*NEW* Weekend Game Day – Questions Game – WIN A PRIZE

Hi Readers!!!  Here’s a fun game to play!  Guess the books I’m talking about! People who receive the most number of correct responses will be put in the pot to win!  A winner will be chosen by Random.org.  The prize is a SURPRISE!!!  Rules below:

To WIN your SURPRISE PRIZE, you MUST be a Google Friend Connect (GFC) follower on this blog.  If you are not, just click on it on the right sidebar to become a follower!  EASY!

1.  MANDATORY: Be a GFC follower and leave me a comment stating that “You are a follower and are sending me a guess via email.” – DO NOT WRITE YOUR ANSWER IN THE COMMENT BOX!  OTHERS WILL COPY YOU!  People that do not leave a comment will not have their email responses counted.
2.  Email me your response!  KLFCR6@yahoo.com (Subject Line: Questions Game Guess)
3.  I will choose a winner randomly from the correct responses via random.org (numbers will be assigned as guesses come in)
4.  To get 2 EXTRA entries, post this link as your FB status (you will get the extra entries if you have the correct answer to begin with).  Send me a separate email telling me you posted it as your FB status!
5.  Finally, to get 2 MORE EXTRA entries, tweet this post and tell me in another email that you tweeted it (again, must have correct answer!)
6.  Responses will be taken until 11:59pm EST on Monday, October 10, 2011

1.  In this book, Catherine Grace wanted to get to Atlanta no matter what.

2.  In this book, Miss Skeeter was a young, white woman newly graduated from college.

3.  In this book, Anna was genetically engineered to be a perfect match for her cancer-ridden older sister.

4.  In this book, David Dow explains his views and story about dealing with inmates on Death Row.

5.  In this book, the father of two, Behrani has spent most of the money he brought with him from Iran on an apartment and furnishings that are too expensive, desperately trying to keep up appearances in order to enhance his daughter’s chances of making a good marriage.

6.  In this book, Julia Jarmond, a transplanted American who is married to a frenchman, finds herself being consumed by the story of the Vel d’Hiv incident.

7.  In this book, Pearl goes looking for her daughter Joy in China.

8.  In this book, Jon Krakauer travels with a group up Mt. Everest.




  1. my brain hurts, but I’m sending you a guess :)

  2. I’m going to win! I’m in!

  3. Man that was tough!

  4. I just hopped by to Say Hi Sunday! :-)
    Followed you on GFC

  5. Eric Costantino…….YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!

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