Ways to Improve Reading Skills

For some kids reading comes easy and for others it can be more challenging.  I wrote one previous article about helping kids with reading.  I have some of those same tips here, but I’ve added a few more ideas as well!  Here are some tips for improving kids’ reading skills:

1.  Read to your kids DAILY (it is great for kids to read silently, but hearing words aloud are important in a child’s reading development as well – even if it’s for 10-15 min a night).
2.  Have your kids read in REAL WORLD SITUATIONS (you can always practice reading; it can be as simple as reading signs, menus, directions, etc.)
3.  Visit Bookstores or the Library on a REGULAR BASIS (make it a fun and exciting time to go get new books to read – my kids LOVE buying books with their allowance money).
4.  KNOW where your kids are at with their reading levels/skills (if your kids are having problems with reading, make sure you seek professional help from teachers, tutors, specialists, etc.)
5.  PLAY reading games with your kids (keep reading fun – there are many educational games to buy that help with reading and improving reading skills).
6.  Find COMPUTER SOFTWARE or different technologies that will aid in reading skills (see my earlier article about how technology can help with reading).
7.  BE ENTHUSIASTIC about reading around your kids, and SURROUND THEM WITH BOOKS (kids will repeat behaviors they see, try and be like their parents, and having books around builds an appreciation for them and shows the importance of reading).
If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below!  I love hearing new ideas!!!


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  9. We do ‘real world’ reading all the time! It’s a great way to practice letter recognition with the younger kids too. We look for tractor trailers and other big trucks with logos, bill boards, etc when we’re in the car. It makes good use of our time!

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