixed Berry


  164. cola, pete’s choice and orange

  165. I’d love to have the cranberry raspberry, lemon lime and ginger ale

  166. i would love orange, gingerale, and lemonade!

  167. Louise Braddock says:

    If I won, I would pick the root beer, orange mango, and the peach iced tea flavors.


  168. Diet, DR. Pete, Root Beer, those would be awesome. My husband and I looked at one at bed bath and beyond… but didn’t want to spend the money… Niki Slovacek

  169. naturally sweetened cola, cherry cola, and dr. pete

  170. I would love to win the creme, cherry and cola flavors! Lisa A.

  171. Black currant pear, cream soda and ginger ale!

  172. I would pick Rootbeer, Cola, and Diet Cola to try.

  173. I would pick diet rootbeer, cola, and diet peach tea, yum!

  174. Green Tea Pomegranate Peach, lemon lime and root beer…YUM!- jenny at dapperhouse

  175. I would love to try the Diet Cola, My Water Flavor Essence Lemon Lime and the Sparkling Naturals Lemon Lime.

  176. I would like to try diet cola, orange and diet root beer.

  177. Naturally Sweetened Cola, Ginger Ale and Lemonade

  178. If I won I would love to have the Sparkling Naturals Ginger Ale, cola, and root beer!

  179. gingerale, dr pete, grape

  180. cola orange and dr pete

  181. I really want to try the black currant pear, cream soda, and root beer of course!
    bhevarri @ yahoo.com

  182. Dr. Pete, cola, and cherry cola

  183. Cream Soda, Rootbeer and any sparkling water

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