New Site for Book Lovers!

Hi everyone!  I am not new to blogging, but I am new to having my own site!  I write for which blogs about parenting, marriage, food, and basically anything “mommy” that a mom would need.  I also write for since I live in Rhode Island.  Check out my new posts here which will be discussing reading, literacy, books for kids, tips on teaching kids to read, reviews of book, etc.

I am a former teacher of eight years (teaching grades 4-8th), and I have my Masters in Middle School Education.  I hope to provide parents with insight into helping their kids with reading and getting them excited about reading.  I absolutely LOVE reading, and I hope to inspire others as well!  Follow my blog that will be updated daily!  I will also have an on-line book club COMING SOON!!!!

Mama Luvs Books



  1. Looking forward to following this blog and getting some great book suggestions and tips on how to help a kid love to read!

  2. So happy for you! You know how much I love to read!


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