Kids’ Book Review Day: “How Big is a Million?”

This Usborne Book, “How Much is a Million?” by, Anna Milbourne, is a BEST SELLER and is now available at Amazon!  It is a best seller for a reason too!  It’s a cute story about a penguin named Pipkin who is always very curious.  He is wondering in this book How Big is a Million???  His mom sends him out in the world to find out.  He finds ten, a hundred, a thousand, and FINALLY a million.  It’s a great educational book for kids to read and learn about number relationships.  It gives kids a nice visual of how big numbers are.  The pictures are colorful and detailed as well.  There is a large poster in the back pocket of the Million!         


1.  Easy to read and a CUTE story!!!
2.  Hardback cover and 24 nice pages.
3.  There are many Pipkin adventures to collect (How Deep is the Sea? How High is the Sky? How Big is a Dinosaur?)
4.  We LOVE penguins!!!
5.  It is rated 5 STARS on Amazon!

If you would like to purchase this Usborne book, just look on the right sidebar under “Kids’ Book Reviews” and you can purchase it through Amazon.  The book is normally $10.99, but right now it is on sale at Amazon for $8.79 (20% off).

Overall, highly recommend this book!  It is listed as appropriate for ages 4-8, but could be for younger kids (my kids enjoyed it at age 3).



  1. What acute book. I think h would love this!

  2. this book looks adorable — my daughter would LOVE it!

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  3. This looks like a wonderful read! A fantastic gift idea for my nephews! Thank you for the introduction.

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  4. We love this book!!!!!

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  5. Alaina Bullock says:

    What a cute book! It sounds like a great book for teaching kids about numbers and amount!

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