How Much Is Too Much?

My hubby and I have different opinions about gifts during the holiday season.  He would be happy giving our kids one gift each and calling it quits.  I on the other hand LOVE to have a gift opening session for three hours on Christmas morning.

This is the way I grew up and I have fond memories of our Christmas mornings.  I want the same for my kids!  Hubby thinks we are spoiling the kids and not teaching them the right lessons of the seasons.  I do get this and I have my kids do generous and kind things for others.  We are participating in an Adopt-A-Family program and buying things for needy kids.

What are your view?  How much is too much?  How much is too little?  What do you think about gift-giving during the holiday season?  I won’t even tell you how much I’ve bought (and since I’m a year-round deal finder I just recently found more stashed items).  I’m thinking of saving some for next year or birthdays.  =)  Thoughts????



  1. Im with you I spend the same amount on all 3 kids and try to have the same amount of gifts for all. I love watching them open them. my hubby on the other hand would rather buy 1 or 2.

  2. Giving is awesome!
    I buy throughout the year and right after Christmas. I think that it helps disperse the buying!
    God Bless and have a great holiday!

  3. I’m a huge gift giver too, I want Mason to have everything that I had when I was little and I was absolutely spoiled on Christmas. Although now that I think about it I’m not sure if that’s the best idea ever LOL

  4. Oh, and YES!!! I do make sure they each have the SAME amount to open! Good call!!!

  5. im with you but i feel the amount of money is not the point, it is the giving, you can make gifts and wrap small items like socks or notebooks, children have no idea of what you spend they just love opening gifts and the joy on there faces is so precious, you just have to be careful to make sure they don’t get the idea that they will always get everything they want or you could have a problem on your hands when they get older

  6. I’ve always had a set amount to spend on each person. I don’t have kids personally – but now that I have nieces & nephews I spend a tiny bit more on them – incl what I’ve won online.

    I personally think you’re on the right path. Mom & Dad always did our big presents from Santa and did a few things from themselves. I don’t think they ever spent more than 125 on each of us and during lean years it was much less & that was just fine. I don’t ever remember volunteering the christmas season or doing anything else special but I think if I had kids I’d definitely include that year round.

    Tina ‘the book lady’

  7. Celebrating Chanukah we got 8 gifts, one each night. The “bigger” gift would either be on the first or the last night usually. And some of the gifts were sock or a pillow. I’m probably going to want to do at least one a night. And I definitely agree about having them understand giving back!

  8. I used to give a lot of gifts and go a little crazy. Over the years we have slowly started to trim our craziness down to minimum. But it all depends because some years the kids have their eye on something really big and others it is really small… so we have done both and just go with what we see fit for that year. My kids have always been overjoyed no matter what we get so I am very thankful for that :)And we always try to do a charitable gifting!

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  10. I think with the younger kids its more about quality not quality so i can go to the dollar store & get a lot small things then get 1 big thing & shes happy. My older daughter i spoiled when shes little so there has always been more than 10 big items under the tree. i tend to get more cosmetics and 1 big thing for her now because of her age. I remember having 4-5 things on Christmas under the tree & was happy,but as parents we tend to want more for our children. This year due to a work injury, i have only been able to get some small things for them,but my oldest came to me & said to get more for her little brother & sister than for her because she said she doesnt need anything but for them to be happy…. My point is my oldest has always been spoiled but still knows that Christmas is the time to give & be grateful for what what you already have…. Its ok to spoil & still show them the true meaning. :)

  11. We give one big gift from us, Santa gives one big gift, and they each receive a gift from the other. Simple stocking stuffers go in their stockings along with an apple and orange (and a few chocolates) but that’s about it. We like keeping Christmas simple and about family and togetherness. We also give a gift package to a needy family at church.

  12. We usually give one big gift from Santa and then some smaller things in the stockings, then we have a set dollar amount from us. We try to make it the same number of gifts too, but that doesn’t always work. The kids don’t seem to mind the different number though.

  13. We give gifts for Chanukah and Christmas and always go overboard! Always!! I need to spend less but it is engrained in me,lol

  14. Great comments everyone! Love the feedback! Also, glad to know I’m not the only one who likes a lot of gifts for the kids to open! Also, totally agree about the gifts not having to be expensive! Just fun to open a bunch!! =)

  15. Great question. Too much is when you have to take a second mortgage out on your home to buy presents for the kids. As long as you stay within a budget you can afford, you’re okay.
    I am like you and I love watching my kids open presents. It’s not always about the $ amount spent on them but the # of gifts under the tree. I think I probably have about 15 gifts for each child under the tree. Even if I pick up an item for $2, I wrap it and count it as a gift. Luckily for me this year my daughter (19 years old) wanted vintage sweatshirts and sweaters so I hit the Goodwill for her presents. Many of them were only $2. :)

  16. I am with you… if I could, I’d shop and shop and have the tree FILLED underneath!!

  17. Are husbands the grinches LOL. I love to give lots as long as I can afford it. It is so much fun to see others open presents and get things they love.

  18. I’m with you. I try to do a small christmas, but I just can’t help wanting to give my kids a bunch of presents to open :)
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